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Macau, surrounded by beautiful Portuguese and grand Baroque buildings, and infused with a rich traditional Chinese culture, is the administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, situated across the Pearl River. The tourists who visit Macau are lured by the appeal of the extensive gambling and the glittering nightlife of Macau. The name Macau is a derivative of the name Magao, a temple constructed to honor the legend of a sea goddess.

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The inhabitants of Macau are Chinese in majority, though small proportion consists of Portuguese sects. The cultural diversity in Macau includes influences of Chinese culture. Macau is identified by its picturesque natural landscape, spotless clear sky, stunning array of cuisine and a beautiful nightlife full of exciting gambling and betting games. The outskirts of Macau have the Dragon Mother Temple of Yuecheng. You can also visit the Zhujiaijiao village.

Tourist Attractions of Macau

Macau Tower:
An imposing landmark of Macau, the Macau Tower is a sight worth seeing. It was designed by Gordon Moller, an architect from New Zealand. Macau Tower has the significance of being the eighth highest tower in all of Asia. Every year, more than one million tourists visit the site of Macau Tower every year.

Kun Iam Temple/Statue:

One of the three most famous Macau temples includes the Kun Iam Statue. Fashioned in deep bronze, set in a the closing petals of an architectural lotus-like form, the Kun Iam Statue pays tribute to the Goddess of Mercy. It is made of bronze, with an impressive height of 20 meters. The lotus-shaped base of the statue denotes affiliation to Buddhism; therefore, the temple is an iconic center of information regarding Buddhism, in addition to being a classic sight for tourism.

Ruins of St Paul

The grand remnants of the fire-ridden St Paul’s college and church still stand today with their imposing imperial grandeur, attracting millions of tourists every year; it is an established fact that if you do not visit the Ruins of St Paul, you have not seen Macau for what it truly is. It is known as the Ruins of St Paul because it was destroyed by fire but the building has not lost its stateliness till date.

Senado Square

The Senado Square, surrounded by magnificent Portuguese buildings on either side, is a sight worth seeing. The floor pattern of the Senado Square is especially exquisite as it consists of an optical monochromatic wave-pattern, filled in by colored stones of Portuguese origin. It is the urban center of Macau and the hot-zone for all celebrations and festivals.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Juxtaposed against colorful blocks of vintage Portuguese buildings, the Fisherman’s Wharf is a breathtaking view complete with a sprawling theme park, including additional amenities like shopping arenas, exhibition halls, restaurants and accommodation – all rolled in one perfect spot.

Grand Prix Museum and Wine Museum

Especially for sports cars and wine aficionados, the Wine and Grand Prix Museum is a perfect spot. Both the museums are placed side by side. Beginning with the tour of the Wine Museum, there is a reasonably priced wine tasting, locally known as Prova de vinhos. All kinds of wine can be tasted, exotic names can be learned, and all manner of information regarding wine in Portuguese culture can be gained. Experts and connoisseurs of wine relay interesting facts and information regarding the Portuguese wine culture to visitors. It is a unique, an interesting experience, and a must-visit, by all standards.
The Grand Prix Museum, on the other hand, has a stunning collection of Grand Prix rare articles, trophies, honorary objects and commemorative items that are a source of excitement and wonder for many.

City of Dreams

Another spectacular tourist spot is the City of Dreams. It is a multiplex arena coalescing five-star fine-dining restaurants along with high-end designer label shops and malls all under one scintillating roof. The ambience is exciting and electrifying – quite like the name suggests.

Fascinating attractions of the City of Dreams include the Bubble, and the House of the Dancing Water and the Dragon Treasure Show.

Other attractive, worth-visiting tourist spots include Lilau Square, St. Augustine’s Square, Macao Museum, Cameos Gardens, Dom Pedro V Theater, Guia Fortress, and Moorish Barracks.

Nightlife in Macau

Macau is famous for its bustling gambling scene and thriving nightlife, there is enough evidence as to why it is known as the Las Vegas of the East. In fact, in 2007, Macau knocked down Vegas and claimed the number one position as the top gambling places in the world. Macau, after dark, is Sin City – at is very best.

Venetian Macau

Some of the world famous casinos and gambling cafes of Macau include the Venetian Macau. Lit up as if encrusted with a million flashing diamonds, the Venetian Macau is the crème de la crème of the gambling world. It is one of the largest casinos in Asia and is equipped with too-notch quality of facilities and entertainment including food, shopping, and accommodation, hotel facilities with refined Italian fittings, lavish suites decked out with beautiful balconies overlooking the dazzling Macau.

China Rouge

An exclusive members-only, designer interior club incorporates art, music, and gambling in the most glamorous, entertainment-packed way at China Rouge. Attractions include a cabaret stage, a sprawling art gallery along with posh seating areas. The performances include jazz music concerts, enactments by contortionists and live shows by singers, musicians, and dancers.

The insides of the club make it seem it like it has been lifted smack-dab from the middle of the roaring 20’s Shanghai; rendered in shades of deep red and crimson set off against crème and black, the club’s wall show off artwork by famed artists ranging from comic artists to painters.

Culture of Macau

Macau is, at large, a Chinese society with influences of Portuguese colonies as they still form a small proportion of the Macanese. The society is largely divided into three sects, namely, the Chinese, the Macanese, and the Portuguese.

The culture is largely similar with earmarked core values and reserved public behavior.

Macanese Beauties

The beautiful girls of Macau are famous for their translucent skins and beautiful coloring. With the ravishing features of the Chinese race and the quiet infiltration of the former Portuguese sways, the modern Macanese women are best described as exquisite. The women in Macau are predominantly petite, with their elfin-like figures, shaped to perfection. The local Macanese girls are distinctly iconic for their oblique eyes, dark hair set off against their pearl-white smooth coloring. Their bone structures are delicate, spitting images of doll-like figurines from Manga comic book strips.

Local Must-Eat Cuisine of Macao

Some of the most popular restaurants and cafes offering the most valued and the most scrumptious delights of Macanese cuisine include a variety of delightful little bakeries, patio cafes, and restaurants.

Lord Stow’s Bakery

This place offers the best, most amazing Portuguese egg tarts of Macau – a local delight. As opposed to egg tarts available and sold all over the world, the Macanese version is one of a kind. The texture of the outer baked crust is a beautiful golden-brown shell, with oodles of rich custard inside. Bite into one and you will not be able to stop. The egg tarts are necessary-nibble item of Macao.

Mashed Potatoes

Macau offers the best when it comes to food; most amazing rattle mashed-potatoes, rich in butte at Rubochon au Dome. The velvet, rich mashed-potatoes are a wonder in their own right and an absolute winner worldwide. The extra-smooth texture and the French butter add to the tender delicacy of the delectable dish.

Prawn Tartar

The king of seafood delicacies, the prawn tartar of Casa de Tapas, is hands-down an absolute winner. Juicy, tender prawns set atop a heavenly mound of tartar are an absolute delight.

Some of the best eating-places in Macau include the Taipa Village, Koi Kei Bakery, Pui Kei Café, O Santos, Senado Square, Margaret’s Café, and Yum Cha.

Macau, with its stunning cuisine and its beautiful nightlife, makes up for an amazing fun-filled dream vacation; the tourist spots are plentiful and there is so much to see, you are bound to be torn between picking among some of the best places that you must visit. The inhabitants are friendly, if a little reserved at first. The beautiful girls of Macau are approachable and outgoing, if approached in a respectable manner. Macau is one of those places, which eventually grow on you; it offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you are most likely going to remember all your life and eventually yearn for again.