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Hong Kong can best be described as the city on the wrong side of the world. While situated on the Southern coast of China, it is distinctly different from mainland China in its language, culture, law and everything else except the rapid development that is visible all across the country. This gives Hong Kong a very interesting place in the world as a true melting pot of cultures with its East-West combination culture. Hong Kong’s language is mostly English, courtesy years of British rule until very recently, making it much easier for tourists from all across the world to communicate with the locals of Hong Kong as opposed to the rest of China. This coupled with Hong Kong’s position as a major financial center in the economic landscape of the world means it attracts many foreigners, from all over the world.

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Outdoor Activities in Hong Kong


With a generally warm climate that often becomes hot during the summers and much of the city’s area developed into one of its many parks and outdoor greenery, Hong Kong offers a lot of natural attraction for tourists looking for spending time in greenery yet not having to cut off from the rest of the world on some remote island.  There is Nan Lian Garden, Kowloon Park and Hong Kong Park among the more famous green spaces to spend your lazy days in to soak in the nature. 


Other outdoor attractions are similarly naturally focused because the city has a large bank of natural beauty to offer for those who might want to steal some precious moments with their Hong Kong women in the scenic landscapes of the city. Moreover, there are amusement parks that may serve for daytime entertainment with their great repertoire of thrill rides for those with a more adventurous streak, head on to Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland if you have such tastes.



Hong Kong Cultural and Shopping Destinations


Because of its status as one of the financial hubs in the world, Hong Kong has many retail businesses. Most leading foreign companies have their branches here and big brands have a presence in one of the many malls in Hong Kong. Elements, Stanley Plaza and Hong Kong International Finance Center Mall are some of the destination malls for shoppers. 


The city has something for everyone and those with a taste for cultural tourism may find the city’s rich history and eclectic culture to their satisfaction. The Hong Kong History Museum offers a rich insight into the rather interesting history of this exotic city. 


Sai Kung and Ngong Ping Village are the neighborhoods to head to if one is interested in the lifestyle of the locals and their traditions. As Hong Kong is an amalgam of the East and West, there are certain landmarks and destinations in this city that tourists will find replicating Western concepts and landmarks. Hong Kong has its very own Times Square, in a tipping-of-hat kind of ode to the home of the original Times Square, New York City, Similarly, Hong Kong boasts of its own Avenue of Stars ala Walk of Fame, Hollywood. This Avenue honors the Hong Kong native stars that have made a mark in the world cinema, bringing fame to the city and China as a whole.



Nightlife in Hong Kong


After spending the day exploring this culturally and historically rich city, there is a lot on offer for tourists to relax with during the night. The nightlife of Hong Kong is as vibrant as its financial activity is during the day. There is a huge range of restaurants, cafes and coffee places for the foodie tourists who want a taste of the world cuisine in a Hong Kong setting. For those looking for a more party-oriented stress busting techniques, there is a wide array of clubs, pubs and discotheques to party the night away, Wyndham Street is a special hotspot for such places. 


Head on over to Ozone Bar at the top of The Ritz Carlton Hotel or Geronimo Shot Bar to find women in Hong Kong or to simply enjoy the night with some refreshing cocktails. If music is a priority, The Wanch is the leading place to visit for some great music nights and fun dancing. Hong Kong Pub Crawl offers a one-of-a-kind tour of the city. The uniqueness of this tour is that instead of the run of the mill landmarks, this tour takes tourists around to the famous nightlife and party destinations of the city of Hong Kong.



Dating Girls in Hong Kong


Finding women anywhere in the world is fruitful when done in the most appropriate setting. For this purpose stick around at one of the Wyndham Street’s many bars and you may be able to land some Hong Kong girls or if foreigners are your taste, foreign women in Hong Kong may be found at one the city’s hottest destinations day or night. Online dating is a very popular alternative to traditional ways of approaching Hong Kong women because it allows one to sit in the comfort and privacy of their homes while at the same time looking at multiple potential companions, before zeroing down on one (or more, depending upon your tastes).


While it is easier to find ladies in Hong Kong from all backgrounds, ethnicities and countries, one must keep in mind that many non-native girls in Hong Kong are not permanently settled residents of the city. Especially single women in Hong Kong are mostly in a transient state and looking for a couple years of fun, exciting living in an exotic Asian destination that offers much financial opportunities for a potentially safe economic future.


On the one hand, these financially independent, confident girls in Hong Kong may not be the best choice to settle down with but, on the other hand, they are definitely good as companions that can be equals, unlike the majority of Asian women in the region who have been largely disadvantaged because of a lack of exposure and education, historically. Women in Hong Kong are globally attuned, therefore, more intellectually stimulating partners.