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One more and really beautiful attraction in Ukraine for the international tourists is Ukrainian women who are well known for their beauty. Not only the nature has provided a unique beauty to the features of a Ukrainian woman but also each knows the art of presenting herself with grace and beauty. This is the reason that men go there and are often end up in a serious relationship with Ukrainian girls.

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Ukraine is a country located on the Eastern European side. Ukraine is on the 8th position when it comes to the hosting of tourists from around the globe. There are many hiking, skiing and fishing sites to engage the tourists in adventurous activities. There are also the world famous seven wonders of Ukraine which include Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of caves), Sofiyivsky Park, Kaminets National Historic Architectural Reserves, Khortysia, Saint Sophia Cathedral, and Khotyn Fortress. A vast range of appealing objects in Ukraine mesmerize and captivate the tourists who come to this region from all around the world. There are many places which deserves mentioning while talking of Ukrainian attractions such as St. Sophia Cathedral and Monastery. This historical building was constructed in 11th century. Kiev which holds the significance as being the capital city of Ukraine also possesses many attractions like The Golden Gate, Ukrainian Art Museum, Cathedral of St. Vladimir, The House of Opera, Andreyev Hill and not to forget the Historical Museum of Ukraine.






Another city of Ukraine with historical background is Lviv. Throughout the city, one will find the great wonders of amazing architecture along with Museum of History, National Museum, Pharmaceutical Museum, Museum of Ethnography & Crafts and Ivan Franko Opera House. Some more must-to-see objects which give a unique fame to the City of Odessa are the Potemkin Stairway which has 192 steps, exquisitely adorned opera house, Duke of Richelieu's statue, the palace of Vorontsov and the Archaeological Museum.


People who have sufficient time and budget, never miss the opportunity to visit the Carpathian Mountains. These mountains are known as the Green Pearl of Ukraine. Here you will find the world known resorts where tourist loves to stay while their stay in Ukraine. Tourists get attracted to the breath taking combination of naturally grown areas such as green forests, soft weather, mountain lakes, lush meadows, rough rivers, mineral resources, modest shepherds and humble humans leading their lives in musical harmony with beautiful mother nature.  


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One more and really beautiful attraction in Ukraine for the international tourists is Ukrainian women who are well known for their beauty. Not only the nature has provided a unique beauty to the features of a Ukrainian woman but also each knows the art of presenting herself with grace and beauty. This is the reason that men go there and are often end up in a serious relationship with Ukrainian girls.


It is also said that however the cities of Ukraine are beautiful and is now also sufficiently modernly build but still the people have to live in single house through generations due to the low income factor and that is why a Ukrainian girl is often keen to travel to other parts of world where living standard is higher and thus they are open to the idea of relationships with the tourists.


People think that it is an easy way to Ukraine women dating but the fact is that however they are willing for a nice relationship but are very intelligent to fall for miss leading. While it is easy to maintain a Ukraine woman dating game there it is not easy to take advantage of them in any way.






It is more often that the men from other parts of world come to Ukraine with an open mind so they can find A Ukrainian girl but soon they find that their mind was not enough opened and the way of treating Ukranian girl is totally different. One has to keep a different approach to build a relationship with the Ukraine women. If a person wants to meet a Ukrainian woman who is suitable for him then he can use the dating guides available there. Considering the unique side of females in Ukraine who are great attraction for men going there, many guide books are written to instruct people that how they should interact with Ukrainian girls, how to meet them, where to meet the right kind of Ukrainian females, when to decide for a serious relationship and many more aspects of relationship, marriage, dating and affair with the girls in Ukraine. Internet is also a place where you can meet a Ukrainian girl. On meeting you can win her over by presenting a small gift which is not overly expensive as sue to the domestic and fragile atmosphere they rather like small but special gifts. Ukraine girls also like to hear appealing compliment, are a good listener and love to have a friendly chat on dates. The old and classy tradition of taking a Ukrainian girl to some decent place or restaurant, also works often. A romantic dinner is most appreciated by every Ukrainian woman.


Besides the above tips, the dating guides also specify some do's and don’ts to assist the tourist who are looking for healthy relationship with Ukrainian females. Some of the important ones are listed below in a very easy way.




The very first and really simple rule of attracting Ukrainian women is to adopt a neat and decent look. So go for a haircut, take detailed aromatic shower before going on a date with teeth thoroughly brushed and face cleanly shaved. Use plenty of aftershave and deodorant. Wear something very nice and see that your shoes are polished. These are very basic things but Ukrainian women are very serious about these things and by doing all these things your mood will automatically lift up to match the spirits of a Ukrainian girl because it is a fact that if you look good then you feel good.


A very particular thing that Ukrainian girls like gifts like flowers but don't take them in even number as even number are for funerals and dead. Good manners are also a point taken seriously by girls in Ukraine so show it in plenty for instance instead of keep sitting help your date to sit down like a gentleman. Avoid too much alcohol in order to remain decent. Use humble and soft tone of voice and keep your poise graceful.




A very important tip which people give from experience is that never trust a translator if you have not hired him or her yourself. It’s always good to make suitable compliments to win the heart of a Ukrainian woman. Don't ogle at other women as Ukrainian women have a wider tendency to get jealous as compared to other women. Ukrainian women are very patriotic so never speak negative about your experience in Ukraine.


Besides above small but important tips it is also good to understand the body language of your date. It will tell you when she is interested and when she is bored so you can switch the topic of conversation to something interesting for her. There are also some dates that get paid by dating agencies to engage western men so act accordingly.


If you are taking a walk with your date then keep your pace slow as most of the Ukrainian women do not like walking fast due to their high heel shoes.  Also keep the conversation polite by asking polite questions.


These things are very small but very important. The guides and guide books have mentioned them in their contents after a thorough research and by doing several surveys to the Ukrainian women who had the experience of dating western men. There were also those who had the fantastic experience and those who had not complained about these little things. It shows clearly that if you want to enjoy the beauty of Ukraine both in terms of place and person and also want to leave a positive impact of yourself on Ukraine and Ukrainian women then it is important to follow all the likes and dislikes of your friends and dates. This is the way to enjoy your tour to the highest peak and let your companion enjoy your visit to the equally high extent.


You can also share the funny, unique and safe dating and touring experience of Ukraine in many of the websites and forums present on World Wide Web so others can also get advantage from your experience. If you have managed to build a serious relationship with your date in Ukraine then it would be beneficial for all the tourists of Ukraine who want to have a healthy relationship with Ukrainian girl, to read your overall experience in this regard.




There are also many dating agencies in Ukraine who provide a meeting venue and time for suitable candidates but if you will stick to the genuine and incidental meetings then also there are high chances of meeting the right women of your choice and the outcome of that relationship will also be more genuine and natural. Ukrainian women are unique and it is very important to deal with them properly in order to enjoy your dates. There are also many cases where tourists’ starts dating a Ukrainian girl and end up marrying them and taking them home to lead a successful and very happy married life.