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Shanghai is China’s most developed and economically sound city. Being the pride of the Orient, Shanghai is home to 23 million people, including 9 million immigrants who have settled here given the city’s endless economic opportunities. Since Shanghai is the hub of all activities taking place in China’s mainland, tourists making their way to the country for vacations always have a stopover in Shanghai to visit some of its natural and manmade wonders. While Shanghai is the country’s industrious backbone, it isn’t all business and no play. The city has been developed over the last 20 years to attract tourists from all over the world, making it a dream destination for many. With a large population of young and lively students and workers, Shanghai is a great spot to meet and mingle with women who have similar interests.

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The Way to Shanghai

Being an industrial hub, Shanghai receives a very heavy influx of tourist and businessmen all year round. The most convenient way to enter the city is by plane. Flights land and take off from the city from two major airports namely, Pudong- used for international flights and Hongqiao- used for domestic travel.

Before reaching either airport, make sure you check where your flight is scheduled to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. If you want to travel by train, the Shanghai Train Station is also a busy spot during peak summer seasons. Trains operate between Shanghai and many cities of Hong Kong on a daily basis.

Similarly, luxurious boat services run between Hong Kong and Japan from Shanghai regularly to accommodate tourist influx. Traveling to Shanghai via sea can be an exciting journey, and one that you will always remember.

On the other hand, if you plan to travel between Shanghai and other Chinese cities, road travel by car and bus can also be a great way to familiarize yourself with the local culture and communities. Though the journey may be long, frequent stopovers at local stations and refreshment centers can give you a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of this wonderful city in a very different light.

The Accomodations in Shanghai

In a powerful city like Shanghai, a traveler needn’t worry about the accommodation options available. The city is well prepared to receive thousands of tourists all year round, thanks to the many types of hotels, motels and hostels present.

Be it a top of the line 5 star hotel, a small motel, a humble guest apartment or a lively hostel- Shanghai won’t disappoint you. With the fast pace of modernization, most accommodation options in the city have high tech facilities and amenities available for room guests that may not be found in other cities of the country. If you want to enjoy your stay in Shanghai, meeting some of the most professional and career-driven women in China, a 5 star hotel and its entertainment centers may be the right place. Hotels such as these include:

The Puli Hotel and Spa
The Peninsula Shanghai
Fair Mont Peace Hotel Shanghai
Four Seasons Shanghai
JW Marriot Hotel
Grand Hyatt Shaingai
On the other hand, budget accommodations are also found all around the city. For an enthusiastic backpacker, one of the more simple hostels and motels serve as great options to spend a night or two in the city. Some budget options are:
Motel 168
Motel 268
Blue Mountain Bund Youth Hostel
Jin Jiang Star
Mingtown Etour International Youth Hostel
What to Get

Most shopping districts in the city have been westernized to give shoppers a top of the line ambiance. There is no dearth of shopping malls in Shanghai; in fact, you may feel lost while deciding which shopping arena to head to because each is packed with shops and stalls to attract customers.

The Nanjing Road and Huaihai Roads, in particular, are known for the most exclusive shopping in all of China. These roads offer all kinds of commodities, from clothes and accessories to the most basic necessities. For boutique shopping, French Concession Streets Xinle Lu, Changle Lu and Anfu Lu are the most famous places.

To head out to malls, choose from between Plaza 66, Citic Plaza, Meilongzhen Plaza and No.3 because these places have the best shops, including many flagship stores of western brands. With so many shopping districts all around the city, malls and boutique streets are another ideal place to run into pretty Shanghai girls shopping their hearts out.


Shanghai is a big city with way too many tourist attractions to be visited in just a few days. From historical to cultural, all monuments and destinations have an interesting tale to tell, which is why when you decide to visit places, picking just a few will not be easy.

