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The Bahamas are beautiful; sandy beaches and crystal seas, not to mention a multitude of stunning women, would surround every tourist. The nightlife and the exotic cuisine are two things that cannot be missed; your trip will not be complete without a taste of both! The romantic atmosphere, sunshine skies and pleasant inhabitants help to make this one of the most unforgettable destinations in the whole world; no one ever regrets a trip to the Bahamas!

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Bahamas, the exotic island country that consists of several small islands, islets and cays, is especially famous for the Great Bahamas Island. It has a blend of attractive tourist spots and activities for all; there is a great mix of momentous and historic heritage, modern manmade tourist spots, and other fantastic natural wonders.

The great Bahamas Island is accredited to having the world’s well-renowned underwater cavernous world of wonders, stellar national parks, a surfeit of clear water reefs and white sandy beaches. It is every tourist’s dream vacation spot, especially for summer trips, wedding resorts, and other recreational trips and adventures.  

The Stunning Beaches of the Bahamas

The most fun and sociable spots in Bahamas are the spectacular beaches of the Grand Bahamas Island. The Gold Rock Beach, which consists of the Lucayan National Park, is a striking example of some of the most stunning beaches in Bahamas. Other relaxing points where you are likely to meet the exotic locals and strike up fascinating conversations with the beautiful women of Bahamas include the secluded little town of High Rock with its favoured beach spots, Diamond Sunset and Bishop’s on the Beach. Here, you can treat yourself by drinking in the sights endless white sandy beaches and cherish the local Bahamian food and the exotic cocktails and refreshing regional drinks.

The Peterson Cay

The Peterson Cay is another natural delight and a thriving social meeting point for local Bahamians, beautiful women of the Bahamas and the onslaught of eager, sociable tourists. Peterson Cay is a very small island tucked away in the Bahamas, fringed by some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs. It is approachable through a fun and relaxing boat ride or even a kayaking tour; it depends on how adventurous you are feeling so you can pick either of the two modes of transportation.

Deadman’s Reef: Paradise Cove

Deadman’s Reef, Paradise Cove is another well-visited snorkelling hotspot. The clear, pristine water is perfect for water sports while the sprawling beach is ideal to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Some of the most beautiful coral reef and an eccentric diversity of underwater sea life are exhibited in the Deadman’s Reef, a precious sight to tourists who flock in groups every year to experience this once-in-a-lifetime escapade.

Garden of the Groves

Garden of the Groves is high on the favoured tourist spots list as it is an extensive twelve-acre garden, dotted with exotic tropical plants and lush green fields punctuated with winding walking trails that are perfect for taking leisurely strolls. Other attractions of the Garden of the Groves include sparking clear waterfalls and fountains, and the outlandish migratory breeds of birds and insects adding to the natural habitat. The Garden of the Groves is perfect for a leisurely tea party or picnic, with the scenic background of lush green gardens and the translucent water of the fountains and the gushing stream of waterfalls. This makes an excellent meeting point because many people come to the Garden of the Groves for an escape from the daily life; therefore, it is a welcome respite from the humdrum of mundane everyday life.

Romantic Getaways in Bahamas

The Grand Bahamas Island is synonymous with romanticism and romantic getaways. It is the ideal place for engagements, popping the big question, babymoons, honeymoons, romantic elopements, and vow renewals. You can very easily stumble upon secluded beaches ideal for long walks, dip your toes in the warm waters, and warm your soles on the snug sandy beaches.

Festivals in Bahamas

The vibrant culture of the Bahamas is showcased through the kaleidoscope of festivals, which include the Heritage and Music Festival depicting the culture and the art, literature and music of the region in its truest form.

Bahamas: For the Rich and the Famous

The clear, sapphire-blue water of the Bahamas is showcased to its absolute extreme in the exclusive island of the Exumas, which is home to the private residences, and beach houses of the rich and the famous. The Exumas include the Little Exuma, Exuma Cays and the Great Exuma.

