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Key West has great nightlife and a perfect cover story for someone who wants to enjoy it. A Hemingway fan simply must toss back a few at their hero’s favorite bar! You’re not reliving Spring Break, you’re immersing yourself in great American literature. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

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Key West is a city in Monroe County, Florida, United States. The city encompasses the island of Key West, the part of Stock Island north of U.S. 1 (the Overseas Highway) (east), Sigsbee Park (north, originally known as Dredgers Key), Fleming Key (north), and Sunset Key (west, originally known as Tank Island). Both Fleming Key and Sigsbee Park are part of Naval Air Station Key West and are inaccessible by civilians. Key West is the county seat of Monroe County. Key West is the southernmost city in the Continental United States. It is also the southern terminus of U.S. 1, State Road A1A, the East Coast Greenway and, before 1935, the Florida East Coast Railway.


Anyone will tell you Key West is a little kooky – and darn proud of it. In the words of one local: ‘It’s like they shook the United States and all the nuts fell to the bottom.’ The town’s funky, laid-back vibe has long attracted artists, renegades and free spirits. Part of that independent streak is rooted in its physical geography: barely connected to the USA, Key West is closer to Cuba than to the rest of the States. There’s only one road in, and it’s not on the way to anywhere. In other words, it’s an easy place to do your own thing. Because of its handy proximity to absolutely nothing, it’s been immune to corporate interference. Chickens and six-toed cats have their run of the island. Bikes are the favored means of transportation. And few people work nine to five. These days, people flock to Key West to soak up the sun, the mellow atmosphere and more than a little booze. They listen to tales of the past. They snorkel the crystal clear water. And they find their internal clocks set to ‘island time.’



Port of Key West

The Navy Mole pier in Key West, showing two cruise ships docked. The first cruise ship was the Sunward in 1969, which docked at the Navy's pier in the Truman Annex or the privately owned Pier B. The Navy's pier is called the Navy Mole. In 1984 the city opened a pier right on Mallory Square. The decision was met with considerable opposition from people who felt it would disrupt the tradition of watching the sunset at Mallory Square. Cruise ships now dock at all three piers.




Key West has an Aw or tropical savannah climate (Köppen Aw, similar to the Caribbean islands). Like most tropical climates, Key West has only a small difference in monthly mean temperatures between the coolest month (January) and the warmest month (July) - with the annual range of monthly mean temperatures less than 15 F. With the exception of a few locations along the coast of south Florida (like Miami Beach), Key West is the only location on the USA mainland known to never have had a frost or freeze - the lowest temperature on record of 41 °F (5 °C) on January 12, 1886, and on January 13, 1981. Prevailing easterly tradewinds and sea breezes suppress the usual summertime heating. The average low and high temperatures in July are 79.6 °F (26.4 °C) and 89.4 °F (31.9 °C). There are 48 days per year with 90 °F (32.2 °C) or greater highs. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Key West is 100 °F (38 °C) in June, 1880, July 1880 and in August, 1880.



Where to stay

Key West is a fun place and can be as relaxing, romantic, or wild as you want it to be. There are accommodations in Key West for every type of traveler. They have some of the most extravagant guesthouses and inns with beautiful, lush landscaping and free-form pools. Some of the places make you think you are in a tropical rainforest. You may find it hard to believe you are really in Old Town Key West.



Recommended hotels

1. Ambrosia Key West: Address 3 Star Hotel 622 Fleming St Old Town Key West

2. Paradise Inn: Address 3.5 Star Hotel 819 Simonton Street Key West

3. Alexander Palms Court: Address 2.5 Star Hotel 715 South St Old Town Key West

4. Casa Marina Resort - A Waldorf Astoria Resort: Address Hotel resort 1500 Reynolds Street Key West

5. Pearl's Key West: Address 2.5 Star Hotel 525 United Street Key West

6. Ocean Key Resort - A Noble House Resort: Address Hotel resort Zero Duval St. Old Town Key West

7. Azul Key West: Address Bed & breakfast 907 Truman Ave Key West

8. Days Inn Key West: Address 2 Star Hotel 3852 N Roosevelt Blvd Key West

9. The Wicker Guest House: Address Bed & breakfast 913 Duval Street Old Town Key West

10. Authors of Key West: Address Bed & breakfast 725 White Street At Petronia Old Town Key West

11. Banana Bay Resort and Marina: Address 2.5 Star Hotel 2319 N Roosevelt Blvd Key West

12. Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn: Address Hotel resort 3755 S Roosevelt Blvd Key West




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