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While there are several reputable and luxurious massage parlors that offer easy sexual encounters with one or more beautiful Bucharest girls, if you are keen on meeting girls in Bucharest, for the purpose of dating or an affair, you can head for a nightclub, where it’s easy to find an attractive Bucharest girl.

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Called “Little Paris” not so long ago, Bucharest, capital of Romania, is in itself a unique being, with its own history, landmarks and abundance of culture which has to be seen and experienced in the solid Stalinist architecture, the folklore, literature, music scene, art and the Romanian women have adopted an exquisite grace comparable to the French women.




It is situated in that part of the world which will – to those of a certain age – always be Eastern Europe.




With a little help, you can discover several places that act as tasteful reminders of that golden age of the old city.  While the official population of Bucharest is under two million, with all the unregistered migrants from other parts of the country, the actual number is closer to three million.




It is a great place for a vacation and the prices are good, as long as you don’t carry around a sign that screams “tourist” on your back.




Explore Bucharest




Bucharest is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, swanked on either side by the Belle Epoque buildings. However, there are more reasons to visit the place, as the recently refurbished Bucharest’s historic core offers worthy distractions to keep a visitor occupied during the day and with the clubs and bars filled to their brims with beautiful Bucharestgirls, any thoughts of sleep during the night vanish.




Begin your exploration on the Southern edge of the Old City along Str Franceza, where you will find the remains of the Old Princely Court Church and Old Princely Court, once inhabited by the Wallachian princes, as well as by Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), a ruthless young ruler, who later was an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. You will find his spooky statue outside the courtyard. The church here is Bucharest’s oldest and dates back to 1546; and the frescoes next to the alter are originals from 16th century.




After that you can visit the churches, museums, and other sights. The Village and Peasant Museums are a must see. You will find The Peasant Museum, with its inviting and exotically designed red brick exterior, the most enjoyable not only in Bucharest but also in the country. It dates back to 1912 and offers exhibitions that reveal everything about the fascinating Romanian countryside and peasant life over the past four centuries. The collector in you is sure to come alive when faced with the replicas of the hand painted pottery and the traditional clothing, also available at the museum shop. A bonus would be to visit during the monthly craft fair or the puppet shows at weekends, in the Peasant Museum courtyard.  Casa Poporului is yet another must visit. 




Art and history lovers should pencil in at least a rainy afternoon at the National Art and History Museum. A huge replica of the Trajan’s Column from the 2nd century (original is in Rome) awaits you. It was built in honor of the emperor who conquered the territory of modern Romania. Emperor Trajan’s stark naked statue with a wolf in his arms, on the museum’s steps, is undoubtedly the most interesting modern statue ever conceived of a Roman emperor.




Anyone who thinks Bucharest is a city of concrete and cement has clearly not seen the city’s lung, the incomparable Herastrau Park. Spread over 187 hectares, surrounding the Herastrau lake, is considered a jewel in Bucharest’s crown. You will find half the city’s population spending their Sunday afternoons there during summer. And you can dispel all fears of it being overcrowded, as it is huge and you will find plenty of quiet and shady corners for yourself.  Another popular green attraction is the Botanical Gardens, which is centrally located. The main draw here is the fabulous greenhouses, and the garden that encompasses everything from micro-forests to flower gardens.  It extends more than 17 hectares and is part of Bucharest University’s Botanical Institute.




A trip to the Bellu Cemetery can turn out to be wonderful journey through Romanian political, literary and artistic history.  This is the final resting place of just about every great Romanian scientist, academician, artist, musician and poet you can think of, as well as some politicians.  The graves are grouped by profession, politicians in one part and scientists in another etc. When visiting the cemetery, keep some time aside to pay your respects to those killed in the 1989 Bucharest revolution and are buried at the Cimitirul Eroilor.




If you’re an art aficionado, make sure to visit the central chapel (which is open during the same hours as the cemetery). Having come into existence in the 1880s in a style similar to the cathedral at Karlovy Vary, the interiors of this chapel boast of amazingly stunning paintings that can keep you there for hours.




