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Cyprus, a small island country of Europe, is the perfect tourist destination for you if you are a single person. This country is located in the Mediterranean Sea and its location is such that it is the centre of trade for other European, Asian and African countries. As you can see, being in such an important location means that you can easily find lots of expatriates and tourists coming to this island. The same hospitality can also be experienced at the top hotels that are mostly found on the seashores, offering a great view of the vast Mediterranean Sea and the bays. You can either travel by airplane or you can take the slow, yet scenic, route of the sea. With so many places to visit, Cyprus is now one of the famous places of the Western world’s holiday destinations. Being such a renowned place means that you can get to meet many people coming from different parts of the world. You might be able to find your perfect match as well.

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Cyprus is a small island country located in the Mediterranean Sea. However, it is the third largest island in the sea, after Sicily and Sardinia. Located just south of Turkey, the island falls in the Asian territory, but it is considered a part of Europe and is affiliated with the European Union. Cyprus, Cyprus is like a crossroads to many destinations: Europe, Asia, Middle East, and even Africa. Since the country has such strategic importance, its past is filled with being a trade centre that has greatly helped develop the whole island.

The Culture and People

A Greek word “Xenos” is often associated with people who come to visit Cyprus, Cyprus. The word is used for guests and strangers, both; this shows the warm hospitality of the nation. In Cyprus, life is all about enjoyment. An outstanding quality of life is maintained as priority is given to working for a living, rather than living for work. An important role is played by food and restaurants as family and friends would often gather to enjoy the Cyprus meze, which is a large group of small, scrumptious dishes served with a cold glass of Cyprus wine.

The people are divided into two civilisations, the Greek and the Turkish. Greek and the Turkish are the official languages of the area. Since the island is a world famous place and a centre of trade, the international language, English, is also spoken and well-understood there. Thanks to the universities and the growing business sector of the country, a small percentage of Russian, French and German people are also present.

Getting to Cyprus is Easy

Travelling to this beautiful island can be really easy. The international airport of Larnaca is a base for several international airline companies, including Cyprus Airways. This main airport replaced the one present near Nicosia, which was abandoned in 1974 after the Turkish-Cyprus skirmishes happened that divided the capital. A bus service connects the airport with the central area of Larnaca that can take you into the city in about 45 minutes (depending upon the traffic).

If you are planning a visit from Greece, then you have the option of slowly travelling towards Cyprus, Cyprus and enjoying the beautiful sea view by travelling on a ferry. Although the sea route to Israel and Egypt is blocked, it is only temporary. Mini cruises take place from April to October and connect the country to Lebanon, Syria, The Adriatic, the Black Sea and the Greek Islands.

Places to Rest

It may be a little difficult to find the perfect hotel that would fit your holiday budget when you are visiting Cyprus, Cyprus. Therefore, you must be prepared to pay for the beach resorts that are found all over Cyprus. You may even want to hire a car to find an accommodation that would suit your needs. In Cyprus, a comfortable hotel is given a three-star rating or higher. These hotels provide breakfast buffets, cafés, and are located on the seaside.

Anassa Hotel is among the luxurious five-star hotels that offer various sizes of pools, a wide variety of rooms and a helpful staff. If you are somewhere near Asprokremnos Beach, Latchi, your stay at this location would be a splendid one.

Another top-class hotel in Cyprus is the Four Seasons Hotel. This hotel offers a very friendly environment that would make you feel like home. A range of famous restaurants that serve scrumptious food is present in this hotel.

For family and budget-friendly hotels, you might want to consider Palm Beach Hotels. This location provides Bungalows as well. Located in Larnaka, the Palm Beach Hotel provides delicious food and has an easy route towards the Larnaca Beach.

Spacious and friendly, Columbia Beach Resort is the perfect family hotel. This budget friendly hotel is in the vicinity of the Pissouri Bay and provides a beautiful view of the coastline. A wonderful spa service has been maintained for the guests, offering complete relaxation while you are on a tour.

If you are still looking for a wide range of hotel options, then also add Paradisos Hills to your list. These hotels provide spacious rooms and a marvellous dining facility. This accommodation is cheaper than the previously mentioned hotels and therefore, this might just be your hotel of choice.

Attractions and Nightlife

Larnaca and Limassol are places worth visiting as they have worthy museums and beautiful old towns. However, if you need something far more exciting than this, you can tour the whole of Cyprus. The excellent road infrastructure of this small island makes it possible for tourists and guides to travel from one part of the island to the other.

You can start off with the Cyprus Museum, located in Nicosia. This place contains the oldest archaeological collections. These collections are so well preserved that they are known to be in the list of the world’s best collections. From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, each item is well-kept and maintained.

If you are a fan of wine and looking for someone that shares the same tastes as yours, then you must plan a winery tour of Cyprus, Cyprus. This tour would take you to the best locations, where labelled wines are produced and you would be made to taste the samples. The foothills of the Limassol district contain the wine villages that might become your favourite places in Cyprus.

Do you love the sea and are dying to see what is underneath the surface of the sea? Well, now is your chance to explore the seas of Cyprus. Scuba diving activities present in Larnaca can take you to explore the sea 1500 yards away from the shore. You can dive 140 feet, till you reach the limit. People can explore the shipwrecks, caves and even reefs.

Cyprus has a majestic nightlife. Cafes and clubs are filled with people who are looking forward to meeting new people. Moreover, the bright lights of the nightlife fill the whole city with a glow. Places to visit once the sun touches the horizon are Timothy Art Bar of Ktima Paphos, Basement of Limassol and Rialto Theatre of Limassol.

Meeting Women in Cyprus

Cyprus still faces a lot of gender inequality. Women in Cyprus are expected to limit contact with males that could lead to a deep relationship and are expected to stay loyal to their families. Therefore, a careful approach must be adopted if you wish to make a friend. Although clubs are a great spot for making a lot of new friends, care must be taken during the day as you would not want to make other people feel awkward. As mentioned earlier, English is well-understood in all areas of the island. Therefore, communication would not be much of a problem.

Conclusively, the island should be visited at least once. The trip can offer endless fun and adventure that can prove the trip a worthy one. You can also find hot women in Cyprus and if you are looking to date singles in Cyprus then you should definitely go for it.