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The Dominican Republic is a breathtaking island paradise located in the heart of the Caribbean. It shares a border with Haiti, and is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Dominican Republic features magnificent mountains, valleys and pristine beaches that make it one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Mountains make up nearly half the island, since it is home to three vast mountain ranges. It also has a nearly two mile high peak of the Antilles. The country has more than 30,000 square miles of lush tropical islands, which should satisfy the most adventurous explorers.

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Facts about The Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is one of the best places to travel to, and if you are considering it for your next vacation, you should arm yourself with some general knowledge about the country.


• The Dominican Republic has a population of more than 8.5 million people that come from all over the world. You will find a very diverse and welcoming population.

• The local time is (GMT -0400), and the Dominican Republic does not practice daylight savings.

• The capital city is Santo Domingo, and is one of the oldest cities on Earth.

• The official language is Spanish but since it has such a diverse population, you will commonly find people speaking English, French, German and Italian.

• The official currency is the Dominican Peso.



What to Do There?


The Dominican Republic is ideal for any kind of tourist. A visitor can engage themselves in a whole host of activities. One of the most popular activities is Scuba Diving. The northern coast has beautiful reefs and warm waters, both of which make it one of the most exciting and ideal scuba diving locations on Earth. 


The capital, Santo Domingo, is home to some of the oldest buildings on this side of the globe. It is known as the ‘Zona Colonial’ and here you will find beautiful old architecture and a cathedral. You can walk along the ‘Calle de las Damas’ and retrace the steps of the Spanish conquistadors. You will also find shops, restaurants and cafés within those colonial buildings.


The ‘Costa del Coco’ or ‘Coconut Coast’ is the highest rated tourist spot. It has pristine white beaches and calm waters. There is about 40 miles of nothing but beach all of which is easy accessible. The beautiful sunsets and sunrises, coconut trees and a few hotels and villas make this one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places you will ever see.


About 80 km from the capital, you will find the Cordillera Central, which is an amazing mountain range. This is ideal for adventurous tourists who will find streams, valleys and a very gentle climate. You will also find green meadows and pine forests that are sure to satisfy any kind of nature enthusiast. This area produces many fruits such as strawberries. 


The ‘Puerto Plat’ or ‘Silver Port’ is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pico Isabel de Torres. Mass tourism has transformed this once sleepy locale into a very busy tourist spot. The nearby resorts attract thousands of people every year. The ‘Puerto Plat’ has Victorian-era, galleries and restaurants that are an absolute priority to visit for anywhere near the area. 


‘La Isabela Bay’ is bordered by gorgeous beaches and the countryside. The La Isabela Bay is one of the first colonial settlements in the Americas and is an ideal spot for history fans. The nostalgic bay is fairly untouched and looks almost the same as it did hundreds of years ago. Trekkers will find the terrain is tough but negotiable and will witness firsthand the history that took place on that very same piece of land. 





The Dominican Republic has a very rich and diverse culture owing to the blend of European, African and Indian culture it houses. Every aspect of their culture, such as the food, music and art, has been shaped by the different influences from across the world. 


Probably the most obvious example of this is their food. Many of their popular dishes carry a Latin American feel infused with their own twist. You will see a combination of typical Latin ingredients, such as beans, rice and meat, mixed with yucca, plantains and potatoes. African recipes also make up a huge part of their food culture.


The most famous dish on the island is ‘La Bandera’ or ‘The Flag.’ It is made with meat, rice and red beans. The people there love their food so you should not expect to eat just a single course. They commonly eat three to four courses of meals with a variety of fruits, vegetables and meats. 


Coming to religion, most of the inhabitants are Catholic or other denominations of Christianity. However, they are a very liberal and welcoming people, so you will find many religions are openly practiced. 



Meeting Girls in the Dominican Republic


Dominican women are absolutely beautiful. They are gorgeous and very friendly, though a little on the conservative side. If you speak Spanish, you will have an extra advantage with the Dominican girls. But where to meet women in the Dominican Republic?


In Sosua, you will find many women looking for a partner, and most of them are bi-lingual. However, be careful because there are many prostitutes in that area that can easily be confused with normal Dominican women.


If you are in the area for only a week or two, you should consider setting up a profile on a Dominican women dating website. There you will find other Dominican girls looking for a brief relationship. Meeting girls in Dominican Republic is not terribly hard. You need to be confident, charming but not aggressive in any way. 


Dominican women are passionate, creative and gorgeous. They like men that are brave, artistic and have hobbies. You will find that most of them travel with a chaperone, like their brothers or friends. It is best to approach Dominican women travelling alone or in groups of just girls.


Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, you should learn a thing or two about the country and perhaps learn a few Spanish phrases. This will not only help you move around the country, but also increase your chances with the Dominican girls.