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Chaotic, crowded, and cosmopolitan, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a city of contrasts. Home to millions of people from around the world, the city is a mixture of languages and cultures, poverty and wealth. The city boasts some of the best nightlife in Asia and some of the worst traffic. Every holiday, the locals escape the pollution and the crowds to enjoy relaxing diversions like Ancol Dreamland, an amusement area featuring water parks, beaches, golf courses, and a SeaWorld.

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Jakarta, officially known as the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Located on the northwest coast of Java, it is the most populous city in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia, and is the thirteenth most populated city in the world. The official metropolitan area, known as Jabodetabek (a name formed by combining the initial syllables of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi), is the second largest in the world, yet the metropolis's suburbs still continue beyond it. Jakarta is listed as a global city in the 2008 Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC) research, and has an area of 661 square kilometres (255 sq mi). Making it one of the world's largest conurbations in terms of number of inhabitants.




Jakarta has a hot and humid climate on the boundary between tropical monsoon (Am) and savanna (Aw) according to the Köppen climate classification system. Despite being located relatively close to the equator, the city has distinct wet and dry seasons. The wet season in Jakarta covers the majority of the year, running from November through June. The remaining four months forms the city’s dry season. Located in the western part of Java, Jakarta’s wet season rainfall peak is January with average monthly rainfall of 389 millimetres, and its dry season low point is September with a monthly average of 30 millimetres.




Jakarta has a vast range of food available at hundreds of eating complexes located all over the city, from modest street-side foodstalls and traveling vendors to the high-class expensive restaurants. The traditional Padang restaurants and low-budget Javanese Warteg (Warung Tegal) foodstalls are ubiquitous in the capital. Next to a myriad of selections of Indonesian food and regional specialties from all over Indonesia, there is also international food, especially Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, American, French, Middle Eastern, and modern fusion food. One of the most popular local dishes in Jakarta is Soto Betawi, which is a cow milk or coconut milk broth with beef tendons, intestines, tripe. The other popular foods include: kerak telor, gado-gado, sate, nasi goreng and kue cucur.



Good restaurant

1. Il Mare: Cuisines: European, Italian

2. Turkuaz Restaurant: Cuisines: Turkish

3. Pondok Laguna: Cuisines: Indonesian

4. Saung Grenvil Restaurant: Cuisines: Seafood

5. Iseya Robatayaki: Cuisines: Japanese

6. Ikan Bakar Cianjur: Cuisines: Indonesian

7. Harum Manis: Cuisines: Indonesian




Most of the visitors attracted to Jakarta are domestic tourists from all over Indonesia. As the gateway of Indonesia, Jakarta often serves as the stop-over for foreign visitors on their way to Indonesian popular tourist destinations such as Bali and Yogyakarta. Other than attracted to monuments, landmarks, and museums around Merdeka square and Jakarta Old Town, tourist attractions include Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Ragunan Zoo, Sunda Kelapa old port and the Ancol Dreamland complex on Jakarta Bay, including Dunia Fantasi theme park, Sea World, Atlantis Water Adventure, and Gelanggang Samudra.


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Things to do and visit

1. Museum Bank Indonesia:  Category: Museums - Once the first banks of Indonesia, now a museum of banking in Indonesia.


2. Istiqlal Mosque (Mesjid Istiqlal):  Category: Religious Sites - Indonesia's largest mosque is a sacred place of worship as well as a center for conferences, lectures and seminars.


3. Indonesia in Miniature Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah):  Category: Parks - Owner description: It's hard to see all of Indonesia. Taman Mini Indonesia is a park filled with famous buildings from all parts of Indonesia and authentic examples of the various cultures through Indonesia. The park includes a sky-car tour, IMAX theatre, dances, and cultural events. The name translates as Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park.


4. National Museum:  Category: Museums - Owner description: In 1778, the Batavia Society for Arts and Science established what would become, after many expansions and name changes, the world-famous National Museum.


5. Thousand Islands, Jakarta:  Category: Islands - Owner description: Scattered through Jakarta Bay are the 1000 Islands, Palau Seribu. Known for great beaches, diving, and holiday travel, these make a great day trip or weekend getaway.


6. Ancol Dreamland: ategory: Amusement/ Theme Parks - Owner description: Dunia Fantasi means Dreamland in Indonesian. It is a part (but a seperate attraction) of the massive Taman Impian Jaya Ancol complex. It contains rollercoasters, rides and displays.


7. Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang):  Category: Specialty Museums - This museum exhibits a great many wayang kulit, two-dimensional puppets used in the ancient art of Javanese storytelling.


8. Sea World:  Category: Amusement/ Theme Parks; Nature/ Wildlife Areas - Owner description: Sea World in Jakarta is located inside the Ancol Dream Land complex. More than 4000 species of fish, sharks and sea life. Walk through tunnels, massive oceanarium, shows and displays.


9. National Monument (MONAS):  Category: Monuments/ Statues - Built to commemorate Indonesia's independence, National Monument dominates Medan Merdeka.


10. Jakarta Old Town:  Category: Historic Sites - This is the old city of Batavia. Rundown, picturesque and a great night market.


11. Pay a visit to Borneo - if you dont feel like visiting other places just do it for sightseeing, i can promise you that you wont regret! The Borneo women on the other hand are very hospitality and its very easy to buy them a drink and to chat about anything you like.




*Black Cat Jazz & Blues Club: Category: Jazz Bars

*Lucy in the Sky: Category: Bar/ Clubs

*Beyond Lounge: Category: Bar/ Clubs

*JiFFest (Jakarta International Film Festival): Category: Movies

*Jakarta Fair: Category: Culture

*Java Jazz : Category: Music



The women from Jakarta

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