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The city of Dnipropetrovsk (a calque of Ukrainian spelling) or Dnepropetrovsk (Russian spelling) is situated on the Dnieper River. It's population is over 1.05 million (third city in Ukraine by population).

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The best time to visit Dniepr is May when the city is blooming along the wide and slow-moving river and its embankments, long boulevards and spacious parks.

Dniepr is also known for its high-technology industries, higher education institutions, machine-building, metallurgy and trade.

The city is not only famous for its commercial industry, but for its deep history as well.

The old fortress settlement has been known since the mid 16th century. The new town was started in 1776 by Russian Prince Potemkin on an order of Catherine II, Empress of the Russian Empire and was called Yekaterinoslav from 1776 to 1926. During 1918 the town’s name was Sicheslav after Sich’ (Fortress of Cossacks).

Dnipropetrovsk has been the major center of the steel industry from the early 20th century up to the present. It has also gained the lead in the machine building and aero-spacebuilding from 1950s.

Dnipropetrovsk was closed for foreigners in the Soviet era, due to its rocket plant. For visitors now the rocket museum is one of the highlights. Rockets are laid out in sections in the car park. Other sights include the history museum, the musical fountain.



Things to see:

Take a walk in the new European square and visit the beautifully painted town cathedral before taking a walk down the main boulevard to the military museum and the monument with a beautiful view over the Dnieper River. There is also Historical Museum, Diorama “Battle for the Dnieper River (Second World War)”, Shevchenko Park, and Potemkin Palace nearby.

Preobrazhensky Cathedral, Zhovtneva Square. The oldest cathedral in Dnipropetrovsk. Catherine the Great, Austrian Emperor Joseph II, and prince Grigory Potemkin put its first stone on May 9, 1787. The first plan of the cathedral was made by a French architect Claude Geruax. Its building was postponed because of the Russo-Turkish War. The second plan of the cathedral was designed by Ivan Starov, a famous Russian architect from St. Petersburg and approved by Catherine the Great in 1792. Building of the cathedral was completed only during the reign of Nicholas I of Russia (Catherine’s grandson) in 1835. In 1950s it was proved that the final plan of the cathedral was designed by Andreyan Zakharov who was a chief architect of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg. In 1975 – 1988 the cathedral functioned as the museum of religion and atheism. Nowadays it functions as a cathedral and is open to public. In front of the cathedral is a beautiful rose garden. 

Historical Museum, Karla Marxa (East end on the top of the hill). 

Monument of Glory, Karla Marxa (East end). War monument overlooking the Dnieper river.


Things to do:

If you get time it's worth visiting the island parks on the Dnieper. Walk up the main boulevard for 5 blocks from European Square and then turn left. Continue down to Shevchenko park where you'll find a bridge that takes you across to one of the island parks. Here you can enjoy some relatively clean air, take a quiet stroll in the center of the city, pick up an ice cream or beer, and take a ride on some of the features of the old Soviet-style funfair.


Nightlife in Dnipropetrovsk

Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipropetrovsk) has a vibrant nightlife and some even say that Dnepropetrovsk is ahead of Kiev for the number of restaurants and clubs. With a population over 1 million inhabitants and a large number of students the city has a big and varied offer of discos and nightclubs catering for everyone’s desires and wishes.

The most common question is where is the best place to get acquainted with the girl? What are the most popular clubs in Dnepropetrovsk among women? First of all, pay attention to these places: Night club "Bora Bora"

Ray - nightclub and disco

Master Shmidt the performanse clab

Samba- House

Rio club

This is the most popular places of city’s youth hangouts. Prices in these establishments are quite high, but always offer great music. Entrance into these clubs for girls is, so as a rule, making romantic connections here is not difficult.