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All in all, Montreal is distinct and dazzling in its own right. It stands out from the rest of Canada, mostly because of the special European touch that it offers to all tourists. Not only is it brimming with fantastic sightseeing opportunities, it also goes one step further and caters to those with bolder taste. The festivals and parties are one of a kind, while the nightlife is peppered with classy bars and fancy drinks. As for the women, they are just as distinct and just as special as the rest of the beautiful features that Montreal boasts.

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The elegant, French-speaking cultural capital of Canada is famous for its unique European flair. It is undeniable that Montreal is not only beautiful as a place but the inhabitants, especially the gorgeous women of Montreal, are stunning.

Things to see in Montreal, Canada

Parc La Fontaine is a quiet and romantic spot, perfect for a serene evening stroll with your loved one or your significant other. It is also an excellent socialising and meeting point to meet the beautiful single women of Montreal.

Maisonneuve, the lush green park with modern state-of-the-art architecture, is famous for its manicured lawns that are perfect for picnic spots and romantic getaways. The Old Montreal is fantastic spot to get to know your recent partner because the atmosphere is so perfectly old-fashioned and the old-school European look is fantastic. There are often several musicians playing for free, adding to the already intoxicating ambiance. The cobbled winding streets of Old Montreal are especially picture-perfect for romantic walks, you can stop by any one of the Old Montreal outdoor cafes and restaurants and enjoy the delectable desserts, like the world famous cheesecakes of Montreal, all over coffee or an assortment of exotic drinks.

The cinematographic and the absolutely romantic Old Port makes up for an excellent starry-eyed escape, the highlights include walking along the Saint-Laurent River while gazing upon the imposing Clock Tower set against the star-speckled night sky of the gorgeous Montreal.

Parc Jean Drapeau offers a stellar view of the sky, juxtaposed against the Saint-Laurent River. You can perch on the docks and enjoy the breath-taking view while the cool breeze sends you off in a daze of lost pleasure.

Place des Arts, Lachine Canal set off against the Montreal’s art deco inspired architecture, the Beaver Lake, a serene escape from everyday life are all great tourists’ spots and the best, most well-visited spots of the city, therefore, great meeting points.

The highest point of the city is the Mount Royal Lookout; it toffers a 360 degree view of the entire city. This is where you are most likely to stumble into the beautiful single women of Montreal, who often come here to reflect and gaze upon their lovely city.

Montreal: For the Bold and the Audacious

Montreal is a city of the adventurous and the bold. One such feature of the city includes the Fetish Festival, which is a six-day event and all subcultures and sub-categories of the all-new modern fetish culture are explored and celebrated. This is also an excellent meeting point because people of all kinds flock together to take part in various events, based solely on very strong preferences and activities.

Experienced troupes and novices come from all the country and the rest of the world to take part in the festivities and the activities of the fetish festival. Some of the events include informative sessions, while others involve a whole new world of exciting and strange new games depicting the various kinds of fetishes. Some of these include the Expo Kink, which includes all kinds of professionals on the matter, ready to answer any queries and to encourage you in an uninhibited, free environment. Other themed events include Fashion Frenzy, Cabaret Kink Festival, Fetish Photography Sessions, Bondage Rope Fun, Anime Manga Fixation Ball, Fetish Photo Band, Pre-Party and The After-Party.

As the names suggest, the Fashion Frenzy includes exhibitions of world-renowned fashion designers while the attendees arrive wearing the latest trendy outfits, conforming to the Fashion Frenzy. Kabaret Kink involves an exciting night of performances including pin-up themes, latex leotards and body suits, feather accessories while the DJs play exhilarating background music for seasoned troupe dance performances.

Fetish Photography and Fetish Photo Convoy involve exhibitions of fetish photography, professionals relaying information about how to take better photos revolving around fetish, bondage and kink themes. Bondage Rope Fun involves information and techniques shown and exhibited to onlookers regarding the best use of bondage and rope techniques, various positions and basic methods for beginners; the involvement of partners is not necessary.

The ever-growing trend of manga and anime characters, the Anime Manga Fixation Ball focuses on individuals wearing the trendy Japanese-characters inspired outfits, and make up emulating the anime look in its purest form. The DJs play thematic songs, further punctuating the environment to mirror the growing culture of anime and manga enthusiasts.

