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Through this article, you will gain an insight on the women in Melbourne and whether or not they would be suitable for you. So, if you are planning to meet someone nice in Melbourne but are not sure of what that person may be like or how that city would be for you, this article will give you the information that can help you in making an informed decision.

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Characteristics of Melbourne


According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is currently the most liveable city in the world! It has a sophistication that never fails to impress its visitors. Whether it’s the cafes, galleries, shopping experience, spacious parks or positive energy, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Melbourne is known for having four seasons in one day; hence, it has a very variable climate. The multi-layered culture, based on volunteering and philanthropy, has people from 140 different cultural backgrounds. Along with diversity, it also offers an artistic culture that Melbournians are proud of. The city focuses on sustainability and is famous for its urban design. Melbourne hosts a multitude of great events for people of all ages throughout the year that attracts tourists from all over the world. Melbournians are known to be friendly and party-loving people.


Go to Melbourne Because:


  • It offers a safe and clean environment

  • Has decreased water consumption rates

  • Focuses on sustainability

  • Dedicated to zero gas emissions by the year 2020

  • Has people known for their friendliness

  • Has great sporting-events for sports lovers

  • It has good public transport, no graffiti or vandalism issues

  • Cheap fuel prices

  • Great restaurants offering world’s best cuisines

  • Renowned for its style and fashion

  • Has great architecture

  • Has something for everyone to enjoy

  • Has excellent schools and is a productive place for raising a family

  • Moderate tax rates

  • Easy to get around; has an extensive tram network



Meet up With the People


When thinking about exploring a city, you can be in a fix due to the vast options available. Here are some of the best meeting spots in Melbourne. The following places are surely going to be worth the visit.


Melbourne City Square


Melbourne City Square is a pedestrian plaza and has been a famous meeting place in Melbourne for years. It is a place of entertainment and has a very convenient location that is close to the Central Business District. One will have no problem getting there since it is easily accessible by bus, tram or train. If you’re looking to spend some quality time, this is the place where you need to be!


Federation Square


Some people say that imagining Melbourne without federation square is difficult. Federation square has wonderful restaurants, shopping stores and bars. It also hosts many world class events and has a multitude of cultural attractions. If you’re looking for an enjoyable meeting place with lots to see, this one is the one for you.


Circa, The Prince


This award-winning restaurant serves as a great meeting place. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are going to love the food. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a great dining experience and professional service along with some entertainment.




This is a modern Australian restaurant that is famous for its succulent grills, fine meat cuts and seafood. If it wasn’t enough, the laidback soothing beach house atmosphere is always a pleasure. If you’re looking for a great restaurant that can offer the finest traditional dishes, this one should definitely be on your list.


St Kilda


St Kilda is one of the best beaches that Australia has to offer. It has a clean and pleasant environment and is great for shopaholics. It can easily be accessed via tram and has many pubs and food joints that serve as the perfect meeting spots. If you’re looking to meet someone and want the added bonus of a great view, St Kilda will be a memorable visit.


Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


The Royal Botanic Gardens offer the best landscaped gardens that you could ever imagine! These gardens are maintained well and are a real treat for the eyes. If you need to unwind or just enjoy a long walk with that someone special, the Royal Botanic Gardens are surely going to be worth it.



Meet the Women


Wondering what the women from Melbourne are like? Not sure whether they are going to be the right ones for you? Well, women from Melbourne are not glamour dolls but they do have a sophisticated sense of style. They are known to be interesting, talented and enlightened. They have exceptional entrepreneurship skills and are highly creative individuals. They are known to be amongst the most beautiful women with the most pleasant of smiles, and are quite approachable. Black is the new black in Melbourne and it reflects through the black skirts, black tights and various black apparel.



Meet the Girls


Melbourne is a wonderful place to find that someone special. There are a large number of single girls in Melbourne who are waiting for someone to come by. From age 34 onwards, the women actually outnumber the guys, so that’s great news if you are looking for women from a 30 onwards range.


If you are looking to meet single women in Melbourne, your best bet would be to visit the places where they enjoy hanging out. However, your success of meeting the right women is not limited to knowing the right places. You must use the right strategy and mind-set. Women that are attractive and smart are not going to be all that easy to approach because they would be asked out by men. In order to get past their defence gates, a good sense of humour will be your best friend. Provided your humour is decent, it won’t be long before you get caught up in a conversation. You must also remember that you cannot just walk up to Melbournian women and ask for their personal details. Single girls in Melbourne are not going to be keen in disclosing their personal details to guys that they have just met. Therefore, you must not rush in to things but rather wait for a sign that she’s getting interested.


Gardens and Parks


There are many gardens and parks that make perfect meeting spots for meeting single Melbournian women. Women you find here will be the ones who like to keep themselves fit and who like to some me-time. Some great parks that you should visit include the Royal Botanic Gardens, King’s Domain, Royal Park, Fitzroy Garden and Flagstaff Gardens, amongst many others. If you have a dog, be sure to take it along with you. If you meet a Melbournian woman who also has a dog, your pets will help in breaking the ice.


Clubs and Bars


You will definitely enjoy the nightlife that Melbourne has to offer. Looking for women who like to enjoy themselves? You’ll have many opportunities to meet women in bars and enjoying the nightlife of Melbourne. Some great places to meet Melbournian women include Fitzroy St, Brunswick St, Chapel Street and St Kilda, amongst many others. Keep in mind that not all women would be on the lookout for men. Some may just be there to unwind. A good way to avoid embarrassment is to offer a drink or a dance and see how things go from there. Remember to be polite so that you come across as warm and welcoming.


What you can find nearby Australia

In this exotic region of the world you can find a lot of other exotic destinations like New ZeaLand, or incase you want to travel between a lot of tiny islands, Indonesia would be a nice one to pick for a trip.


The Gym


Women from Melbourne like to keep themselves fit, as much as men do. Gyms are places where you can definitely get lucky. Women you meet in gyms will be healthy, active and those who take their fitness seriously. Stay friendly and greet the girl with a simple hello. You can even smile and see how she responds. If she responds well and you get yourself into a conversation, take things a step further and ask if she could meet you over tea or coffee. As long as you don’t rush things, she will not mind you asking.


Sport Events and Festivals


Sport events and festivals are where you’ll find Melbournian women looking their best. If you see a woman from Melbourne that you like, try a polite conversation. The great part about being at a sport event or festival is that you can ask her if she’s enjoying herself or what her plans her. Talking about the event will be a great icebreaker. Just be respectful and compliment the lady on her hair or apparel, avoid commenting on her figure and you’ll be happy with the way she responds to you.



Our Conclusion about Melbourne


Meeting nice women in Melbourne is not difficult, provided that you know where to look. If you’re on the lookout for women who are talented, creative and interesting to be with, Melbournian women will have what you are looking for. Melbourne is a fun city to explore and, who knows, you may just find the woman that you are looking for. Just relax and visit some of the famous meeting spots in Melbourne. Don’t go with the intention of finding her but rather just enjoy exploring the city. It’ll be a win-win situation and you might just get lucky.