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Colombo is the gateway to Sri Lanka for most travelers, but don’t be tempted to simply pass through this diverse and interesting city. Take a train ride along the coast to Mount Lavinia, a popular beach, or explore the Talangama Wetland, which several TripAdvisor travelers say is the perfect place to take a break from the bustling streets of the city.

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Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka and it's considered to be Sri Lanka's commercial heart and its industrial and cultural capital. It is a port city located on the west coast of the island and Colombo's harbor is ranked among the top 35 harbors in the world. Colombo attracts domestic and foreigner tourists equally since it is a very busy and vibrant city, yet it has rich colonial heritage, religions and cultures. Colombo combines between mansions, colonial buildings and ruins, lush gardens, interesting museums and temples on one hand and modern shopping malls, dining places, fine restaurants and great shopping opportunities boutiques filled with international brands on the other hand. Dramatic change in the weather of Colombo can only be expected during the inter monsoon season which is from May to August and October to January. During this time heavy rain often falls. Colombo's public transportation consists of mainly of buses, trains and private cabs. You can also try auto rickshaws (three wheelers).

Festivals celebrated in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo's most beautiful festival is the celebration of Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death all falling on the same day in mid May and lasts for a week. During this festival, much of the city is decorated with lanterns, lights and special displays of. Many Sri Lankan women and men visit the city to see the lantern competitions and decorations. During this week people distribute, rice, drinks and other food items for free.

Christmas is another major festival celebrated in Sri Lanka. Although Sri Lanka's Christians make up only just about 7% of the population, Christmas is one of the island's biggest festivals. Most streets and commercial buildings light up from the beginning of December and festive sales begin at all shopping malls and department stores. Caroling and nativity plays are frequent sights during the season.

Landmarks in Colombo Sri Lanka

The lighthouse: stands at the end of Chatham Street in the form of a clock tower.

The Memon Mosque in Pettah: built with red bricks with white, the mosque is an architectural spectacle.

St. Lucia's Cathedral in Kotahena: the oldest and largest functioning Parish cathedral in Sri Lanka

Tips for dating girls from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka girls have close family bonds. Once you start dating a Sri Lankan girl you will find out just how important family is to her. Sri Lanka girls spend more time with their family than the average American or European girl and the strongest bond among family members is the bond between a mother and daughter. Sri Lankan girls have incredibly good and trusting relationships with their mothers.

A good thing you're going to love about dating women from Colombo, Sri Lanka, is that they love to socialize, celebrate and dance. Prepare yourself for their ease and excitement when it comes to partying and having fun. Dancing is just something that Sri Lanka girls are naturally blessed with and they love to do it. So even if you can't dance that does not mean you shouldn't take them out dancing. As explained below, there are plenty of nightspots in Colombo to go dancing and partying.

Most Sri Lankan women love food and know how to cook. Keep in mind that Sri Lanka girls are very emotional, feminine and sexy yet they respect their traditions.

Best places to visit in Colombo, Sri Lanka  

Pettah Market

Pettah Market is the biggest most hectic shopping district in Colombo where you can buy anything starting from bags and shoes to cell phones, electronics, spices souvenirs, fabrics and fruits. It's located in the suburb of Pettah and famous for its entrance with the Khan Clock Tower. Go deep into the hustle and bustle of local Sri Lanka in Pettah and enjoy the crazy sounds and smells but make sure you bargain to get yourself a good deal.

Galle Face Green

As mentioned above, Colombo is a port city. Galle Face Green is the most marvelous place to witness a magnificent sunset over the Indian Ocean. It's a promenade with the length of half kilometer along the cost in the heart of Colombo. What a romantic setting to start dating a Sri Lankan girl!

Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach is one of the more laidback suburbs in Colombo, half an hour north of central Colombo, where you can find plenty of seafood restaurants where you can taste the exquisite famed chili crabs. Lavinia Beach was named after a gypsy dancer who had a secret affair with one of Sri Lanka's governors. Lavinia golden beach might be an amazing place where you can meet girls in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

National Museum

If you're willing to appreciate some good art, you should visit The Colombo National Museum, established in 1877, where you can find some excellent examples of ancient paintings and sculptures as well as swords and guns from the colonial period along with a good collection of antique demons masks. You'll find a Buddha statue in the lobby at the entrance of the museum. The museum is opened on all days except for Friday.

Dutch Hospital Complex

It's the centerpiece of the newly vibrant fort and the oldest building in Colombo; the Dutch Hospital goes back to the Dutch colonial era. It has been transformed to a heritage building and a shopping and dining precinct.

Activities to do in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Experience Colombo's nightlife

Colombo is so much fun by night. It has a buzzing scene and there is a variety of nightspots; chill-out bars, pubs and casinos that come alive especially in the weekends. Some of these places offer traditional dancing shows and live bands. So indulge yourself in Colombo's night life; fill your vacation with great memories, meet Sri Lanka girls and make new friends. You'll never get bored in Colombo with so much to do.

Play a Round of Golf at the Royal Colombo Golf Club

The immaculately manicured greens of the Royal Colombo Golf Club have attracted golfers for since 1879. It was the third club in the British Empire to earn the ‘royal’ appellation. Royal Colombo Golf has an 18-hole golf course at the Ridgeway Golf Links. The links are in good condition. Caddies are a must. Gentlemen must wear collars and decent shorts or trousers; for ladies, just dress in a decent manner.

Watch a Cricket Match

Another sport's activity to do in Colombo is to watch a live Cricket match. Sri Lanka's women and men take cricket seriously. Watching a Cricket match is possibly one of the most activities that lets you in to the culture and spirit of Sri Lanka.

Get a massage

Pamper yourself in a massage at one of Colombo’s luxurious spas. You can find chic spas in the Old Dutch Hospital complex featuring serene surroundings and expert masseurs trained in everything from Ayurveda treatments, Swedish, Shiatsu to regular spa services.

Go shoppin for souvenirs at Barefoot

At Barefoot you would find the highest quality Sri Lankan local crafts hand made exclusively. Every cab driver and hotel in Colombo knows where Barefoot is. You should have no trouble finding it. Items range from local costume inspired clothing, house ware, jewelry, wooden crafts, fabric travel bags, children's toys, paper products, hand painted ceramics and embroidered hand bags and much more. Every item is unique and tells a story of the rich history of this wonderful Island. You should consider buying the famous Ceylon tea and spices as well.