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Unlike French women, who are always chic no matter what the occasion, you will find Venetian women well-dressed but they also like being comfortable. Complement them on their dress sense and Italian food and they are all yours.

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Venice: Queen Of The Adriatic




There is no city more written about and more painted than Venice in Italy. Poets and artists have worked extensively on reproducing her many charms. Even with the beautiful city having been represented in various forms, it still takes a personal visit to gain a true perception of the city’s character.  This is a city of the soul, which embraces within itself hundreds of romantic histories.  There are few areas in the European continent that attract as much tourist attention as Venice.




Into most cities people arrive in a whirl and shriek of engines and bustle; but Venice, one of the world’s most novel cities and romantic travel destinations is different. There are canals where the streets should be and people arrive in a gondola.  The first realization for a tourist is of the wide canal they are in, and the buildings on either side. For first time visitors, it feels strange to see a city rising out of sea.  There seem to be two Venice: one in reality and the other in the reflections on the water.




Despite the savages of war and urban renewal, the Italians have preserved their past so wonderfully that it seems the historical centers would easily be recognizable even to residents of 300 years ago.




You are sure to fall in love with the faded splendor of Venice and of course the hot but sensitive Italianwomen, who practically define the word decadent.  This is a place where it is possible to find the love of your life and Venetian woman dating possibilities are huge.




Explore Venice




Start at the very beginning – a ride down the Grand Canal by vaporetto (water bus) is a classic introduction to the unique character of Venice.  But nothing can provide a more personal experience than a glide along the side canals in a gondola, instead of the main canal which is wide and open. Watched over by magnificent Gothic palaces with light from the canal’s waters reflecting across their facades, the gondolas passing under enchanting bridges, this is surreal and one of Italy’s greatest experiences. No one ever forgets their first trip down the Grand Canal.  




Piazza San Marco (St. Marks Square) is one of the main tourist attractions in Venice. This is the place that helps first-time visitors understand Venice. The square opens up to the Bay of San Marco on one site, which was the front gate to Venice originally, when people arrived via sea routes in ancient times.  The Basilica di San Marco, the most beautiful Byzantine church in the West, is the centerpiece of Venice’s main square.  Right next to that is the Palazzo Ducale, which the Venetians love so much that when it was burnt down in the 16th century, they rebuilt it “come era, dove era,” which means – “exactly how and where it was.”  The architecture of both the buildings reflects influences of the East. Many other important buildings line St. Marks Square.




There are a couple of other Venetian classic palaces you will enjoy: Ca’ Rezzonico and Ca’ d’Oro.




Venice has many artistic treasures accumulated over a thousand years.  The other spectacular churches are Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and Scuola Grande di San Rocco.




The Academia foot bridge across the Grand Canal will take you to the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the most important art gallery in Venice.  Finish the day walking around the Dorsoduro neighborhood, and don’t miss the stroll along the Zattere boardwalk enjoying the most romantic sunset you would ever have experienced. While the company of a Venetian girl can enhance the romantic setting of Venice, the sunset itself has the power to open heaven’s doors.




Food & Drink




You will find this section larger than that of other countries and there is a very good reason for that.  It is true when they say that Venice must be experienced with all the senses wide open.  




Italian cuisine uses simple ingredients and the resulting amazing aromas and flavors are a delight to the gastronomy. 




If you are a foodie, you will certainly not want to miss a visit to the Rialto fish market.




Obviously, due to the city’s location on the sea, there is an abundance of sea food. Mostly, it is fresh fish seasoned with vinegar, olive oil, garlic, parsley and other herbs.  Although, there are plenty of fish varieties found in the lagoon, the inland river waters’ fish are also used. 




