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You will read all about the beautiful sites in Colombia. You will be enlightened about the distinguishing characteristics of Colombian women. We will also look at the many places where Colombian women like to go, along with some advice to make sure you don’t miss a single opportunity. Continue reading to see just what you can do to make your trip worthwhile. What is in Colombia?

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Colombia is a gorgeous piece of South America. It declared its independence in the year 1810 and achieved independence nine years later. The architecture of the country is reflective of 17th century Spanish colonial architecture. However, since the 1930s, Colombia has begun to adopt a more modern approach to architecture. The main language spoken in Colombia is Spanish and about 95 percent of the Colombian population are Roman Catholics.

You can enjoy a great walk in the Harbison State Forest which is just on the outskirts of Columbia. You can also stay at the Hampton Inn where you can meet single women and have a lot of fun. Punta Gallinas is another great place to visit outside of Columbia.

Why go to Colombia?

Colombia is known for many different things; its popularity spans over the fields of art and architecture, music and literature, beaches and parties, and so much more. The list below covers a few of the best things about this beautiful country.


  • Production of art
  • Exotic, cultural music
  • Clean and lively beaches
  • Diversity of food and drinks
  • Sports activities and events
  • Easy access and travelling options
  • Pleasant weather conditions; lots of sunshine
  • Beautiful architecture

Places to go, foods to eat, things to see, and women to meet!

In Colombia, you will find a never-ending range of food. Many middle-class families prefer to eat elaborate pre-planned meals of the Spanish cuisine, whereas people in rural areas prefer to eat rather hearty and wholesome food that usually consists of eggs, steak, beans and pork. Rice is a popular dish in the country; however, as you get nearer to the sea, you will find an abundance of fresh and juicy seafood. Here are a few places where you can meet Colombian women or where you can take them out.

Cafés and Bars

In Colombia, you will easily find a homey café or a cool bar to visit. This is because cafes and bars are very popular in the country; there are plenty of them strategically located in the cities so that looking for them is not a hard task. Many people in Colombia do not want to travel a very long distance just to get to a bar or a café, which is why they are in abundance here. The most famous one is Café de Colombia, but there is also the popular Juan Valdez Café. 

La Villa is a great place to go clubbing with friends, especially to meet women of Columbia. They have special days every day of the week, which makes going there all the more fun. Le Coq is an open-air club that plays indie music. You can also go to Paloma Mirador to watch new bands play their music while you peacefully enjoy your dinner.


There are plenty of amazing restaurants in the country that serve tasty food and provide exceptional services to all tourists. The Mercegan Steakhouse is known to serve the best steak in the country. Carmen is a fine option for fine dining; this restaurant is especially for those people who like to enjoy a little sophistication with their meals. GreenGoes Pizzeria serves exquisite pizzas while Rafael specialises in tasty homemade cuisine. Agave Azul is a small five-table restaurant, which is perfect for a cosy date with your special someone. Colour de Hormiga is a famous place to dine; its name translates to “Colour of the Ants” and it serves a lot of delicacies, which the people of Colombia love.

Parks and Gardens

There are plenty of alluring areas in Colombia that allow you to reconnect with nature, for example, the parks and gardens. You can also enjoy a great and peaceful date with a Colombian woman by taking a stroll in the park with her. In this way, you will both get to know each other better. The Bogota Botanical Garden is an excellent place to enjoy some quiet time with a significant other. You can also visit the Medellin Botanical Garden. However, the best thing to do would be to take a boat ride to the island of Isla Corota. This island is actually a national park and going there can turn out to be a great adventure for you and your special someone. In addition to that, taking a boat ride to a beautiful island can be a romantic evening getaway.

How can I meet women in Colombia?

Women in every culture are different from one another, which is why when you are looking to meet beautiful Colombian women you should be aware of how to properly approach them. In order to know that, you should know a little bit about their personality, their lifestyle choices and the culture they live in.

Colombian women are generally fiery and very passionate. They take care of their bodies and keep their figure maintained. Most women in Colombia are religious and the majority of those religious women are Catholics. This is why you have to keep in mind that you cannot start a conversation with a Colombian woman by bashing on religion or their religious beliefs. They have very distinct interests and their passionate personality allows them to express their interests in a variety of ways.

Moreover, Colombian women are not afraid of love. Whenever they fall in love they do so by giving it their all. They have an “all in” attitude towards love which means that they do not hesitate when they meet a man. They are very much willing to “play the field” and meet new guys because they are so open to the wonderful possibilities of love all around them. You will not meet a Colombian woman who is unnecessarily cautious or paranoid about matters of the heart. However, this does not mean that Colombian women are easy to get.

These women have a knack of judging men in the right way. If you are just thinking of taking advantage of her openness, you will not meet any woman in Colombia who will be willing to go out with you. In Colombia, women seek to have fun with men, but they are also looking for those people who will take a special place in their heart. The only difference between them and the women of other countries is that they have no reservations about going through the process of looking for the right man. They know they have to test the field and find the right man by meeting new men. They do not wait for the right man to come along and sweep them off their feet; they go out and find the right man themselves.

There is basically no concept of dating in Colombia. The dating phase has absolutely no relevance in the country or in the culture. Colombian women have men who are their friends, men who are their best friends, men who are family, or men who are their boyfriends. There is no middle ground and there are no ambiguities. This means that women in Colombia are fairly straightforward and sure of what they want and where they are going to find it. Colombian women understand the emotional needs of men as well and they know when a man needs his space.

They are not overly attached neither are they overly distant. They know just the right things to say and do when they are with a man. They do not become paranoid when they see their men with another woman who is only his friend. It is not easy to make a Colombian woman jealous. This is one of the basic reasons why these women are not nosy at all. They prefer not to meddle in other people’s businesses and their lives. They keep to themselves and rely on themselves for their own share of happiness. This means that Colombian women are very much independent in matters of the heart and that they are very self-sufficient when it comes to being and staying happy.

How to approach Colombian women?

It can sometimes be difficult to approach a Colombian woman because they are not impressed very easily. Just because they are open to the idea of love does not mean that they will be willing to go out with everyone who hits on them. In fact, due to the fact that they are so open and bold, it is harder to catch their attention because a lot of guys already give them plenty of unwanted attention. You have to be careful when you approach a woman in Colombia as you have to make her feel special and wanted. You cannot expect her to like you just because you showed an interest in her.