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This article will discuss Vienna and give you an insight into what you need to know if you are planning to find an Austrian girl. The characteristics of Vienna, along with the best aspects of the great city will give you an idea of the city’s lifestyle and its people. You will also learn about the famous meeting spots of the city and about the women from Vienna. Whether you are unaware of the average Vienna girl’s personality or lost in thought as to where you need to be looking, this article will provide you with all you need to know to make the task an easy one.

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The beautiful city of Vienna


Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It is a magical and charming place that offers elegance and a unique lifestyle. It is a city of culture, music, art and romance. Vienna hosts around 300 balls each year which makes it the perfect city for a romantic getaway. There are countless attractions for visitors to enjoy. The climate of Vienna is moderate and mild. The Euro, the single European currency is the currency of the Austrians. Vienna has a high-quality lifestyle due to it being politically stable and having a thriving economy. It is one of the most attractive cities in the world and it should be visited at least once in a person’s life!



Why Vienna?


  • Its rich and varying architecture is a treat for the eyes

  • It is a neat and tidy city

  • It is easy to get around

  • It offers good value for money

  • It is a safe city to live in

  • It has extensive public transport with reasonable rates

  • It has efficient educational services and facilities

  • It has a pleasant climate

  • It has excellent public services

  • It is great for a romantic getaway

  • It has countless attractions for tourists

  • There’s so much to do in Vienna

  • It is home to the world’s largest zoo

  • English is readily spoken in Vienna

  • It has excellent healthcare

  • It has a beautiful atmosphere

  • It is a bike friendly city



Where to Meet Women?


If you plan a visit to Vienna but won’t have the trip advisor going along with you, here are a few meeting spots that are some of the best that Vienna has to offer. The meeting spots are the finest in the city but you should definitely choose the ones that are easy on your pocket and are accessible to you.




Cafés in Vienna are of a special kind. They serve as the perfect meeting places that can provide you with the best coffee and delicacies in town. Whether you plan for a relaxed conversation over a cup of coffee or wish to admire the delicacies and enjoy the music, these cafes are going to be memorable and worth every penny. Some of the best ones include Café Francais, Café Leopold, Orlando di Castello, Das Mobel, Wiener Rosthaus and Naber amongst many others.


Ice cream Parlours


Ice cream parlours in Vienna offer the best sweet treats that you could imagine! These ice-creams are exceptional in terms of taste and presentation. Majority of the Viennese ice-creams are run by Italian immigrants who have traditional secret recipes that never fail to impress your taste buds. Ice cream parlours are great laidback meeting points where you can enjoy a conversation alongside having a sweet treat. They’ll definitely provide you with a feel-good factor that you may be in dire need of. Some of the best Viennese ice-cream parlours include Eissalon Tuchlauben, Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, Tichy, Paolo Bortolotti and Zanoni & Zanoni.




Looking for a fine-dining experience? Need a restaurant that can make an impact on your guest? Not sure of the quality of food and services? Let’s help you in making an informed decision so that you can meet up at restaurants that will be worth your time and money. Whilst Vienna has countless restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, some of the best Viennese restaurants include Restaurant Steirereck, Fabios, Glacis Beisl, Novelli and Walter Bauer amongst others.


Parks and Gardens


What better place to meet than in the midst of lush green surroundings and a blissful environment? Vienna has plenty of parks and gardens that are the perfect meeting spots. Whether you want to talk over a stroll in the park or enjoy a conversation sitting on a bench and watching the beautiful view, Vienna has all that you are in need of. All these parks are clean, beautiful, eco-friendly and offer a relaxing atmosphere. The best parks and gardens of Vienna include Botanical Garden, Rock-Park, Herder Park, The Kagran School Gardens, Alpine Garden and Stadtpark.



The Sophisticated Women of Vienna


As you have probably guessed, women from Vienna are very well-dressed and sophisticated. They have a certain style that reflects the culture of the country. Their attire includes a bodice that is paired with a different coloured apron. It is also worn with a lace or cotton blouse depending on the occasion. Viennese women love wearing hats although they are slightly costly. Their fashion definitely makes them stand out. Women from Austria have good manners and appreciate men who treat them like a lady. Majority of them can speak good English and are very friendly. They have a different sense of style and are not into wearing high heels or looking glamorous. Although they are sweet and easy to approach, they somewhat lack certain female qualities. Whether it’s the hard work or lifestyle that they work in, not all women would be the kind who join the gym and wish to achieve a great figure. Their sense of style is unique and not what the common European guy would expect.



 The Women of Vienna, Austria


Vienna is an absolutely beautiful city to be in and its beauty reflects in everything that it accommodates including the girls. What’s great about meeting girls in Vienna is the fact that they are not stuck-up and will actually be keen to listen to what you have to say. Viennese women are friendly and sweet and are the types who would want their men to open doors for them. This makes it essential for a guy who is looking for a pretty woman from Vienna to be able to give the woman the treatment that she deserves. They admire chivalrous men who can respect them. Viennese women are kind and have good manners and therefore, they expect the same from men. The guy is expected to be respectful and kind towards them. Guys must avoid jumping to compliments straight away particularly if they are on physical attributes since it will come across as rude. If you decide to compliment a Viennese girl, keep the compliments focused on a positive aspect of her personality; something that is surely going to make her smile and feel good about herself.


When planning on meeting girls in Vienna, nightclubs are not the place where you should be looking. Even though you may think that the nightclubs would be packed with gorgeous Viennese women, you may be surprised to find more men than women there. Women that you will find there won’t even be trying hard to get attention from men and will often have a laidback appeal.


Looking for pretty Viennese girls in bars and pubs would give you a better chance. Not because the women outnumber the men (there are often more men then women) but because there will be less competition there. You won’t find a lot of guys there who will approach the women, so you stand a good chance of being noticed. Again, regardless of the fact if she’s drinking or not or is a bargirl, every woman deserves respect so be on your best behaviour and you may get lucky!



The Female Population of Vienna


The best place to meet feminine and gorgeous Viennese women would be in the underground metro train stations and trains. If you’re looking for glamorous girls who are going to catch your eye, you are bound to find them here. You’ll see girls with better makeup and attire than the girls that you normally come across in Vienna. They’ll be the ones who would be easier to approach and may actually be demanding your attention. Friday and Saturday evenings and nights are going to be packed with women travelling to and fro, so head off to your nearest train station and see how things go.

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Vienna is nothing but a place of pure beauty and elegance. It is an amazing city that offers a unique experience to tourists. You won’t find the usual European glamorous and dressed up girls there but the girls in Vienna will reflect their own style. Whether that style appeals to you or not is something that you’ll have to find out for yourself. Regardless, there is nothing to lose in Vienna and a visit to the beautiful city will leave you in awe.