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After the busy humdrum of work life slows down, evenings in Frankfurt are great for a thriving social life. The river Main acts as a great meeting point for socializing with the locals. You are most likely to meet skaters and cyclists who will greet you with a warm smile and will be available for a leisurely conversation. Frankfurters are extremely open and sociable, and the beautiful women of Frankfurt respond in kind to polite gestures of chivalry. On balmy summer evenings, the gorgeous women of Frankfurt will always welcome a chilled glass of apple wine while walking along the banks of river Main.

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Frankfurt, lying in the heart of central Germany and the financial capital of Germany, is famous for its soaring structures, skyscrapers and historic buildings. Frankfurt am Main is one of Germany’s major cities and it is especially famous for its multi-cultural and ethnically comprehensive environment. Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany with a stunning population of over 660’000 inhabitants.

Frankfurt is known for its large airport, which is the second largest airport in Europe, and several, impressive high-rise buildings. Frankfurt has the unmistakable reputation of a very business-minded city. Frankfurt truly lives up to its economic and financial center standard; it is home to the German Stock Exchange and is rightfully given the nickname of ‘Main-hattan’.

Frankfurt is the city of disparities; the futuristic sharp skyscrapers are in direct contrast to the vintage, cobblestoned streets and timber-houses dotted with cliquey, traditional wineries and cider taverns of the city.

Some of the main tourist attractions of Frankfurt include the following:

The Main Tower

The Main Tower, a tall, high-rise of the city, offers a stunning view of Frankfurt. It is approachable through the 650-feet high elevator, which takes tourists up to a high platform from where the stunning view of the entire city is clearly visible. For recreation, there is also a restaurant, which has been set up for the visitors to have a unique dining experience.

The Goethe House

Frankfurt’s most popular and celebrated writer, Johann Wolfgang van Goethe, and his residence are still very much part of Frankfurt’s culture and legacy. The Goethe House was destroyed during World War II, however, culture-preserving enthusiasts of the city took immediate measures to restore and rebuild the lost heritage. It is now reputed that everything has been restored to the point of originality.

All the furniture, books and paintings have been placed in the exact same spots as they had been left, saving every bit of the legendary writer’s legacy in its rightful manner and place. All the rooms, the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen have been set in the exact same way as they were back then. The writing desk of the famous writer is often taken as a source of great inspiration; it is the same desk where he wrote innumerable, legendary pieces like The Sorrows of Young Werther.
Sachsenhausen: Cider Taverns

The most famous local drink enjoyed by Frankfurters is a light, alcoholic apple cider, produced in great abundance around the local regions of Frankfurt. The most famous and antique apple cider taverns can be found dotted along the cobblestoned streets of the Old Town, in the district of Sachsenhausen.

The Romerberg

Romerberg is a fascinating old-town square enclosed by vintage style timber-framed edifices on all four sides. The buildings are all given different names, which resonate with nostalgia. The names range from Great Angel, to Golden Griffin and Black Star. As was the case with most of the significant buildings of Germany, the Romerberg timber-buildings were also badly damaged due to bombing and destruction; however, they have been restored and rebuilt in order to save the heritage of the country.

Back in the 13th century, the Romerberg was famous for its trade dealings and trade fairs. The Romerberg, quite literally translated, means the Roman Mountain.


A collection of 11 museums, housed together in a string lining both sides of the river Main, add to the heightened multi-cultural scene in Frankfurt. Translated to mean the Museum Embankment, the Museumsufer quite literally denotes the series of different museums situated on both sides of the river. If you take a walk along the river Main, you will see some of the world’s best museums, which feature different themes, including film, art and the old masters’ art. Some of the famous museums include the German Film Museum and the art Stadel Museum.

