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Yes, the Miami girls ooze sexuality and are a balm for sore eyes. The diversity of habitats in Miami is boggling. Basking among supermodels on a topless beach is just a stone throw away from going knee-deep in a snake-infested swamp. Your first image of Miami, like many others, must be of swaying palms and sugary beaches. You will find it surprising to learn that the city is miles away from the ocean.

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Miami: Visiting The Latinas





Romantic, arty, hip and beachy; Miami is the place to live out your dreams.  A paradise on the seaside, the youngest big city in the strangest State of Florida, Miami is America’s Casablanca – capital of the exotic.




Called the “Gateway to Latin America,” there is a 60 percent Hispanic population, with Cubans, Columbians, Puerto Ricans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans – all combining to make the city a rich cultural haven.  According to the United Nations, it has the largest percentage of foreign-born than any other city.




The Jennifer Lopez look-alikes on South beach and the topless beauties you will feel no inhibition looking at awe-struck, are one of the many reasons tourists from around the world throng the place. Yes, the Miami girls ooze sexuality and are a balm for sore eyes.




The diversity of habitats in Miami is boggling. Basking among supermodels on a topless beach is just a stone throw away from going knee-deep in a snake-infested swamp. Your first image of Miami, like many others, must be of swaying palms and sugary beaches. You will find it surprising to learn that the city is miles away from the ocean.




Explore Miami




The surf capital of Miami, as it is called, South beach is where you should be heading when in Miami. Miami and beach are synonymous and it helps to get that out of your system first. The scene at South Beach certainly lives up to the reputation of Miami as a beach town.  The first thing that would catch your eyes are the numerous surfers enjoying themselves riding the waves in the beautifully blue ocean or the roller bladers doing their amazing glides down Ocean Drive. Your eyes may even be fixed completely on the models walking in the skimpiest bikinis along the golden sands. 




South Beach is the perfect place to feast your eyes on the smotheringly seductive and classy Miami women and watch the celebrity hipsters rub oiled and their already-tanned shoulders in the lounge bars, cafes on the sidewalks, boutiques filled with designer wear, and dusk-till-dawn clubs.




This is where you will find several opportunities of meeting girls in Miami. They come here to chill after wandering through the World Erotic Art Museum. This museum is dedicated to erotic pleasures. It is the second largest of its kind in the entire world, with its enormous collection of sex paintings, sex toys and artifacts spanning various periods and ethnicities: From ancient Rome to African and Chinese.  It is hard to remain normal after watching the huge penis collection, which reveals phalluses of all sizes, shapes and colors.  A giant penis of over 6ft sure “blows” women away.  You will find a four-poster bed, where all the four posts are shaped like giant penises. And it’s amazing that the owner and curator of the museum is a septuagenarian grandmother.




Do you harbor any doubts that hooking up with girls in Miami is easier than anywhere else?




Even if you find it difficult to leave all that for a short while, since you’re in Miami, don’t forget to take a stroll on South Beach, exploring the Art Deco District, which contains around a 1000 buildings from the 30s and 40s. Watch the art deco buildings from the golden era of architecture. The hotels there are in a theatrical style that swept the design world in the 1920s.  There are self-guided audio tours if you’re interested.  Pay a visit to the Design District too, which is known for the home design stores selling deluxe furniture and interior designs. You can just go there to see the designs, if that’s your thing.




Little Havana is one of the first places tourists visit when in Miami, for its unique flavor of Cuba. In Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) and the nearby areas, you will find thousands of Miami Cubans who followed the American dream. The houses are mostly Mediterranean-style with rocking chairs on the porch. The smell of tobacco wafts from cigar stores and you will love the Latin music from record shops. Be prepared for an illusion that you are in a different world altogether. 




Step into a fairy tale at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens situated on the Biscayne Bay. Everything here makes you feel like you have entered a fairytale book.  The bizarre European-style palace is like visiting a wonderland.  This was built in the 20th century and the architecture is extravagant while the interiors reek of opulence.  It is filled with 16th to 19th century decorative pieces and antiques from Europe.




Other places of interest are the Adrienne Arscht Center, Jungle Island, Zoo Miami, Venetian Pools, Miami Museum of Science and Tobacco Road.  The Miccosukee Indian Village is where you can see their culture as well as the alligator wrestling.