The Pre-Party is arranged for the people to meet each other, to make acquaintances and to form relationships based on similar likes and dislikes. The After-Party is the final seal of the event and involves all the newfound friends and partners to dance till the wee hours of the morning.

Other festivals include St. Laurent Street Fair, Promenade Street Festival, Orange Julep and Montreal’s Fashion and Design Festival.

Montreal and its Women

The women of Montreal are, no doubt, beautiful and extremely aware of this fact. Therefore, it is important to be careful when trying to get the attention of Canadian women. Some of the things you must avoid while interacting with the gorgeous beauties of Montreal include meeting girls in nightclubs and initiating a dance without their permission first. This is a definite deal breaker according to the beautiful women of Montreal.  

Montreal enjoys, all year round, a downpour of eager tourists; the locals often become bombarded by questions about what are the best places to go to and what are the quickest shortcuts to get to a certain place. Women do not appreciate such inquiries all the time and are often put off by such questions; therefore, if you are trying to strike up a conversation with a beautiful girl of Montreal, do not tread upon the inquisitive tourist mode.  

Some of the other deal-breaker approaches while trying to socialize with women from Montreal include the classic yet over-used, “Can I buy you a drink?” and the point-blank, “You’re so beautiful!” trick. It just does not work and must be avoided at all times.

Canada is divided between two extremes: the predominantly delectable French side and the traditional English side. Canada is a predominantly white race. However, due to the inter-racial groupings and blends of various ethnicities, the women are both tan and even unequivocally dark, in addition to light and fair-skinned women.

All Canadian women are extremely aware of the latest fashion trends and it is greatly depicted in their cutting-edge trendy clothes, make up and attention to little details. The Canadian women are educated and sensible with high education aims. The Canadian women are competitive and extremely active in the professional work environment.

Personality Traits of Women of Montreal

Canadian women are self-reliant, confident and extremely poised. When it comes to socialising and meeting men, they are very approachable and friendly, quite like their American counterparts.  Beautiful women of Montreal like to go out, and enjoy Montreal’s nightlife. They are strong hockey enthusiasts and enjoy conversations regarding sports with growing zest and fervour.

Canadian women are especially sensitive when it comes to decorum and respect, as well as matters of chivalry. If you are out with a girl form Montreal then do not, under any circumstances, let her pay for the date. You might be thrown by her insistence over wanting to pay for the date but do not give in because, deep down, she will expect you to pay.

Chivalry: May or May Not Be Dead in Montreal

Young women of Montreal are not swayed or wooed by gestures of chivalry, as they lean more towards modern concepts of feminism and self-assurances. Older, more traditional women of Montreal will enjoy and expect a gentleman to exhibit gestures like opening doors and pulling out a chair. Open and public displays of affection are acceptable, as long as they allow you to do so.

It is important to remember that the modern, attractive women of Montreal are not damsels in distress; therefore, they demand respect, adoration and acceptable amount of chivalry.

Nice places nearby Montreal

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Nightlife of Montreal

The vibrant, electric nightlife of Montreal is all the rage among tourists and they come from all over the world to mingle with the exotic locals and to meet new, exciting people.

Some of the prime bars of Montreal nightlife include Joverse Bars-Cuisine, smack in the middle of the dreamy Old Montreal. This is an excellent place to spend the night drinking and dancing away to the tunes of music played by professional DJs. This is a classic bar, in terms of the drinks they serve so it is guaranteed to attract refined women from all over the city.

Le Champagnerie, a new place, is constantly on the rise because it is the only champagne place, which has the inhabitants and champagne-lovers of Montreal falling head over heels in love with this exciting new bar. By also adding oysters to their menu, La Champagnerie has taken the city class up several notches. It is perfect for an elegant night out and a great opportunity to meet the sophisticated women of Montreal.

Santos is especially famous for its ladies’ night out, with live performances and music all night long. Therefore, it is another great meeting point and should top your must-visit list.  

New City has, a famous dance club, is perfect for a classic slice of Montreal nightlife. Other places perfect for nightlife fun in Montreal include Laika Bar, Le Saint-Sulpice, Chez Serge, Mad Hatter, and L’Assommoir.