Ethnic Groups in Bahamas

Different ethnic groups shape up the population in Bahamas. There are the two main ethnicities, namely the Afro-Bahamians and the White Bahamians. The Afro-Bahamians make up over 80 per cent of the total population, with a considerable sector of the Haitians community as well.

The largest minority group in Bahamas consists of the White Bahamians from the European descent, and even Greek lineage, which makes up a small one per cent of the total population.

Bahamian Beauties

The beautifully striking women of the Bahamas range in exotic colouring from fair to mid-tan complexions. Most of the Bahamian women are predominantly dusky with remarkable bone structures, pronounced cheekbones, deep set dark eyes, and Afro hair. The women dress up according to the latest trends.

The Bahamian women are generally very relaxed and never in a rush. They love life and definitely live in the moment. The women love being outdoors, take part in sports and especially enjoy the thriving nightlife of the Bahamas.  The Bahamian women expect to be swept off their feet and wooed in a romantic yet respectable manner.

Wooing the Bahamian Beauties

If you are fortunate enough to be out on a date with a beautiful Bahamian woman, it is important to remember that you must be chivalrous and pay for the date. Bahamian women enjoy their fair share of attention as long as it is within respectable bounds; they have very sharp sensibilities and can easily pick out frivolous men who might be showering them with fleeting interests. Bahamian women will shrug such men off in an instant.

The beautiful Bahamian women are strong-willed, headstrong and often dominating, so you must not offend them in any way.


The language normally and widely spoken in the Grand Bahama is English. The Haitian community, however, speaks Creole.

Culture and Society

Bahamians are extremely hospital, affable and social people. They are especially known for being friendly, and easy to talk to. They also maintain a certain level of comfortable informality with the people who immediately make the other person feel welcome and relaxed. This does not, in any way, imply that the Bahamians are not polite. They are very polite individuals who pay due attention to maintaining decorum and respecting other people’s values and cultures. They are extremely open and welcoming and, more often than not, take the first step in socialising. They greet others warmly and invite other people into their homes, offer to share meals, and effortlessly and swiftly guide tourists through the meandering routes of the island in a heartbeat, without so as much as a single frown.

Socializing in Bahamas

Bahamians, especially women from Bahamas, are known for their light-hearted humour and their affinity to laugh and make others laugh. The women from Bahamas are free-spirited and fun loving. They enjoy nothing more than a companion who can share the niceties of life with a smile on their face.

Bahamians are very secure in their natures, personality and values, so they are more than willing to even laugh at themselves and make others laugh at the expense of making jokes and poking fun at themselves, thereby, depicting humble and down-to-earth attitude, which is a rare quality among people these days. The beautiful women from the Bahamas especially value this quality and look for good-natured men with a great sense of humour.

Meeting the Gorgeous Women from Bahamas

When meeting a woman from Bahamas, it is suggested to meet them with a firm handshake, a polite smile, direct eye contact and a good-natured nod. Hugging, kissing and reverting to the use of first name are reserved for close friends and family. Therefore, it is important to remember while socialising with the striking women of Bahamas, to not make them uncomfortable with public display of affection as they are not encouraged. It is also vital to note that first name basis is also reserved for more close relationships only. Members Who liked the bahamas also liked to visit Cuba


Nightlife in Bahamas

If you are looking for a nice night time adventure, Bahamas is the perfect spot. There are several places; some attract small crowds, others much larger, so it entirely depends on what kind of mood you are in.

Fish Fry is a small strip, offering great food, live music and a small crowd of attractive women of Bahamas. Other larger crowd gathering places include the ladies’ night at Club Waterloo on Thursday nights and Saturday nights. Large groups of single, attractive girls come in hoards at Club Waterloo. Expensive drinks are served all night and the dance parties alongside the pool are legendary.

For full-blown weekend party, Club Bambu is especially famous. It is a disco bar, which attracts a mix of audience. If you are looking for stunning Latin women, you must consider Tropicana, famous for its salsa dance nights. Other places, perfect for night time party and gambling, include the Crystal Palace Casino and the Atlantis Casino. Pirates Pub, Havana Café, Senor Frogs and Fluid Lounge are also famous nightly bars and cafes, promising excellent nightlife.