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With its expansive malls, luxurious hotels, rich desert culture vibe and status as the Middle Eastern Vegas, Dubai is a city that can boast about its rather unique character. The city has managed to grab a spot, the top one in recent times, for itself as a holiday destination for the whole world. This is due to its eclectic mix of internationally renowned restaurants, clubs and bars, as well as a plethora of other options for those who choose to find enjoyment out in the open air.

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World Class Tourism in a Luxurious Setting


Indeed the word that describes Dubai best is ‘luxurious’, not because it offers the most exotic desert experience but because the opulence that accompanies its offerings is beyond what the word luxurious can even define. It is home to some of the grandest architectural masterpieces in the world. It is especially famous for housing many of the biggest structures in the world. Dubai city offers its tourists the world’s biggest shopping mall, the world’s tallest man-made structure and the biggest theme park to name just a few. With so much to offer, one would think the city couldn’t get much bigger; however, it is in fact one of the fastest developing cities in the world and tourists get to see what this Middle Eastern city boasts of right upon their arrival at the Dubai International Airport.


Although Dubai has many attractions for tourists, which it provides in the most luxury-focused settings, the entire city has to offer is rather recent. Only in the early 1900s did the city begin taking shape from a Bedouin settlement into the rich hotspot it now is. However, now it is a cosmopolitan global city, in fact it is much more than just a city, Dubai can be classified as a mega city because of its large infrastructure. It is a financial hub as well the cultural capital of United Arab Emirates, along with being an important seaport in the region. 



Shopping Capital of the World


Dubai is popular among tourists as the shopping capital of the world because it houses the biggest selection of brands from all over the world. After spending the day wandering around in one of Dubai’s many, many malls, shopping or just looking for a cool breather from the harsh desert sun outside, tourists can head to some indoor activities like indoor skiing, cinema hopping, spa relaxing or just enjoying food in one of the restaurants or cafes. If one has a more outdoorsy nature, maybe some sunbathing at the luxury resorts, strolling across the beaches, gardens and parks or maybe some desert safari would be more satisfying for their spirits. 



Nightlife in Dubai


The nightlife of Dubai is as vibrant as one can expect of a holiday destination. Along with the obvious food related options for some dining, there is a selection of events organized every night that range from concerts, readings, gallery-openings, exhibitions and parties. Those looking to find some companionship will not be disappointed, as meeting girls in Dubai is extremely interesting. The difficulty is keeping the display of affection away from the public space as any public displays of affection are against the law. However, this does not deter women in Dubai from showing their companions the best of what their city has to offer.



How to Ask Out Dubai Girls


When faced with the question of where to find girls in Dubai, it is important to remember that the party scene in the city attracts many beautiful ladies in Dubai. Clubs, discos and the party circuit in general are  always a nice way to meet women in Dubai because of the ease of approaching women in such a place rather than out in public at the mall. It goes without saying but one must ensure that they adopt a discreet and subtle way of dating in Dubai so as not to offend any of the city’s religious sensibilities. This means that while approaching Emirati girls in Dubai at clubs is fine, one must never become handsy unless the other person allows. Even then, ensure discretion because the moral police is very stringent in the city.


It is always appropriate to approach expatriates or foreign girls in Dubai before you try to hit on the locals because the social hierarchical relationships look down upon mixing of the locals with foreigners in a physical way, especially outside of marriage. It is also advisable to ensure that the foreign women in Dubai you approach are not involved in prostitution because that too may end up in your incarceration.


While a little difficult to approach at first because of religious laws against intermingling of sexes outside of marriage, but once you find Emirati girls in Dubai they are like all traditional Middle Eastern women. They are intensely loyal, family oriented and loving. These women are not oppressed, as is mostly reported, in fact they prefer the confines of their homes and familiar surroundings because they are culturally oriented to be relationship driven. Like the rest of Middle Easterners, women in Dubai have strong personalities along with beautiful physical characteristics. They are private in nature and prefer to keep to their circle of friends and family. Therefore if you are with a girl in Dubai, it would be a safe measure to tell those that you don’t know that you are married, to respect the privacy of the said girl.


One must also respect the conservative fashion of girls in Dubai. They usually cover their heads and hide the contours of their bodies in abayas, which are like loose, long gowns. Despite this rather conservative fashion sense, women in Dubai wear some of the most expensive western clothes under their abayas and dress up in elaborate makeup and expensive jewelry. One must have deep pockets to date women in Dubai. Be ready for an expensive, yet loyal, ride with your Dubai girls!