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Sanya, a small beach town in China, is worth a visit if you are planning a vacation in the Orient. Known as the ‘Hawaii of China’, Sanya is a coastal city located in the Southwestern province of Hainan. With acres of sandy beaches and a warm sunny temperature all year round, Sanya is an attractive tourist destination for the Chinese and foreign visitors who come here to escape harsh winter seasons. Among the many beautiful cities in China, Sanya is one that is fast seeing development. With tourists flowing in every season, accommodations, restaurants and shopping malls have sprung up throughout the city to make all sorts of facilities available for tourists. Within the Asian block, this Chinese coastal beauty has become one of the most visited cities of the world, attracting students, professionals and the most avid backpackers. China shares a border with plenty of countries so there are places near China that you can visit with your special someone. You can visit the Grand View Garden and have a romantic date. It is just in the outskirts of Shanghai.

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1. How to reach

There are many feasible ways to get to Sanya. If you are travelling internationally, getting in by plane is the quickest way. The Sanya Airport receives flights all year round from neighboring destinations like Hong Kong and Taipei. However, if you are arriving in the city via long and connecting flights, chances are you will first have a stopover at one of the metropolitan cities like Shanghai or Guangzhou.

Arriving in Sanya via a speed train from other Chinese cities is an exciting journey. With spectacular views of the countryside outside the window, many long-term travelers often pick a train as the best mode of transport. To reach the island, the entire train is transferred on to a ferry, which then takes passengers all the way to Sanya.

Cruise ships also operate between Sanya, China and other countries like Hong Kong. If both are on your travel map, taking a cruise ride will be a wonderful idea. From Beijing and Shanghai, bus services also operate to and from Sanya to accommodate tourists.

2. Where to stay

There is a vast choice in accommodations upon your arrival in Sanya. Being host to a very active tourist scene, the city has several types of living options to pick from. While some are located close to the beach, with a scenic view of the shore, others are situated near the hustling bustling town center.

Some of the most luxuries accommodation in Sanya include:

MGM Grand Sanya
Ritz Carlton Sanya
Conrad Hilton Haitang Bay
Intercontinental Sanya Haitang Bay
These five star hotels are a haven in themselves, with some of the most technologically advanced amenities and facilities fitted in each room. If, on the other hand, you prefer a modest accommodation that fits in your budget as well, you can choose from one of the following resorts that offer all-inclusive packages.
Sanya Royal Garden Resort
Sanya Emerging Seaview Hotel
Guoxi Hotel

Tanzi Beach Resort Sanya

Sanya is often visited by Backpackers whose main focus is exploration and hopping from one country to the next with minimum baggage. For these backpackers who have crossed the Orient in search of excitement, thrill and adventure, a budget accommodation will be the most suitable. Budget options are mostly hostels and small motels that are humble establishments, offering basic sleeping and eating options.


Some famous budget places in Sanya are:

Sanya Lama Temple Hostel
Eagle Backpackers Hostel
UFO Hotel Sanya
Blue Sky Hostel

3. Shopping

Just like in any other tourist country, Sanya marketplaces are famous for overcharging visitors for the most basic items as well. While the local handicraft and souvenirs available are one of a kind memorabilia, when you go shopping in Sanya, make sure you negotiate the price of goods with the sellers before paying hefty amounts.

There are many shopping spots all over the coastal city. Street stalls and malls alike are crowded with throngs of visitors buying local goods and specialties. Being a seashore city, Sanya produces a large quantity of exquisite pearls all year round. These pearls are available at every stall and shopping center and are a great purchase to remember your stay in the city.

Other specialties include straw cone shaped hats, variety of teas and variants of coconut powder. The hats are a particular favorite among women in Sanya, who are flocked around shops selling these. Services like printing pictures on the hats are also available. If you want to buy a gift for a beautiful girl in Sanya, this printed hat would be a perfect pick!

