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After dinner, take in the local live music scene at Glockenbackwerkstatt, a community center that hosts concerts. During the day, it doubles as a day care center, but come night, it transforms into a music lovers haven. Hip-hop, punk, electronica, soul and African funk are the usuals on the concert calendar, but Jazz may just be the best.

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Munich: The Land Of Flowing Beer And Gorgeous Women



Home to Albert Einstein, Pope Benedict, Freddie Mercury and Wassily Kandinsky, people love Munich for many reasons, and it usually is love at first sight with this Bavarian State Capital, lying unassumingly at the foot of the beautiful German Alps.  The Bavarians are rightly smug in the secure position of their city as one of the most attractive cities to visit, over the last decade. Germany’s second most popular destination after Berlin, Munich is the strongest economic centers that also offers plenty of green spaces, sophisticated cultural life but with a cosy small-town feel.  The architecture, nightlife, beer gardens, skiing and sailing are worthy of mention.  The city of Munich is culturally like a large city but everything is within reach, and the huge number of Munich girls you will see everywhere is astounding, and makes the place that much more worthy of a visit.




A great advantage for a tourist is the proximity of other exotic destinations such as Prague and Budapest. It is also a perfect place to begin exploring Central Europe.




Explore Munich




No tourist discussion on Munich can end without mentioning the much-loved and world-famous Oktoberfest, held at the end of September. Locally, it is called Wiesn. 




In fine weather, Munchners enjoy the city’s beer gardens (biergartens) or stroll on the green lawns of large parks.




You will find that this “City with a Heart,” which is consistently ranked as a city with the best quality of life in the entire world, is kept open and spacious by restrictions in construction, where no building can be more than 99m high.  The medieval and Gothic architecture has been well-preserved and some of it has been rebuilt post World War II.  The iconic and shining Frauenkirche cathedral is a must-visit.




If you’re visiting in summer, swimming in the Isar (river) is an out-of-the-world experience, with barbecue on the river banks. Even at other times, the best place to spend time outdoors is along the Isar River.  You can visit the Alps, the lakes – Chiemsee, Teernsee, Walchensee and Neuschwanstein.




The first thing you would want to do upon reaching the place would be to take a walk through the English Garden, stop by the Eisbach surfers and for a beer at the Chinese Tower bierarten.  This combination of tradition and nature, will give you an instant glimpse into the mesmerizing charm of Munich.




If museums are where you come alive, you will find it a difficult choice to make, with so many great options. But if there is one that is a must-visit, it is the Deutsches Museum – the largest science museum in the world. 




Munich showcases its arts at a variety of places and the Modern Art Museum hosts exhibitions, sound performances and artists’ lectures which can be thoroughly enjoyable for those with the flair.  Nearby is yet another gallery – the Maximilians Forum - that houses a rotating slate of boundary-pushing installations, such as Frank Balve’s scary urban sculpture park and Julian Rosefeldt’s existential films with narration.  Make sure you catch a performance or two at the Bavarian State Opera House (National Theater), which is known for its magnificence. There are performances almost every day, all through the year.




Epic views of the city can be experienced atop the Alter Peter Church or the Olympic Tower.  If you hear the word “Föhn” uttered by the locals, it means the onset of warm weather, clear and cloudless skies and a fantastic view.




Breweries in Munich have a life of their own. Locals will tell you to check out Augustiner instead of Höfbräuhaus, which most tourists visit.   Augustiner is the oldest brewery in Munich that has been designated a historical monument. They use their own maltery, water well, and energy-efficient natural gas. Don’t miss out on the thrill of trying the beer directly from the wooden barrels.




For authentic local souvenirs, there is no place like the Servus Heimat or Obacht. If you are looking for tracht (traditional dirndls and lederhosen), Angermaier is good.




If you are a woman traveler, rest assured Munich stands at the very top for being one of the safest cities in Europe.  While there are almost no chances of you being harassed, whoever said precaution is better than cure is right.  Don’t be too adventurous and be seen alone in quiet alleys or the subway after dark.  Exercise extra precaution during Oktoberfest, where there are millions of tourists thronging the place.




Food & Drink




Bavarian cuisine is originally rural.  It includes all kinds of meat and Knodel dishes (poached or boiled potato or bread dumplins made without yeast), and uses flour.  Knodel is usually eaten as a side dish with meat. Even the breakfast consists of meat in the form of sausages and calf viscus. 




Bavaria traditionally has a reputation for offering a hearty, belly-ballooning fare. But things have changed dramatically over the past few years. Restaurants like Kochspielhaus (Rumfordstrasse 5) are helping change that. 




Talk of gin and you think of Spain. But German gins, such as The Duke and Monkey 47 are famous today and power the cocktails.  Share them with a beautiful Munich girl and your night is made.




Nightlife & Munich Women




After dinner, take in the local live music scene at Glockenbackwerkstatt, a community center that hosts concerts. During the day, it doubles as a day care center, but come night, it transforms into a music lovers haven.  Hip-hop, punk, electronica, soul and African funk are the usuals on the concert calendar, but Jazz may just be the best.




If you wish to meet a nice Munich girl for dating or a few girls to enjoy your stay in Munich,


without doubt Oktoberfest is the ideal time for your visit.  But just because Munich women and girls are dressed to the nines and drink beer, doesn’t mean they will flirt or have an affair with the first person that comes along.




During Oktoberfest, it gets so crowded that it’s almost impossible to find free tables. If you are there around that time, here is a great suggestion to get to know some pretty German girls. Get there early and find a few tables for your group, with extra seats for a few girls. Offer the late comers (girls obviously) a seat at your table.  Keep in mind that offering to buy a drink at the beginning itself will label you as a show off, and it puts off Munich women.  If you want to buy anything, order for everyone, not just one girl.




The words, “Ich liebe Dich” are a tourist’s delight and they are used so often that the German girls can’t stand it anymore. It means “I love you” and most tourists learn this and this is the first thing they say after a drink. Instead, you might want to say, “I mog di,” which is “I like you.”




Follow these rules if you are looking at meeting girls in Munich while you are there. Munich women are known to take pride in their heritage. Show some interest in their local customs, ask questions and treat them with respect, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding any number of girls in Munich or Munich woman dating.




It goes without saying that the pubs and discos are great places to find great young girls or women to keep you company during your visit. Munich girls, with their tall stature, blonde hair and deep blue eyes, have a lot in common with the Belgian girls.




For all purposes, the best time to visit Munich is late September.  The weather is perfect, the trees are changing color, the biergartens are open and the Oktoberfest with the girls awaits your visit.