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Greece is a beautiful place and having a beautiful Greek woman to travel with is just a bonus. Greek girls look like angels from heaven. With their model like face and fine tuned body they present the notion of Greek Goddesses and walk around as acts of perfection. You will be amazed by the level of beauty Greek women possess.

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Discovering Glorious Greece


Travelling- A Passion!


An individual goes through a number of memorable experiences in his or her life. But travelling is certainly the best of many memorable experiences. Those of you who love to explore the world and enjoy it to the fullest will realize that no other experience can be compared to travelling. Through travelling you get to learn a lot about life which you can’t by staying at your home town. Travelling gives you the chances to explore new places, meet new people, see what you have never seen, learn what you have never heard about, and fall in love with people and places. Through travelling you get to know about various cultures which enhance your aesthetic sense. So in short, travelling is something you should never say no to! Otherwise you will miss out on something truly great.


Some people are highly passionate about travelling and they have travelling goals in mind and you ask yourself what makes them so enthusiastic about it.


The Glorious Greece


Greece is one of the many popular travel destinations and no doubt it is definitely a place you should explore. Greece is the land of undying beauty. Covered with ancient history and a rich culture, where you can discover enthralling Athens and be enchanted by heavenly Greek Islands. Being in Greece is like being a part of Spartans, Olympians and Mythical Gods of earlier civilizations. Travelling to Greece can serve to be an unforgettable journey when you treat your senses to spirit of this renowned part of the world and enjoy the modern day culture.


Why travel alone?


When it comes to travelling, every individual has his/her own preference. Exploring Greece on your own can be rewarding as you can immerse yourself in rich culture and historical heritage. But it can also be a tiresome and boring process. In fact, many people believe meeting girls in Greece is an excellent idea. The Greek girls can guide you around and be your partner while hopping through the islands of Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu, Paros only to name a few.


Greek Goddesses


Greece is a beautiful place and having a beautiful Greek woman to travel with is just a bonus. Greek girls look like angels from heaven. With their model like face and fine tuned body they present the notion of Greek Goddesses and walk around as acts of perfection. You will be amazed by the level of beauty Greek women possess.


How to impress Greek girls?


 Mostly guys are intimidated by such beauties and they believe they will never be meeting girls in Greece and are disappointed even before they reach. However, there are few tips that can help you in finding an amazing partner to make your travel experience all the more exciting.


Knowing the nitty-gritty!


Greek people are very social and love to have good time. They enjoy nice food, drinks and great music. Greek girls love dancing so if you don’t know how to dance well then it’s time you start giving it some thought. You can impress girls with your knowledge of music, food and drinks. If you are passionate about food then analyze places you can take her that serves excellent meals so that she enjoys every minute of being with you.  And if you can dance well then it is definitely the green zone. Whenever you are meeting girls is Greece, make sure that you take them to a places that offers best food and drinks. Presenting her with a unique wine is a smooth move. And then dancing on high spirited and cheerful music is like a cheery on top of the icing.


The places you should definitely visit


Now thinking about where you will be travelling in Greece is very important. This is why you need to know about few of the amazing islands where you can take your gorgeous date or find one there only. The best way to enjoy with your date is to do island hopping where you can get the flavor of everything Greece is about.


Rhodes-Architecture, Shopping and Dinning


Rhodes is one of the amazing islands of Greece. It is best for dining, shopping and experiencing medieval architecture. It represents ancient landmarks and narrow alleys along with amazing restaurants and shopping places. This island is also a place of active night-life and you can fill your nights with dancing and enjoying in nightclubs with your date.


Mykonos-For young lovers


Mykonos is the new favorite amongst young travelers as it is the hub for exquisite dinning, shopping and beaches. The electric atmosphere in bars and nightclubs at nights serves to be just another factor where you can be with your date and impress her with your dancing moves. If they are good ones! You can enjoy the deep blue water and soothing sun at the beaches of Mykonos and take in the beautiful scenery surrounding you. This is both exciting and romantic and no other place can serve you with the mix of these two.


Corfu-For the love of beaches!


If you are into beaches then Corfu is the island you should be at. It has some of the best beaches in Greek islands and chances of meeting Greek goddesses there are plenty. This island serves to be the hub of beach lovers and photographers because of its scenic beauty. Capture the beauty in your camera and it will be with you forever.




Crete is the most diverse and the largest of Greek island. From mountains to beaches, Crete offers exceptional archeological sites, hiking, excursions, photography and spending lazy day on beaches.


Santorini-A must visit!


If it is only one island that you can visit then make it Santorini. The island was once blown by a Volcano and then later turned into a setting of outstanding cafés, beaches, hiking and photography. This island has it all! Whether it’s a lazy day on the beach, hiking or fine dining that you want to achieve, Santorini will serve it all. It continues to be the most popular destination for enthusiastic tourists and will not disappoint you. The island comes alive at night and you get to see it’s another side at nightclubs, bars and incredible restaurants serving the best of Greek Cuisine. If you are with a date then do take her to Santorini Island and enjoy the nightlife to its fullest.


Culinary Delights


And then comes food! No matter where you are in Greece, experiencing amazing food is a must. You will find everything from gyros and souvlaki to baklava and grilled calamari. These are just a few to name and for your delight an amazing dish is just a plate away as no matter which restaurant or at which island you are eating at, the food will just be exquisite combined with excellent ouzo and wines. So if you have a date then dine with her at amazing food centers of Greek and make her try new exciting flavors and your chances of seeing here again will increase.


Electrical Nightlife


As it is mentioned earlier, Greek girls are die-hard fans of dancing. So when you meet a girl do take her out to various night clubs and dance with her on her favorite songs. If you are not a fan of dining, dancing and beaches then it’s time you give it a thought. Travelling is a spontaneous experience and in order to date while travelling you have to be even more spontaneous. So let out your true spirit and find yourself at the dawn of being at various places and with different people.


The Bottom line


Greece is a place full of possibilities and discoveries. And anything can happen when you are in Greece. Finding the perfect girl to accompany you in travelling may not be so easy but it is also not impossible. All you have to know is know the right places you should take your date to. In fact, what you plan to do with your day should work around the preference of the girl you are meeting. If she likes hiking and you like it too then visiting Crete Island will be the right option. If she is into beaches then take her to Corfu since it has some of the best beaches and enjoying a lazy day on the beach won’t harm you either. Then dancing and dining must be exquisite too. Meanwhile girls from all around the world love to shop. So devoting a day for shopping with your date is also a nice idea. May be you can buy her a nice present or exchange gifts. Hence, choices are numerous and instead of enjoying all of this alone you can enjoy it with a perfect lady who will take your trip to the level of perfection. Dance on the happening beat and eat exquisite food, lie on the beach and experience hiking, have breakfast at a café and take photos to create incredible memories. All just by visiting incredible Greece!