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London never seems to get tired. It's perhaps the greatest paradox of a city with a history spanning two millennia that it stays forever young and energetic. Britain's capital is home to the great art collections of the National Gallery, architectural icons such as Tower Bridge, and a rich Royal heritage, but it also spawns underground design and musical innovation. It is a city of independent villages for example, Chelsea or Greenwich have little in common with Shoreditch or Soho and a conurbation of green spaces as well as great buildings.

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As a city that seamlessly blends the old world with the seductively modern, London is an atypical British city that – despite its multinational mish-mash of culture – simply couldn’t be anywhere but the UK. Black cabs and red telephone boxes are dotted amongst entire districts of curry house and sporadic castles, which you arrive at by rattling underground train or symbolic double-decker bus. There's even a corner - Camden - that's painted in vivid technocolour, sells has lolly pops on the street corner, and rarely sells anything that could be described as local.

Plenty of Britain’s symbolic sites reside right here, like the ornate outlines Buckingham Palace (which, unless you have an invite from the Queen, you’ll have to be content with eyeing from outside) and the sunset silhouettes of London Bridge. Wander boggle-eyed around the interior of the Houses of Parliament (democracy’s occupation permitting), or get a skyline overview of the whole city from atop the slowly rotating big wheel that is the London Eye.

One of the great draws of London is the museums. There are legions of them, and the best ones – like the Science Museum and the National History Museum – are entirely free, and tell stories not only of the UK, but of a host of international cultures, achievements and key historical ideas that are spectacularly laid out in their vast hallways and chambers. At the other end of the spectrum, a football match in North London, or watching flamboyant Chelsea in their millionaires’ hideaway is perhaps the best taste of the passion of modern day Londoners.

Britain’s poor reputation for food precedes it, but head for the markets of colourful Camden Town and you can grab something from almost anywhere in the world, and shop from stores that happily sell a vast array of things you’ve never seen before. Head down the road and you can indulge in a nightlife that revolves around pub rock and plenty of beer (which, unless you’re ordering ale, won’t be warm!)

From the historical depths of Westminster to the seedy nightlife of Soho, plenty of people live in London for years and don’t see everything they want to. Pick your highlights, make the most of your time, and dive in to a capital steeped in a colonial history that justifies nickname ‘the World in a city’.



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