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Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is sometimes also called BiH, has grown into a top class tourist destination over the last couple of years. This is owing to the unique mix of the old and the new that it offers tourists. Its historic architectural appeal and scenic beauty have turned it into a vacationer’s paradise. From all kind of adventurous activities to romantic and intellectual offerings, it has something for everyone, whether they are travelling alone or with a partner. The local food and music is a treat to the senses and makes for a lifetime of memories. All in all, BiH is a place that is truly European in essence and gives people a chance to discover many hidden wonders of nature, along with an in-depth experience of the effects of many different civilizations and eras that have left their mark on the region. In addition to all of this, it has plenty to offer for insomniacs and those looking to meet new people. The large variety of nightclubs, bars, concerts and festivals is what makes Bosnia so alive and alluring. An added bonus is that the climatic conditions are such that they allow for a range of different activities to be carried out. Thus, no matter what time of the year one is hoping to travel to Bosnia, they can rest assured that they will be able to take part in something that makes best use of the season and gives them memories worth cherishing for a lifetime.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, commonly referred to as simply Bosnia, is a region that has been of great interest to tourists all over the world. It is situated in the south-eastern parts of Europe and is known for a wide variety of things. It is currently amongst the list of countries that have the fastest growing rate of tourism and holds a strong position at number three. Regardless of what a person might be interested in, Bosnia will definitely be able to deliver given all that it has to offer. It is also one of the countries in the region that are most often visited by people.



Climate and weather:


The climate of Bosnia makes it perfect for people seeking different kinds of weather-related activities, as the summers tend to start as warm, until the temperatures begin to rise sometime around June. The country has, on average, about three to four months of hot summers after which the cooler winter season begins. Although winters are predominantly chilly, it is not until late October that the cold wave really begins. Some high altitude areas also experience heavy snowfalls that begin near December. The peak tourist season with the maximum influx of people from all over is from May to September as the weather is just right for all kinds of outdoor activities.



What makes Bosnia a popular destination:


Bosnia is not just one of the most popular European tourist hotspots, it also ranks as one of the most enjoyable places to visit out of a list of over a hundred places. This is because of its richness in terms of history and culture, which is perfectly blended with the right amount of modernity. Bosnia has been a witness to many socio-political changes, starting from the Neolithic times and running all the way up to the present years. It has undergone plenty of radical changes ranging from those under the Muslim rule of the Ottoman Empire to the Second World War. Bosnia is also considered to be one of the best places for an action-packed adventure vacation for men and women looking to do something different. Thus, it is suitable for a variety of people. An added advantage that makes this place so popular is the fact that it is easily accessible via air and road transport while visas are generally easy to obtain as well.



For the thrill seeker:


Bosnia can very adequately be termed as a thrill seekers paradise! This is because it is home to some of the best ecotourism opportunities that exist today. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, one can find many untouched terrains that are a treat for the eyes and the soul alike. There are many such spots that are ideal for all those people who want to go for an extensive trek lasting for the whole day, or even a simple and romantic moonlit walk along picturesque backdrops.



Bosnia is also amongst the world’s most well-known adventure mountain biking destinations and was placed at the top of the list for this particular activity back in 2012. There are several companies that provide people with the necessary gear and equipment, and they even provide a basic level of training for beginners. Another activity that is sure to have your adrenaline pumping and is an attraction for thousands of people annually is white water rafting. This is a very popular activity with the male population that frequents Bosnia, as it is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience something of this sort. It is also one of the favorite sports of the region. There are three main rivers that cater to this ever-growing demand, one of which happens to be the deepest river canyon in all of Europe.



Environmental specialists have declared Bosnia and Herzegovina to have some of the clearest waters and unpolluted air, which makes ecotourism all the more attractive. The peaceful and undisturbed forests of the region are not only a beautiful escape from the concrete jungles that we live in, but they are a natural habitat for many different kinds of species and offer people a chance to interact with nature in ways that they have never done before.


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Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia


The food, culture and people of Bosnia:


Although people from a couple of backgrounds tend to dominate the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, generally speaking, one can expect to run into people of all ethnicities and social and cultural backgrounds. The three largest groups are namely the Bosnians, Serbs and Croats. Collectively, they are all known to be friendly in nature and extremely welcoming and hospitable to tourists. They are easy to talk to and very open to tourists asking them questions regarding directions or local attractions.



Food and culture can be taken to be synonymous in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are a food-loving nation and almost all celebrations are centered on getting together and enjoying good food. The café culture is a big part of their daily routines with at least one stop a day for delicious freshly brewed coffee. Bosnia is one of the highest consumers of coffee in the world and this is reflected by the innumerable quaint little cafes that line the streets of its cities.



Some of the top food items that one must absolutely try are ?evapi, burek, pilav and sarma. The food is typically a cross between eastern and western flavours and it tends to be slightly on the spicier side. They also specialize in certain classic European sweets that are simply addictive!



What Happens After Midnight:


The people who live here are very fond of art, music and literature, and enjoy spending time watching plays and attending festivals which range from kids festivals to jazz and film festivals. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a very happening nightlife that draws in young men and women from all over. From upscale restaurants that serve exquisite and delicate food to authentic small local eateries, a number of them remain open until late night to give couples a chance to spend a great evening out on the town.



For those who are looking for something more upbeat or a place to meet men and women who share their interests, there are quite a lot of hip clubs that have some of the best DJs. The unique atmosphere of certain bars allows people a place where they can hang out with their friends or make casual conversation with others who are there to enjoy the same experience.



Shopping and souvenirs:


Whether you are on a budget or looking to splurge, Bosnia is the place for you. From its rustic old Turkish bazaars in Sarajevo to high-end shopping malls, you will find it all in this vibrant place. In all local and traditional bazaars, you will really benefit from using you bargaining skills or you might want to bring along someone else who can do that for you. These are also wonderful places to explore and take pictures or buy reasonably priced mementos for yourself or all your loved ones back home. For more exclusive shopping and brand names, head to the Alta shopping center or the BBI center which are also located in Sarajevo.