Where you want to go and what you want to do in Shanghai really depends on what you are interested in. Some must-see


Places that are visited by most tourists are:

The Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Museum
Jingan Temple
Jin Mao Tower
Shanghai World Finance Center
Jade Buddha Temple
Chenghuang Temple
Longhua Temple
Zhujiajiao Water Town
Yu Gardens
Peoples Square
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
NAnpu Bridge
Oriental Art Center
Gongqing Forest Park
Shanghai Disney Resort
Shanghai Zoo
Happy Valley Shanghai
Shanghai Natural History Museum

There are many other attractions apart from the ones listed above. In a city that is visited by thousands of people every year, these attractions play a huge role in making Shanghai one of the most favorite vacation spots for avid travelers. If you visit these places during peak season, you will see throngs of local, beautiful women in China enjoying and exploring with friends from all over the country.

Meeting Women

Just like there are countless places to see in Shanghai, the city offers just as many activities to do for tourists. If meeting intelligent and smart Shanghai women is your aim, visiting adventurous spots and attending world famous events is the best way to interact and mingle with the lot.

Visit the Shanghai City Beach on a day trip to enjoy the warm weather and make the most of your Chinese vacation. The beach is one of the busiest places in the summer months. People from just about every corner of the country visit for relaxation and a time out from their hectic lives. This occasion can be ideal to help you meet hot girls in the city.

If you are in a thrilling mood, visit the Shanghai Happy Valley, a large scale themed park with rides, entertainment, activities and lots of food joints. The Happy Valley is visited by Shanghai girls over weekends and public holidays when they have time off from working or studying. River Boat Rides are also a favorite among the more romantically inclined females in Shanghai. There are many boat services that can take you for a ride across river banks with your date.

Some other places to meet girls in Shanghai are:

Tea Houses
Shanghai Weiqi Classroom sessions
Madame Tussauds Shanghai
C3 Café

Food, Coffee and Partying

Restaurants and Cafés are in abundance in this populous city, so much so that you can visit a new eatery every day of your trip even if you choose to stay here for a month long vacation! Restaurants in Shanghai serve all kinds of cuisines. Some that have been established on western themes offer classic western food that locals enjoy immensely, not to mention the café culture that has become a must for young males and females in the city.

However, traditional Chinese flavors of the Orient take a very prominent toll over most local eateries. Exquisite dishes like dumplings, Stir-fried Fish, Braised Shellfish and Hairy Crabs served in restaurants at very high prices because these delicacies are a characteristic of the city; often called Shanghainese Dishes.

Restaurants and Cafes worth visiting are:

Lost Heaven
The Terrace
Ding Tai Fung
The Commune Social

In terms of Nightlife, Shanghai is second to none. The center of the city comes to life every night with casinos, bars, clubs and pubs buzzing with music and crowded with beautiful women looking for a fun time. A delightful mix of locals and westerns is a common sight in most bars. MINT, Bar Rouge, Muse on the Bund, MYST, Mix Club Lounge, The 7th Floor, Absolute House and M Seven are some of the many elite clubs with the most ‘wild’ nightlife scenes.

Nightlife in the city is one of the best ways to meet pretty and educated Shanghai women and build relationships.

What are the women in Shanghai like?

Shanghai women are high powered and career oriented females who love to interact with foreigners. Being in a city that has a sizable student population, you are sure to run into intelligent Shanghai girls visiting the many attractions or enjoying a day out with friends.

Women of Shanghai are quite different from those in rural China. They demand respect for themselves and like to stand on their own feet when it comes to financial stability. Challenging, high spirited and hardworking are some very suitable adjectives for women in this part of the world.

Shanghai in short

Shanghai is an exciting city, one that deserves to be explored. The tourist attractions, hotspots and the general hustle bustle in the city makes for a very well spent holiday that you will remember for times to come. From the relationship lens, Shanghai presents a great opportunity to mingle with the opposite sex in the many restaurants and night clubs, learn about their interests and likes on romantic walks along beaches and so, build long-term relationships by finding similar characteristics and attributes.