To buy these and other western goods, that may be necessities for you, visit one of these shopping centers in Sanya:

Chinese Duty Free
Wang Hao Supermarket
Mingzhu Square
Summer Mall

4. Main attractions

There are many beautiful sights and venues to visit in Sanya. 20km of beach land, ferry rides and multiple smaller islands make this Chinese city a marvel for tourists who come here to relax and take time off from their otherwise hectic work and life schedules.

In this regard, you will find most of Sanya’s main attractions geared towards giving tourists a carefree and soothing time. With this focus, the city is notoriously known for some of the most expensive tours and facilities in this part of the world. Since the sites and monuments have been designed keeping in mind luxury and exclusivity, they can cost a great deal.

Hence, it is advisable to check the prices of tickets and tours before you plan to visit some of the attractions.

The most famous ones are:

Nanwan Money Island- An exciting ferry ride takes you to this exotic island where 1800 species of moneys have been bred in their natural habitat.

Sea turtles 911- A non-profit facility worth visiting for the preservation of sea turtles and its amazing sea-floating location.

Sunrise Rock- Located in the Southeast of Sanya, the Sunrise Rock is a cliff from which you can take in the majestic view of the entire island and its beautiful surroundings.

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone- A recently developed Rainforest Park.

Sanya Nanshan Temple- A huge statue of the Goddess of Mercy in a surrounding park is the highlight of the Temple.

Dadong Sea- A must visit shore side that has an exciting trail and caves to explore.

5. Places to meet women

Meeting women in Sanya isn’t all that hard. Because the city is a hotspot for tourists, you will see beautiful women around every corner, some local and others foreign- enjoying the sun, water activities, a long walk or some excitement at the many malls in Sanya.

The Wuzhizhou Island is one of the best places to meet adventurous girls in the city. The island is not only secluded, away from the sights and sounds of the city; it also has fun-filled activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Groups of friends are always seen on the Wuzhizhou Island, making the most of these water sports and mingling with each other.

Perfume Bay is another spot that is perfect for meeting romantic women in Sanya because this stretch is relatively undeveloped, having fewer settlements close by and a beautiful natural setting to enjoy with a partner. Lastly, the Betel Nut Ethnic Minorities Park aims to make foreigners meet the locals. In the huge expanse of the park, you will find pretty women of Sanya in their national dress taking pictures with visitors and telling them about their culture and tradition.

6. Restaurants, cafes and nightlife

Just like any other vacation destination, Sanya has innumerable restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars. Seafood is a specialty at most restaurants owing to the fresh catches that arrive every morning. You will find an exotic variety of seafood dishes, many that you would have never seen in your own country!

Some very famous eateries are:

Casa Mia
The One Chinese Restaurant
Dolphin Sports Bar and Grill
Baan Rim Nam
Marco Polo
Russian Restaurant and Bar

Nightlife is exceptional in Sanya- and one of the best ways to meet intelligent and beautiful Chinese women. The Times Coast Bar Street is the place to be if you want to experience the nightlife of the city. The entire area has been dedicated to clubs and bars, with at least 11 of these located in a circle in the Bar Street.

88, Soho Bar, MJ, Golden Club, 8090 Bar, Allen Club, Rings Lounge and Underground Hip Hop Club are some of the most buzzing places to be late at night if you want to mingle with young women with similar interests and passions in Sanya.

7. Characteristics of Women from Sanya, China

Modern women in Sanya are very open to meeting and interacting with foreigners. With crowds of tourists landing in the city every season, the women in China get an amazing opportunity to engage in lively discussions over coffee in a professional or social capacity.

Since the city has been home to many ethnicities and tribes for centuries, you will see women hold their traditional values close to heart. While they are adventurous and friendly, women in Sanya are extremely hard working since the majority lead self-made lives.

Sanyain short

With regards to exploring and meeting beautiful women, Sanya is a great place to be. With the long sandy beaches, it is a vacation spot that can become a traveler’s dream. During your stay, make sure you inquire about every tourist attraction you visit because many of them need identification documents to ensure safety.

Moreover, since the city is always packed with tourists, it is a must that you keep all your personal belongings safe. While meeting girls in Sanya can be very thrilling, make sure you follow guidelines from the hotel’s staff regarding safe travel and outing timings.