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Turkey is one of those countries on the face of the earth which possess the reputation of retaining the oldest civilization and deep history. It’s a Muslim city very similar to Dubai in terms of travel and dating. Tourists come all around the year in awe of the beautiful beaches, historical assets and ancient architecture. But one of the biggest attractions of Turkey is their extremely beautiful women.

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Tourism and Dating in Istanbul


Turkey is one of those countries on the face of the earth which possess the reputation of retaining the oldest civilization and deep history. It’s a Muslim city very similar to Dubai in terms of travel and dating. Tourists come all around the year in awe of the beautiful beaches, historical assets and ancient architecture. But one of the biggest attractions of Turkey is their extremely beautiful women. Istanbul being the capital city of Turkey holds the largest portion of Turkish attraction and therefore tourists never leave out Istanbul from their touring list. Istanbul is rapidly growing its economy by being one of the top tourist destinations. 2.4 million Tourists were reported of visiting the Istanbul city in year 2000 and 11.6 million tourists in 2012. These great numbers made it world's most visited city on fifth number. Istanbul receives most of its tourists from European side. 


Amazing Museums everywhere


Istanbul holds seventy museums for its tourists who are interested in ancient civilizations and history. Topkap? Palace Museum and the Hagia Sophia being the most visited museums alone bring the revenue of $30 million each year. Revenues from 7 palaces, 49 churches and 64 mosques are another story which has made Istanbul the top destination for tourist from around the World and particularly from Europe. According to the index as of 2012 from MasterCard Global Destination Istanbul is among the fastest growing tourism markets in the world, receiving 11.6 million international visitors and earning $10.6 billion in travel revenue in 2012.


Magic Of Istanbul


Istanbul is located on the edge of Bosphorus. Since its birth Istanbul possesses a unique and mystic attraction. This is the reason that travelers from around the globe come to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul. Sultanahmet along with the headland where Topkapi Palace is located is the heart of Istanbul. Istanbul's top attractions and must visit sites like Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace and Hagia Sophia are situatd in Sultanahmet which is far from the Taksim Square. Contemporary and well known Turkish cuisine is also one of the great attractions which draw tourists towards Istanbul. The historic peninsula of Istanbul, funky cafes, glamorous nightlife and relaxed neighborhoods are also things which excites and welcome tourists at all times of year.


ISTANBUL is no doubt the city of sweet and mystic dreams, capital of great empires and modern tourists also look back at the history of Istanbul in awe. The numerous museums scattered around the city of Istanbul just add appeal and attraction for western tourists. History can be seen reflecting from every corner of Istanbul and on almost every spot you find yourself standing near a museum and enjoying the amazement of the historical museums within just 10 minutes of walk. The list of museums in Istanbul goes on and on but the few top are Pera Museum. Ataturk Museum, Archaeological Museum, Calligraphy Museum, Caricature Museum, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Sadberk Hanim Museum, Modern Art Museum, Carpet and Kilim Museum, Sakip Sabanci Museum etc.


Dating In Istanbul


Dating in Istanbul is a matter of very much risk. Like other countries western man cannot just take a time pass stroll with women in Istanbul. Women in this part of the world only go for the long, safe and respectable relationships and are very careful while choosing a western partner. Tourist however get attracted to the extreme beauty of Turkish women and get involved in the long and romantic relationship which most of the time end up in marriage. Beautiful women of Istanbul are the biggest attraction of the city and it is natural that tourist from all over the world particularly from west come to Istanbul looking forward to get involved in a romantic relationship with the women in this region. However in Turkey, it’s very important for western men to know everything about Turkish women to start a relationship with them so they can enjoy their dates with them without getting hurt or hurting the feelings of the women here.


Personal Characteristics of Istanbul Women


Making a relationship with Istanbul women is totally different from dating western women. The reason is that the women in this region possess very shy nature. But in truth their fragile and shy nature attracts many western tourists as they are not familiar with this kind of attitude from a woman. In turkey, Istanbul the dating process is not overly forward but instead things go slow which again attracts western man as a teasing way. It is very important for a western man to go very slowly and politely with girls in Istanbul who keep their Turkish traditions very dear because they are habitual of being treated with utmost respect. Where the he women of older age in Istanbul are more fond of domestic chorus such as cooking and cleaning, there the young Istanbul girls whether they are from smaller family or big family are very much similar to western girls as in education, attitude and their willingness to new relationships.


In Istanbul, most of the women know the art of cooking Turkish dishes and love to feed their family and friends. Cleanliness is the basic principle of every house in Istanbul whether it is poor or very rich and the credit goes to their women. So, precisely the women of Istanbul are very sincere about cleaning. Although girls in this part of the world are very shy in nature but they are also very straight forward as they speak what they mean and mean what they say. Western tourists must keep in mind while building a relationship with Istanbul girls that these are not to ever be trifled with.


The Istanbul females are well known for being passionate but they also have very short temper and particularly when they are feeling jealous of someone. So the essence of a Turkish women in Istanbul is that they are shy, clean, passionate, loving and short tempered particularly when they are jealous. They are very possessive about their partners. So if western tourists are looking forward to begin a relationship with Turkish women in Istanbul, then it is necessary for them to think of a safe and respectable relations otherwise one will have to face the fate of seeing a Turkish woman angrywhich will be a bad experience as they are indeed very fiery when it comes to particular matters and they are indeed not afraid or shy to let you know their fury.


Appearance of Istanbul Women




When it comes to appearance of Turkish women in Istanbul then there is a good news for tourists who go to Istanbul looking forward for a relationship with a woman in Istanbul, that the women in this region are extremely beautiful and it would not be fair to compare the beauty of these women to those of other parts on earth. They have elegant, slender figure; glowing, healthy skin and back lush hair. Turkey and particularly Istanbul has extremely beautiful women such as Azra Akin who was the Miss World in 2002.


Night Life IN Istanbul




Istanbul's Night life is known to be huge with various well known establishments. Some of these places are 30 years old while some are older than that but this only adds the beauty and mystic feeling to the places. These entertaining places are packed with tourists from western side of earth at all times of year. Those tourists, who are successful in winning over the heart of a Turkish woman in Istanbul, enjoy the glamour of night life in this city with their Istanbul dates. Guides in Istanbul promise unforgettable nights in Istanbul as the city is full of amazing places but where you can only enter with a connection, but there are also those smaller places where western tourists can have the opportunity to go with a local companion that can be a beautiful Istanbul girl who knows all about her own town. Custom made nights full of glamour is something which Istanbul offers to its western tourists and these nights can be well planned in accordance of budgets and preferences.




There are hundreds of opportunities in Istanbul to make the nights of a tourist memorable with beautiful places made for night time enjoyment, clubs and even the beaches where one can enjoy and build a long and beautiful relationship with a beautiful Turkish woman in Istanbul. Rehab, Reina, Sess, Ulus 29, Ablam, Aztek, Indigo, Limencello, and Murphys are some of the many places which are known for its offerings for a great night time party in Istanbul. One will never get tired or bored if enters in one of these places with one of the beautiful woman of Istanbul at his arms. Istanbul at night can be a place always to remember with joy for all the western tourists.


Respect Turkish Girls


All in all, Istanbul has been a world’s famous vacation spot from a long time for many western tourists. During their visits, tourists always seem to admire the mystic beauty that is the trademark of Istanbul whether it is the venue or Istanbul women. These women in Istanbul, Turkey can be a great option for those western tourists who want women who are capable of making great and worthy life partners. Consider visiting Egypt and most importantly, Sharm-el-Sheikh for a similar travel experience.