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Prague is a very popular European tourist destination. Whether you come to Prague to see famous monuments, visit its various museums and galleries, enjoy the night life or everything together, we guarantee you won’t get bored! There is a lot of things to do in Prague.

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Unfold the Magical Prague


Europe is full of beautiful cities and whenever one thinks about travelling different parts of the world, Europe strikes first in mind. One of the beautiful European cities is Prague that is the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. The summers are incredibly warm there which adds to its soothing effect and the winters are chilly but not that cold. This means you will be perfectly at ease no matter at what season of the year you visit Prague. However, the right season to visit Prague is spring as the crowd from tourists is a little less in spring as compared to other seasons. Prague was declared the sixth most visited city in 2011. It is a hub for tourists and if there is only one place that you can visit, it should be Prague.


The Vltava River


Focal point of this amazing city is Vltava River which if one of its many incredible attractions. Along with its rich history and colorful culture it has ten major theaters, museums and historical destinations points. And lucky for the tourists of today, the ancient architecture of Europe survived its destruction during the last century.


Unlock the magic box!


Prague is the city of mysterious and charming ambiance. You will fall in love with this city once you visit it. The day trips are awesome paired with electrical nightlife and fine dining at various places is just a bonus. Drinking the local beer and eating the local food will serve to be a great experience since it gives you a chance to experience true flavors of Prague. There are literally hundreds of local places to eat that serve local food and pubs and bars that are truly incredible. If you like visiting historical places then go for out of the way places where any local citizen will guide you and avoid the touristy spots to enjoy to the fullest.


Meet the Beauties!


Places are not the only attraction is Prague as it has a lot of beauty to offer when it comes to girls as well. European girls are no doubt very beautiful with their chiseled features and girls in Prague are also walking acts of perfection. Dating while travelling can be a full of fun experience since you have a beautiful partner to enjoy the beautiful city of Prague. She can be your guide and tour around with you. Or you can take her to places she likes and make your journey all the more interesting.


Meeting girls in Prague is not so difficult since English is now becoming popular among young people there. However, if you can just learn a few common words in Czech it will be great and will also attract girls. Now dining in the heart of Prague can be a bit more expensive even for tourists coming from west. So try to avoid those cafés and restaurants that you cannot afford. Instead go through a few local places to eat and pick the best one. This will give a more genuine touch to your date and will lead to the second date. Another thing that you can do is track a restaurant a few hundred meters away from tourist destinations and you will find a great place to eat half as costly.


Grand Day Trips


Prague is the place where you can have some splendid day trips to one of the many amazing places in Prague. With its rich architecture, historical buildings, delicious food and magical atmosphere there are many places to see and things to do in Prague. When you visit Prague, take some time off to visit nearby cities and towns that are both exciting and mystical. If you take some time to plan your day, it will richly benefit you for visiting historical destinations, relaxing spas and castle tours. Here are a few places which you must not miss at any cost!


Karlstein Castle


This popular day trip will take you to the town of Karlstein. The castle was built in 14th century by Charles IV and this castle safeguarded the holy relics and royal jewels. You can take your date to explore this castle and then visit various places covering this town. This experience is romantic and exciting at the same time.


Karlovy Vary


This is the spa capital of Czech Republic and no woman should miss out on this. This town will strike you for its natural beauty, famous hot springs and Karlovy Vary Film Festival. You can catch a glimpse of a few celebrities with your date as there are a lot of celebrities present in this town for spa treatments or film shoots.


Plzen Brewery


If you are a huge beer fan then Plzen is the place for you. This small incredible town is known around the world for Pilsner beer. There is a brewery museum constructed in this town as a way of paying homage to its roots. In this museum you can learn about how Czech beer is made over the passage of time.


Magical Cruise Dinners


One of the many Prague attractions is cruise dinners. This is the perfect place for a romantic dinner where you can enjoy the view as well. You can take your date for a cruise dinner and have a lovely time while immersing in sights of the enticing city. The cruises leave from every port and are available all the time throughout the year. You can make a reservation and you will be picked from your hotel and dropped to the port. All you have to do is climb on the ship and have the most amazing experience of your life. 


Historical Attractions


If you are into history then for your benefit the city of Prague is filled with museums. Some of the well known museums of Prague are National Museum, Mozart Museum and the Mucha Museum which is the only one in the world. If you don’t know already then Alfons Maria Mucha was born in 1860 and was a Czech painter highly famous for his art work. The Slav Epic is one of his incredible work pieces. The Slav Epic is a series of twenty paintings depicting the history and struggle of Slave people.


The well known Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart used to find consolations in Prague. He used to visit his musician friends and spend the time working on his music. It is famous that “Bella Mia Fiamma Addio” was created by him during a summer spent in Prague. This piece was later dedicated by Mozart to his valuable friends. The land which Mozart used to visit survived the harshness of time and now there stands the Mozart Museum. While visiting Prague you must visit this museum and immerse in the intimate and close glimpse as to where this extraordinary and talented soul got his inspiration from.


The incredible Prague nightlife 


Along with rich history and culture, Prague is also the place for sophisticated whisky lounges, cocktail bars and happening bars and pubs where you can dance around the music DJ plays for you. Many bars are open till late at night and some clubs are even open later. There are a number of jazz, disco and dance clubs that rules the city. No dress code is necessary for most of the clubs. Templova and Marquis de Sade are some of the most happening bars of Prague. Chances of meeting girls in Prague are high in such night clubs and cocktail bars.




You will even find Casinos as it is a fundamental part of Prague nightlife. The minimum age to enjoy casinos is 18 years and you have to show up with your ID or passport. Evening dressing is mandatory to enter into a casino. Some luxury hotels have their own casinos as well.


All the attractions that Prague holds can be enjoyed with a date. Sometimes it is hard to approach girls but meeting girls in Prague can be made easy for you if you are knowledgeable and confident. You can impress your date with your knowledge of places, food and music since it a culturally rich country. Girls over there are tempted by exciting minds who are up for new experiences. So if you are not one of those who like to visit every nook and corner and love taking chances then its time you start developing your mind that way. And last but not the least just ask about the preference of your date. Ask where she will like to be and take her there. And hopefully she will be up and ready for the next date.


Travelling is all about taking chances. So if you don’t open your mind to new experiences, you will be lost. Prague is the city which holds so much and will definitely be the journey of a lifetime. The city depicts history, culture, art and is covered with a mystical ambiance all around. So it is highly recommended that you don’t miss out on visiting Prague if you get the chance.