Carnival Miami in early March is when Latino Miami reveals itself in all its glory, with beauty pageants, concerts, sports and international cuisine – a place where you will find meeting women in Miami easier as they are willing to mix with tourists. The festival is abuzz with culinary competitions, galas and a Latin jazz festival. The grand finale is in Little Havana, with the Calle Ocho, a street festival which is the largest block party in the world. More than 30 stages are set up with live entertainment, and feature salsa, Caribbean music and meringue.




Food & Drink




Need to know the cuisine of Miami or where to get the best taco in this Magic City? How about the most delectable pan con lechon?  Don’t want anything but the most outstanding cup of coffee? Read on…




Miami shows you that there’s more to American food than burgers and 24-hour diners. The main highlight of this region is seafood, with exotic creatures like stone crabs and lobsters served as fresh as they can be consumed, and the low prices means you don’t have to limit yourself.




Barton G in the South Beach area serves exotic funked up cuisine like grilled sea bass and popcorn shrimp served in a brown-colored paper bag. For the grand finale, wouldn’t you like some cotton candy that looks like Dame Edna’s wig? 




Segafredo is a great hangout for those who prefer a light meal, such as salads, sandwiches, carpaccios and desserts while enjoying cool lounge music. 




The legendarylime pie from Joe’s Stone Crab is THE most famous.




Miami has a huge selection of swanky wine bars. Cefalo’s is a unique one of its kind wine emporium, and offers an uber cool Coconut Grove hangout. It sells around 2000 wines by the bottle and you can sample 40 varieties.  If you are keen on tastings and classes, check with them. It serves Italian cuisine.  Wine 69 is voted as the best wine bar in Miami.




If a low-key evening chatting with the locals over a pint of beer is your thing, Abbey on South Beach is where you should go.  While you’ll find European imports, they have several own-made beers.




Nightlife & Women




In a city of glamour, the men and beautiful Miami women need a grand stage on which to let their hair down, and there is some fantastic nightlife in Miami.  Most of the hottest clubs are concentrated in South Beach, though the Downtown area is fast becoming a major party spot as well. These clubs sizzle at their peak with gorgeous Miami girls in the shortest clothes possible.




The hottest club everyone’s talking about currently is LIV in Fountainebleau Hotel. This is the place you should be if you want to enjoy loads of music and dance like you have a million feet. LIV can hold roughly two thousand people and you will witness a laser light show, dancers and VIP table service.  The best bands perform here.  If you are interested in Miami girls dating, this could be the place you find gorgeous and smart women above 18.




The Delano has pool parties and they even offer poolside spa treatments combined with grilled food. The Sunday pool party at Shore Club is fun. Lots of young Miami girls to mingle with. The hottest Miami girls wear short dresses and high heels. You wont find them in jeans, sandals or flat shoes.




Some of the top Miami Beach Nightclubs are not easy to get into, so you will need some preparation for that.  One way to get in easily is by checking into a hotel that offers VIP passes.  Even if you’re staying at a place where they don’t offer passes, talk to the concierge, they will know what you should do.




Most clubs have long lines. To make sure you don’t get stuck in one, arrive early by about 11 PM.  Dress classy – designer jeans with a dressy shirt and formal shoes should be perfect. For women, tight and sexy clothing that is sophisticated. Mixed groups with men and women in equal numbers stand a better chance of getting in. So even if you are alone, get together with other tourists.  The main idea is to make a show that you have loads of money to spend.




These are the places where you’ll find classy Miami women dating opportunities for you to spend your time with during your holiday. Be prepared to spend some money if this is where you find your girl.




The Miami girls that are easy to get talking to are those who want to be models. Oh, you don’t have to get intimidated by their beauty; these girls just want to be recognized for being pretty.  You will find them everywhere, waiting tables, working in restaurants, and on the beaches.  South Beach Lincoln Road along Collins is the best place to interact with them. Lots of upscale Latinas frequenting the posh nightclubs! Be nice to the gay wingman and he can make it all work for you. 




The beauty of finding women in Miami is the great ethnic groups found here.  Be prepared for some hot-blooded Latina Miami girls dressed provocatively, and who speak their mind. The good news is that they are the easiest to get close to. You will swoon when you see them dancing – gorgeous dancers that they are.




Try to spend at least one day outside of Miami – in the Keys, specifically in Isla Mirada and Key West. This is a haven if you want to fish, swim with the dolphins or scuba dive. It’s not expensive like at Miami Seaquarium.  If you get lucky, you may even spot a deer or two.  Sunday is the farmers market.  Down in the Keys, hire a ferry or a sea plane to go about 70 miles off the coast of Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park. Then you can head to Turtle Hospital in Marathon Key, which is the only one in the world dedicated to turtles.