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Bulgaria is the perfect place to visit if you’re in search of stunning beaches, mountainous backdrops and compelling history. An InterRail Bulgaria Pass will allow you to dive into one of Europe’s lesser-known countries.

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This article is going to discuss the kind of country Bulgaria is and the positive aspects it has that may make you want to pay a visit. We will also discuss a bit about the Bulgarian women, the kind of women that they are, their general expectations, how you should approach them and where you can meet beautiful Bulgarian women.




South Eastern Europe


Bulgaria is located in south-eastern Europe. It is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world due to its breathtaking sceneries. The natural beauty of the country sets the tone for its many tourist attractions. The currency of Bulgaria is “Lev”. Bulgarians have their religions based on their ethnicities. Bulgaria is a city rich in culture and is one of the biggest winemakers in the world. The Bulgarians are yoghurt lovers and believe that it is the reason why they live so long.



Why Should You Go There?


  • It is an absolutely beautiful country

  • It has the world’s largest 3D IMAX cinema

  • It has abundant natural resources

  • Great place to visit for adventures, sports and entertainment

  • Bulgarians are friendly and hospitable people

  • Rich culture and wildlife

  • Great country for bird-watching lovers

  • High quality of food-mostly organic produce

  • Good personal safety

  • Low cost of living

  • Great medical and healthcare services

  • Offers a relaxing life- slow paced life

  • Ideal location-close proximity to other countries

  • Easy to get around (wide-range of buses, min-buses and trains)

  • Has a unique architecture



Getting Around in Bulgaria


Getting around in Bulgaria is not difficult provided that you are aware of the best meeting spots. Let’s take a look at some of the best meeting spots in Bulgaria and why they are going to be worth the visit.



The Cafes


Cafes are the best places for relaxed meet-ups. Whether you are looking to spend some quality me-time or are planning to take someone special along, there are countless cafes that can cater to your individual likings and budget. Cafes serve as ideal meeting spots because you can have a relaxed conversation over coffee there. They are great places to start conversations, with a calming atmosphere that can help break the ice. Some of the best cafes in Bulgaria include My Café by Ani Boland, Bistro Europe, The Graffiti Café, Boulevard Vitosha and Villa Rosiche.



Dining and Food


If you are fond of eating out, Bulgaria has some of the best restaurants for you. There are countless eating spots of varying types and classes. Whether you are up for something fancy or just want a casual laidback dinner, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants and pizzerias in Bulgaria as well. The restaurants are generally open from 11am till midnight. Some of the finest Bulgarian restaurants include Amvrosia Restaurant, The Red House, La Tribuna, chiflika, Bistro Silva, Di wine and Panorama amongst others.



The Nature


Nothing beats meeting someone in a beautiful park with a serene atmosphere. Parks and gardens will be a treat for your eyes and will have you feeling relaxed and at peace in no time. Bulgaria’s parks are not just breathtakingly beautiful but are well-maintained and clean. If you’re planning for a casual stroll in the park with that someone special, there are countless Bulgarian parks and Gardens to suit your likings. Some of the best ones include: Sea Garden, Borisova gradina, The Southern Park, The City Garden and the Central Park.


Another famous meeting place in Bulgaria is the “Freedom Square.” The Freedom Square is known as the main meeting place for the local residents. It is a great place for meet-ups where you can enjoy the view of the famous fountain and various statues. The fountain is nicely illuminated at night and hence serves as a good night spot too.



Bulgarian Women and their Style


Women from Bulgaria are known to be amongst the hottest women of the world. The average Bulgarian woman has dark hair and green or blue eyes. They have smooth clean skin and their complexion is fair, caramel or olive toned. Their noses are often sharp and they most often keep their hair a long length. Majority of the Bulgarian girls are fit and have good figures. During the summer, Bulgarian women will often wear shirts and shorts because it gets really hot. Their clothing is often skimpy due to the heat.



Meet Women in Bulgaria


Finding girls in Bulgaria is not difficult; however, meeting them can be a daunting task. For all those planning to meet girls in Bulgaria, here are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind.


Firstly, expect to see glamorous women who are always looking pretty, there are many beautiful women in Bulgaria who will catch your eye. You may also have heard that Bulgarian girls are known to be gold diggers but that is not necessarily true. This factor can be a huge turn-off for guys who expect to meet women at bars and pubs but they must realize that Bulgaria is a poor country and hence, money will appeal naturally to certain women in Bulgaria. You should visit various cafes, restaurants and bars during the day. You’ll find many pretty Bulgarian girls partying, dancing and having fun. However, you must be aware of how to approach and talk to Bulgarian women. Also Sunny beach Women are always in for a party.


Bulgarian women can be emotional, so being on your best behaviour is strongly advised. They are also considered to be smart individuals, so don’t play with their minds or expect to trick them into anything. You should only be approaching a girl if you are really keen to get to know her and are looking to have a good relationship with her. Never make the mistake of asking for a one-night stand! Bulgarian women are sweet, vulnerable and sensitive; therefore, avoid doing anything that may stir up an unexpected controversy. Similarly, if there is something about a Bulgarian girl that is not making you keen in approaching her, move on.



Planning a date with Bulgarian Women


Another aspect to consider is the way you meet the women and take them out. When you plan a date or even just involve yourselves into a conversation, you must ensure that you don’t outshine her personality. She needs to be the focus of attention and she must feel that she is getting the attention and respect that she deserves. You must lead the way responsibly but must let her shine throughout. This is something that she’ll subconsciously notice and you’ll have her feeling good in no time!


Unless you want to a victim of the “friend zone,” make sure that you pay the bill. It’s simple. Whether she insists on paying or adding on, you must be the man and pay the bill. You paying the bill even though she insisted to pay will prove that you are the man and have a sense of responsibility. It is something that she will secretly admire you for. You must also be ready for her friend’s judgemental comments. In Bulgaria, it is not the parents of the girl that will have you feeling nervous but rather the friends that you need to worry about. Her parents will have you feeling comfortable and at home but when you meet her friends, be on your best behaviour and don’t forget their names. If she’s going to be introducing you to her friends, chances are that she will be thinking about a long-term relationship.


You must also avoid disclosing your future plans that you have for her. Bulgarian girls can have issues with trusting guys and would not want to hear what you have in mind. They would rather appreciate you showing your capabilities in day-to-day life and that’s when they’ll trust you and will be keen on considering a long-term relationship. “Actions speak louder than words” and it’s your actions that will win her heart.


After a good ate, go the extra mile and consider dropping her home. Even if you don’t have a car, taxis will do the trick. She will appreciate your concern and feel safe with you. After meeting Bulgarian women, you must remember to follow up with them. If she’s on your mind, let her know. Nothing would make things worse than having her wait for you.



Summary of Bulgaria, Bulgaria


Bulgaria has both; beautiful surroundings and beautiful women! That’s a killer combination and it can make your dreams come true! However, Bulgarian women are sensitive and vulnerable. They must feel respected, appreciated and valued in your company if you are really to make an impression. Don’t bother getting frustrated over the gold-diggers, since there will be plenty of other women to choose from. If you happen to find a nice Bulgarian girl, go the extra mile for her and she’ll notice.