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Estonia is a very strategically located country in Europe. Its North and West borders are coasts that are located right next to the Baltic Sea. On their Eastern border sits Russia in all its grandeur and glory. It is a country that is concentrated on nationalism. The people of Estonia are very much focused on architecture; Tallinn boasts beautiful buildings and gorgeous features, including its stunning female population. Rocca Al Mere is a great hotel in the outskirts of Tallinn where you can stay at an affordable price. Estonia shares a border with Russia, Latvia, Sweden and Finland. The countries all have different cultures and tourist attractions you can visit. You can also stay at the Dzingel hotel in the outskirts of Tallinn.

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What is Tallinn, Estonia really like?

Estonian people are rather traditional and attempt to keep up with their traditional roots; they try to incorporate traditions into their day to day life, whenever possible. The Estonian architecture is symbolic of their great past. Censorship laws in the country have been strict since the second World War and, since then, aspects like cultural expression, freedom of expression and symbolic patriotism have been banned in the country.

What Will I Get If I Go To Tallinn?

The architecture
Mild summers and a pleasant climate all year round
The Seaplane Harbour
The Estonian Maritime Museum
Tallinn Old Town
The Tallinn Zoo
The Estonian Open Air Museum
Tallinn Passenger Port

What Places are the Best Places in Tallinn?


Whenever you travel, you should have basic knowledge of all the places in that particular city. You need to be well informed regarding where you plan to eat, what you plan to get from there, and how you wish to spend your time. If you wish to meet new people and strike up a relationship with a woman in that country, then you need to prepare accordingly. You must know of the places in that country or city, you should know the language of the place, and you should be aware of all the best hangouts there so that there is no confusion regarding where you want to go and how you want your date to turn out.

The Cafes and the Bars

Every country, regardless of where it is on the map, has its fair share of cafes and bars. This is because most people visit these places to get away from the metropolitan, cosmopolitan and mechanical routines of daily life. They can sit down by themselves and have a hot cup of coffee while reading a good book. In other cases, they can go out and have a beer in a good bar or interact with members of the opposite sex in a bar. You can derive your few moments of peace in places such as bars and cafes where you can sit alone without being judged and have a good time.

There are many bars and cafes where you can do all these things in Tallinn. You can also take a local woman out to a bar or a cafe on a date. The Reval Cafe is the most famous cafe in the city where you can go and enjoy some peace and quiet with your special someone. You can also enjoy some alone time there because of its quiet and understated atmosphere. Kohvik Kohalik is another option you can choose for an intimate conversation over hot drinks. The Asian Cafe, Bogapott and Boheem are other fantastic and affordable cafes that you can go to.

The Restaurants, The Service, The Food

There are many places to eat in Tallinn Estonia; because of that, you face a big dilemma while making a choice as to what you want to eat. This is one of the reasons why you must have a vague idea about what places are the best and how they fit your preferences. You can also take your date to a dinner or a romantic lunch in one of these restaurants.

You can visit the Tchaikovsky, the Vegan Restoran V, Rataskaevu16, Leib resto ja Aed, Von Krahli Aed and the Horistont Restaurant and Bar. Dominic is another inspiring restaurant in Estonia where you can have a good time with your date. Ribe also serves great food to all its customers. Noa Restoran serves you great food with a great view. Neh is a little pricey but it is one of the best places in the city; you cannot visit Tallinn without going out for a good meal in Neh.

The Parks and The Gardens and The Natural Resorts

Parks, gardens and natural resorts are a country’s most treasured tourist spots. This is because when people are out in a foreign country, they prefer to do things that they do not generally do back home. They like to relax and reconnect with nature. They wish to have a good time by themselves or go out on a romantic date with a local in a green, open area.

Tallinn has many parks and gardens where you can take your significant other. First of all, you can go to the Tallinn Botanical Gardens and have a look around. Cederhelm’s Park, Danish King’s Garden, Charlottental’s Park, Duntan’s Park, Falgi Park, Hirvepark and Glehn Park are some other beautiful options.

The Wonderful Women of Estonia

Generally, Estonian women are perceived to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. They have toned and curvy figures with an amazing set of cheekbones. This gives their face an added touch of beauty, grace and elegance. Most Estonian women have blue eyes. Some women like to eat their fair share of food and may be a little overweight, but this is the same in most countries around the world. Estonian women try to keep their figure maintained and this is one of the reasons why their bodies and figures are curvy. It is hard to find exceptionally skinny women in the region though, which is why they have gained the reputation of an obese nation.

They are a lot of fun and prefer to be around exciting people. Estonian women are very bold and outgoing. They love to go to parties and drink beer, along with most other types of alcohol. They will also find it exciting to engage in an interesting conversation with a man. Most women like to establish a deep connection with a man by conversing with him. Estonian women, in this case, are no different.

It may come as a surprise but most Estonian women prefer to converse with others in English, so you do not have to worry about a language barrier in this case. They know English very well; they can speak it almost as well as women from English-speaking countries. The women in Estonia do not like to just meet guys and then engage in intimate activities with them. They wish to get to know the other person before they can move on to the next step. However, they are fun and they are very talkative, which is why it is easy to get to know them over a short amount of time.

With Estonian women, you do not have to invest a large amount of time, effort or energy. If you are genuinely interested in her and she is genuinely interested in you, then you both are probably going to hit it off rather easily. There will be no problem moving on to the next step in at least three or four dates.

Estonia is a very fun country, which is why the people are also very fun-loving. If you go to Estonia and meet Estonian women, you will most definitely have the time of your life. No one can deny the fun when they step into the country and they will never have as much good plain fun in any other country than Estonia. This is one of the rare qualities of Estonian women: they can show a man a good time in almost every situation possible. The nightlife of the country is very active and exciting and, along with that, there are plenty of bars in the country to make sure that there is a perfect place for every person.
You can easily have your fill of excitement and fun by visiting Estonia and meeting up with the stunning women from different areas. Estonia is one country you will always go back to for a second vacation because the women there are beautiful, out-going, and very easy to talk to. The country is amazing and you will have a very memorable time and trip. 

Estoniain short

They have great buildings like churches, fortresses, city towers, city walls, and other fabulous structures that should not be missed. The Estonian culture represents its rich past; the country gained independence three times: the first time  being in the year 1918 and the second time being in 1940, while the third and last time Estonia became independent was in the year 1991.