Baccala’ Mantecata is the most famous fish dish made with cod from the colder northern seas. It comes to Italy preserved in salt.  This salted Baltic codfish seasoned with herbs and oil and creamed in a blender.  This has to be enjoyed while in Venice. On Mondays, it may not be possible to get any fresh fish as the fishermen don’t work on Sunday nights.     Polenta is very famous and once considered food of the poor, today it is a gourmet dish.  Taste that creamy, golden semolina cornmeal and you will find the taste lingering even after you leave Venice. Baccala is served with polenta as a side dish and this combination can be a beautiful appetizer or a first course. You will find it all over Venice.




Rice dominates Italian cuisine. You may have tasted Risotto outside Italy, but in Venice, you will find that it tastes unique, especially when black squid ink is used.  Gnocchi, bigoli and Tiramisu are some of the must try foods.




Prosecco is light champagne like sparkling wine and is also the base for the infamous Bellini that is mixed with white peach juice.  The Bellini was enjoyed by Hemingway. Other famous wines in Venice include Valpolicella, Bardolino, fragrant reds and the stronger white Soave.  Grappa is a strong alcohol taken from all the remnants from the winegrape pressings, such as the grape skin, seeds, pulp and stem. It is Italy’s national spirit and a liqueur today.




You can have lunch at a traditional Venetian Bacaro (wine bar) and there are many good ones.  Tasting Italian pizza in Italy is a must. Maybe it’s the ovens, maybe the cheese, maybe the crust, but they just don’t make pizzas like this anywhere else in the world.  A seafood dinner at any of the restaurants should do wonders for you.   For a nightcap, check out Campo San Luca or Campo Santa Margarita.




With so much food to eat, it helps to be an Italian while in Italy, and take part in the traditional “passeggiata” or evening stroll. In fact, walking around seeing Venice will leave you open to more choices of food.




Nightlife & Venetian Women




While Venice might look like a ghost town after 10 pm, there is life in the old girl yet, if you know where to look.  If you prefer classical music or prefer a low-key night out, Venice, with its romantic backdrop can be a blessing for you. 




The simple-looking café bars like Aurora transform into hot hangouts where you will find beautiful Venetian girls during the night. But even then, Venice is the wrong place to look for wild nightlife.  If you like some cosmopolitan appeal, then The Centrale is most likely your kind of place. Visiting stars like Christina Auilera, Paris Hilton etc. have visited this place. If you are rolling in money yourself, this is the place for meeting women in Venice, the kind that can be dated and the kind you might fall in love with.




La Fenice opera house and the Teatro Malibran are home to high culture. You will find several classical concerts in costume at different venues around the place.




A day trip that can be done if you have the time is visit the Dolomite Mountains from Venice. As a memory of your trip to Venice, you might want to pick up a momento from Murano.




Venetian women are as beautiful as all Italian women are, but they are different from so many other places even in Italy, such as Sicily. While all Italian women are graceful, sensitive and well bred, there is something delicate about Venetian women.




In Italy, prostitution is legal. In fact, a rule says that having sex without paying a sex worker is equal to rape.  As usual, it is the pubs and streets where most of these sex workers are found. 




If you are looking for a lasting relationship, remember that in all of Italy and in Venice, conviviality around the tale begets acquaintances. Venetian women tend to like manners so it helps to be unfailingly polite. Of course, they also like to flirt but do it subtly. It is also important to put some care in your appearance and smell good.




Unlike French women, who are always chic no matter what the occasion, you will find Venetian women well-dressed but they also like being comfortable.  Complement them on their dress sense and Italian food and they are all yours.


Venice At A Glance




Climate:  Mediterranean, but wet throughout the year.  Summer – July and August – often very hot and wet, with violent storms.  Winter – Cold with frequent fogs. January can be freezing.  Spring – from mid-Sep is the most pleasant time.




Places to visit:   Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square); Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Church); Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace); Rialto Bridge (Grand Canal); Campo Santa Maria Formosa (Home of Marco Polo); Torre del’Orrologio (Clock Tower); San Zanipolo (Largest Church in Venice); Gallery dell’Accademia  (for Art); I Frari (artistic storehouses); Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Museum); Carnivale (Carnival in February)