The Museum of Modern Art

Locally known as a ‘slice of cake’ the bold and modern architecture of the Museum of Modern Art is a testament to the genre of contemporary art and architecture in Frankfurt am Main. The museum consists of several modern art pieces by significant artists like Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, and Roy Lichtenstein. The Viennese architect and designer Hans Hollering designed the famous rectangular, building of the Museum of Modern Art, which according to the locals seems like a delectable slice of cake.

Other striking places worth visiting in Frankfurt include Palmengarten, the botanical gardens of Frankfurt. Sprawling over an impressive land of 50 acres, the botanical gardens include a stunning variety of over 6000 different species of exotic plants. Different fascinations include the flower gardens of Europe, African Savanna and the striking floras of rain plantations.

Other notable tourist spots include the Shopping Street Zeil, also known as the Fifth Avenue of Germany. This bustling shopping street consists of everything ranging from high-end fashion brands, to extensive shopping malls.

Frankfurt Nightlife

As Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany, it boasts of a large population and several mixed ethnicities and cultures that come together to create a diverse nightlife. The Frankfurt nightlife might not live up the hype of Berlin’s buzz; however, it has its own unique charm, which must be experienced.

The variety of different bars and restaurants alone adds to the sparkle of Frankfurt nightlife. The bars range from the small, traditional cider taverns of the city, to the classy bars and cafes of the inner city. All travelers and tourists are bound to find something, which will be right up their alley. Some unconventional and contemporary nightlife bustles are common occurrences in Bockenheim.

Internationally, Frankfurt is famous for its thriving TechHouse club scene. Several famous TechHouse clubs include the Cocoon Club and the Robert Johnson. Conventional, mainstream nightlife can be experienced in clubs like Sansibar, the Living XXL; music featured in these clubs includes electronic, trance, party music, and indie, jazz and alternative. The Jazzkeller is a very popular local jazz club, found in a cellar in the heart of the metropolitan city. The Jazzkeller is famous for hosting performances by world-renowned jazz musicians and performers since the mid-1950s.

The Main Tower also has a beautiful bar high up on the tower and it offers a stunning view along with amazing music.

People of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a busy, international city with an onslaught of people of different nationalities and cultures, all coexisting in one city. Frankfurt is a multicultural town; consequently, the people are all delightfully distinct in their mannerisms and habits. According to statistics, one in every third Frankfurter does not hold a German passport. This obviously points towards the large diversity in terms of culture and philosophy. For decades, Frankfurt has been known for its core trading activities, therefore, the environment and the people of Frankfurt are extremely hospital, open and friendly.

Women of Frankfurt

The beautiful women of Frankfurt are mostly fair, with light hair and sharp, chiseled bone structures. The stunning women are blessed with high cheekbones and defined jawbones, which gives the impression of spectacularly carved faces. The women in Frankfurt are typically tall and slender, as most German women.

The women are sociable and easy to talk to. It is recommended to say hello and shake hands, if they offer their hand first that is. Open and public displays of affection are reserved for closer friends and family. Frankfurt in the evening is a very romantic city and the women are undoubtedly alluring; if they are approached nicely and they respond in kind, you should consider yourself lucky. The women of Frankfurt are confident, headstrong and they know exactly what they want in life so do not make the mistake of taking them for granted.

The gorgeous beauties of Frankfurt demand respect and enjoy gestures of chivalry and the quiet courteous behavior of men.

Beach Clubs of Frankfurt

Other than the nightlife and clubbing scene in Frankfurt, which serves as a great meeting point for coming across the stunning, local inhabitants of Frankfurt, the beach clubs of the city are also excellent. These include the Galleria Beach Club, City Beach Club, and the KingKamehameha Beach Club. These consist of volleyball parties, sand dances, great music and excellent exotic drinks.

Restaurants in Frankfurt

A variety of excellent restaurants can be found in great diversity and variety in Sachsenhausen. Cuisines and food from all corners of the world can be found in this district. Several hotspots Frankfurt cuisine include the areas of Germania, Textorstrasse, Fressgass and Alte Opar.