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Fethiye's natural harbour is perhaps the region's finest, tucked away in the southern reaches of a broad bay scattered with pretty islands, in particular ?övalye Adas?, glimpsed briefly in the new James Bond film Skyfall. About 15km south is Ölüdeniz, one of Turkey's seaside hot spots, and the surrounding countryside has many interesting sites to explore, including the ghost town of Kayaköy, waiting patiently and in silence just over the hill.

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Fethiye is a tourist town with an international atmosphere. It has an excellent marina and good night life. The town also serves as an excellent base for touring the inland country-side, and is probably the only city in the world where you'll find sarcophagus in the streets. These pre-Roman Lycian relics are especially spectacular when floodlit at night. The town has a population of around 50,000 but the population increases dramatically during the high season, from April to end of October, when off-shore residents spend their summers at their second homes.




Summers are extremely hot with temperatures well above 40°C in July and August, you should drink plenty of water to keep hydrated which is important in a very hot place such as Fethiye. Winters are cool with temperatures around 14-20°C. Spring and Autumn are the wettest seasons, yet still very sunny, which is the best time to go for people who want a warm holiday that is not too hot like the summer, with temperatures around 20-28°C.



Things to do and see

1. Fethiye Old Town  Stroll around shaded Paspatur, the old town of Fethiye, and visit the many shops for all your souvenirs. Quench your thirst at Deep Blue Bar - well we did say we were biased!


2. Fethiye Rock Tombs A bit of a pull, but climb up to the main Lycian rock tomb in Fethiye - the tomb of Amyntas - and take in the amazing views of Fethiye marina and the whole of the bay. You can always reward yourself with an icy cold Efes Pilsen when you come back down into Fethiye.


3. Fethiye Boat Trips There's not just the 12 Island Boat trip that you might have heard about - although they are certainly amazing value for money (prices change throughout the season but the maximum is around 25 lira per head) - 8 hours, about 5 swim stops and your lunch included. If you don't like the idea of a big boat, loads of other tourists and music, then book a private boat trip from Fethiye. Those could be around £150 for the boat for the day and they usually visit the quieter bays of Fethiye. But our personal favourite boat trip from Fethiye for a great value day out is the Sunday Market boat trip to Göcek.


4. Fethiye Beaches Yes, Fethiye has beaches! Take the Karagözler dolmu? to any of the bays in Fethiye. Aksazlar Bay (before Letoonia Club Hotel), Samanl?k Bays, Küleli, Boncuklu. If it's not too hot, you pass all of these bays on the Fethiye Peninsula trek. Sundays will be very busy with Turkish families.



To eat

Pasa Kebap has great meat and vegetarian options at good prices. Upstairs has cushion/floor seating but there is also lots of inside and outside table seating. The fish market in the middle of town is surrounded by small restaurants that will cook your own fish to your liking, very reasonable and delicious.


Peymane, Eski Cami Sok. No. 7 (In the old town on Sokak 41 where it intersects with Sokak 43), Phone number: 0252.614.0383. Cute little family owned place that is a little more expensive than some of the other restaurants in the area, but is still cheap and has more variety and better ingredients. They also have probably the best vegetarian options available in town including a daily special (which is sold at an absolute bargain of a price).



How to Get a Turkish Girl to Like You

• Smile. Turkish girls are naturally attracted to happy people since they are very warm and smiley themselves, so don't hesitate and smile often.

• Be social and talkative. Turkish girls are very social and are known for being very talkative, chatty and loud. So dont be shy and quite, instead be playful and sometimes loud.

• Be social and talkative. Turkish girls are very social and are known for being very talkative, chatty and loud. So dont be shy and quite, instead be playful and sometimes loud.

• Be foreigner. Having a foreign passport usually works. You can spice it with heavy accented speaking

• Be educated. Turkish girls see education as a very important factor in life and are attracted to successful men. 

• Be nice. Because, even if these tips don't work (though they really should) you'll still have her as a friend, and a Turk is a friend you want to have.

• Be like a gentleman. Turkish women behave like real ladies so they want their man to behave like a real gentleman too. So, don't forget to be gentle and polite.