Food & Drink




In addition to the numerous historical sights, the Old City is a haven for food and drink enthusiasts. The main characteristic of the cuisine is the huge variety of foods. It is influenced by different cultures, such as the Romans who gave the country its name; the Greeks with whom trading was done; the Turks who dominated Romania; and the Slavic and Magyar neighbors.  All this blends beautifully into the delicious taste of Romania.  Romania is also one of the world’s top producers of delicious wines, some of which remains within the country, like the Minima Moralia line of wines.




A 19th-century beer house worth of mention is Caru’ cu Bere, located near the Stavropoleos Church. Be sure to make a dinner booking there as the cuisine is the best around.  Middle Eastern and Turkish delights are a rage in Bucharest and Divan is the liveliest places to sample some amazing kebabs, baba ganoush and hummus. Adding to the ambience are the Ottoman garbed waiters. Go on a weekend to see throngs of beautiful people dressed elegantly, sipping cocktails. To complete your evening, find a gorgeous Bucharest girl to go on a date with you.




At Deja-vu, a place that offers the best cocktails by the side of the River Prut, the main draw remains the participatory cocktails, a few of which involve wearing a Russian army helmet and a drink where Russian girls squeeze lemon into your mouth with their teeth. Not surprisingly, it’s packed on weekends.




Night Life & Bucharest Women




Night life in Bucharest is very eclectic and every single night is like a weekend with something happening every day.  There are no licensing hours in Bucharest. Melodious tunes bare their souls in the vibrant night air in Bucharest, with music from the local and international musicians. Lipscani area is a great place to hangout in.  The beautiful Bucharest girls add life to the evenings of thousands of men from around the world.




Talking of beauty, Bucharest is a great place for stags looking for Romanian girls in all sorts of scenarios.  The ratio of 3 girls to every 1 guy should please you immensely. And if you are a tourist, you stand a better chance with the girls, as the Bucharest girls like dating foreigners.  The best part is that most girls speak good English. Bellagio is a good club to find girls.




If you want to really enjoy the beauty of Bucharest girls, go when the weather is warm.  Most Bucharest girls have awesome legs and they know it. You can sit in an outdoor café and watch them show their legs off. It’s almost like the Playboy girls in parade.




It is easy to mistake Bucharest as the sex capital of the continent, with the number of massage parlors, sex shops and brothels per square inch than most places in Eastern Europe.  But the fact is prostitution is not legal, despite how it all appears. Of course, the rules are not very strict either.




While there are several reputable and luxurious massage parlors that offer easy sexual encounters with one or more beautiful Bucharest girls, if you are keen on meeting girls in Bucharest, for the purpose of dating or an affair, you can head for a nightclub, where it’s easy to find an attractive Bucharest girl.




The Office is where you might want to hang out if you have the money to spend. It’s a members-only club that opens up for outsiders after 9 PM. Here, you will find the most sophisticated, stylish and beautiful girls on the planet, who are usually hard to approach. All you need is the right attitude.




One of the things to keep in mind if you’re a tourist interested in meeting women in Bucharest; is to stay away from shady places that are after your money.  A good way to stay safe while finding the best Bucharest girls for a relationship is to visit places the locals and Bucharest women or girls go to rather than some club filled with over eager tourists.




·         B52: Bucharest students -  girls


·         Bonton: Young crowd with loads of money to spend. You have to be dressed fine to




·         Studio Martin: A mix of crowd


·         XO Piano Café: Jazz club


·         Bellagio:  Night club


·         Stuf Vama Veche: Older crowd




If you are looking for some fun only, Bucharest Escort girls are the tickets you would need to explore. They offer you absolute pleasure. But finding the right ones makes all the difference.




When in Bucharest and when around Bucharest girls, don’t act as if you have too much to spend.  




If you are serious about finding a Bucharest girl for dating, there are many who are friendly and family-oriented. They are well-educated and exotic. Get someone to introduce you to a girl they know.




Recent figures show that in all the tourists that visit Bucharest yearly, 15 percent of them do so to visit Bucharest women they have met either online or in their country. Perhaps you would want to contact that pretty Bucharest girl you met last year.




Bucharest is a very affordable destination and it is shockingly easy to meet pretty Bucharest girls for dating or to spend an evening with. You can have a real social life, even if you don’t know anyone when you arrive.  It is located conveniently, with other countries to explore, such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary etc.