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People of Berlin are known for their unabashed honesty; Berliners are world famous for giving it to you straight, without any sugar coating and any fabricated sense of courtesy. This often takes some getting used to. Some people directly take offence and form unreasonable opinions, like Berliners are rude. This is a far cry from the truth. It is actually quite refreshing to have people who are very honest and truthful about even the smallest of things. Berliners are also sticklers for rules and regulations. Nowhere else in the world will you see locals pause at the red signal and refuse to cross the road, even if the entire road is empty and there are no cars visible in the distance. If the red man blinks on the signal, the Berliners will pause on the sidewalk and dare not cross the road, no matter how empty the road might be. Berliners are often criticized for not being very eager to smile; however, you should rest assured that something genuinely funny will make them smile. Berliners are not superficial people. They are true at heart and sincere, facetious people who enjoy good jokes.

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After the torrid cold war and the ferocious World War II, Berlin strove to pick up the pieces and rebuild itself from scratch. It is commendable how far along Berlin, the city of the bold and the brave, has come. The modern-day beautiful and bustling city of Berlin is a spectacle worth seeing. The capital city of Germany has now transformed itself into an international city with its noteworthy architecture, historic structures, tourist attractions, an amazing nightlife and the beautiful inhabitants adding to the ever-growing charisma of the city.

A large number of tourists visit the city in search of the world-famous historic structures, which are abundant throughout Berlin. Some of these famous monumental structures include the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and the Holocaust Memorial. Berlin is rightfully known as the ‘City Of Memoirs’ for it has a stunning collection of museums, with awe-inspiring reconstructions of ancient villages, relics and artifacts dating back to ancient, remote civilizations.

Although Berlin has a spectacular flair for all-things-ancient, it is also noteworthy for its modern architecture and facilities, which include the well-loved botanical gardens of Berlin. In addition to this, Berlin boasts a collection of aquariums, zoos, sprawling parks and gardens, spectacular nightlife spots, magnificent sports fields and grounds for hockey and football.

Historic Structures and Tourist Attractions of Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

The only gate which still stands today in modern-day Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate was built back in the 1700s. The gate is situated in the western wing of the city and leads to the entrance of Unter den Linden. The gate was severely damaged during the course of World War II, however, it was reconstructed in 2000. Sitting atop the 12 Doric columns, is a fabulous sculpture of the Quadriga, driven by Victoria, the angelic goddess of victory, with wings strapped to her back. The Quadriga is the chariot, dragged by four horses.


A historic landmark, Reichstag is the traditional seat of German Parliament. Bearing the scars of war, graffiti marks and war-ridden fire discolorations, the Reichstag was re-built and remodeled in the 1990s.
As a result of the restructuring, a glass dome was added to the roof of the building. At sunset, the view from the glass dome is unbelievably spectacular. Visitors need to register a visit in advance to get the chance to gaze down at the parliamentary halls, and at the panoramic view of the entire city and the Berlin skyline, doused in the golden glow of the ebbing sun.

The Reichstag is the only parliamentary building in the world that has a public restaurant and a rooftop garden, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, complete with stunning views.

Holocaust Memorial

One of history’s most moving and monumentally powerful tributes to the massacre of Jews as a result of Hitler’s annihilation design. The quiet, grey forest of uneven slabs of stone paints an eerie picture and once you walk amidst the trails, you cannot shake off the unmistakable feeling of walking amidst a never-ending wave-like pattern, which seems to cast an overwhelming effect on the visitor. Two thousand seven hundred and eleven (2, 711) slabs of grey concrete seem to resonate with untold stories of Nazi wrath and Jewish tragedy; the underground museum contains directories of the murdered victims, complete with their names, pictures, and personal accounts.

Hackescher Market

Aside from the historic side of the city, the urban heart of Berlin beats in the Hack Escher Market. The area is dotted with eccentric little art galleries, depicting the modern contemporary art of the free-spirited artisans of the city. Other recreational sites include delightful restaurants and cafes.

East Side Gallery

Another interesting feature of Berlin City is the East Side Gallery. An entire stretch of the German wall, painted with a dizzying collection of graffiti, inscriptions, symbolism and other forms of artwork is displayed. The art crusade on the wall officially began in the early 1990s, and thereafter a firm trend materialized. The wall now depicts shifting series of art styles and exhibits different sections of the wall dedicated to the collapse of the Berlin wall and some more hopeful sections of the fortification, showing hope for the future.

Other Tourist Attractions of Berlin

Other stunning, worth-visiting spots of Berlin include the Museum Island, consisting of five Berlin museums. Ancient and rare Egyptian artifacts, the famous Ishtar Gate and the illustrious bust of Queen Nefertiti are all on display at the Museum Island of Berlin.

Other tourist spots and excellent meeting points include Check Point Charlie, Berlin Zoological Garden, Potsdamer Platz, Memorial Church and the stunning Victory Column erected in the midst of Berlin’s park, Tiergarten.

Berlin Nightlife

Berlin is famous for its exciting nightlife. Some of the best, most well-visited venues of Berlin’s well-known nightlife are Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, and Friedrichshain. These clubs are all situated in the eastern part of the city and not discernible to non-locals, so you might want to take the help of a local inhabitant to locate these nightclubs or guide yourself with the help of a detailed map of the city. These nightclubs also serve as excellent meeting points. They start late and are extremely reasonably priced so you are bound to meet several fascinating locals and tourists in the wee hours of the night.

Other Nightlife Venues in Berlin

Some famous clubs include Puro Sky Club, Magnet Club, King Kong Club, and Duncker Club. The nightlife in Berlin is amazing, so if you are curious to know what the fuss is all about, pop into any one of these Berlin nightclubs. It will hit you within seconds: the unmistakable lure of Berlin’s nightlife that has everyone raving about it.

Berlin Art, Culture, and Language

Berlin is a city infused with a very strong creative class. The creative class refers to the young, creative individuals of Berlin who are fearlessly following their dreams of being painters, artists, musicians, writers DJs, performing artists, and other creative dreamers who are interspersed throughout the city.

The socio-cultural environment of Berlin is thus, rather dynamic. Large portions of city dwellers are individuals who are working in the world of ideas, pursuing their dreams and passions. Therefore, in Berlin there are always interesting people to meet, always something new and fascinating to see at every corner. The culture of Berlin is greatly infused with art. The language spoken widely throughout Berlin is German and sometimes English.

The Beautiful Women of Berlin

The stunning women of Berlin are dominantly fair and Caucasian. Their coloring differs from dark hair to extremely light, blonde hair. They are famous for their large, luminescent eyes. The women of Berlin are lithe, tall and beautiful.

The women of Berlin are free-spirited and lean towards art and culture. Several women that you are mostly likely to run into on the streets of Berlin will be seen carrying musical instruments and arty tools. Most of the women are musicians, artisans, painters or performers.

The women of Berlin are easy to talk to, but they are also famous for their unrelenting honesty. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for a frank conversation and keep the sensitivity on the down low. The gorgeous Berlin beauties are fun to hang out with. The nightlife buzz is alight with the immensity of Berlin women, who are always ready for a fun conversation, a drink and a laugh.

Overall, Berlin is a beautiful city with amazing inhabitants and a spectacular collection of historic monuments and modern urban city attractions.