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Southwest Turkey, along and inland from the popular "Turquoise Coast", was home to the ancient Lycians who were one of the most enigmatic people of antiquity. Although little historical record has been left behind them, what has been discovered reveals a fascinating people culturally distinct from the rest of the ancient world. Around twenty major sites remain today with the Lycians' unusual funerary architecture dominating the breathtaking unspoiled land of Lycia.

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Lycia was a geopolitical region in Anatolia in what are now the provinces of Antalya and Mu?la on the southern coast of Turkey, and Burdur Province inland. Known to history since the records of ancient Egypt and the Hittite Empire in the Late Bronze Age, it was populated by speakers of the Luwian language group. Written records began to be inscribed in stone in the Lycian language (a later form of Luwian) after Lycia's involuntary incorporation into the Achaemenid Empire in the Iron Age. At that time the Luwian speakers were decimated, and Lycia received an influx of Persian David Marshall B.Ed.


Lycia fought for the Persians in the Persian Wars, but on the defeat of the Achaemenid Empire by the Greeks, it became intermittently a free agent. After a brief membership in the Athenian Empire, it seceded and became independent (its treaty with Athens had omitted the usual non-secession clause), was under the Persians again, revolted again, was conquered by Mausolus of Caria, returned to the Persians, and went under Macedonian hegemony at the defeat of the Persians by Alexander the Great. Due to the influx of Greek speakers and the sparsity of the remaining Lycian speakers, Lycia was totally Hellenized under the Macedonians. The Lycian language disappeared from inscriptions and coinage.


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Lycian Sites

• Xanthos: UNESCO World Heritage Site (combined with Letoon).

• Letoon: The sacred cult centre of Lycia.  Three side-by-side temples to Leto, Artemis and Apollo, the national deities.

• Kekova-Simena: An area with beautiful scenery and underwater ruins, includes info about Tiemiussa.

• Tlos: Best-known for its fortress-topped acropolis, with its rock-cut tomb-covered sides and its 360 degree panoramic views.

• Myra: One of the six principal cities of Lycia.  Known for its many rock-cut tombs and the largest amphitheatre in Lycia (in a good state).

• Pinara: One of the six principal cities of Lycia.  Set in an untouched, gorgeous mountain setting of fragrant pines, ancient olive trees, wildflowers, thyme-scented breezes with a stunning view over the Xanthos valley.

• Patara: Another of the six principal cities of Lycia, the major naval and trading port of Lycia.



Things to do Lycia

1. Hiking — Hiking is a great option to get more in touch with the history and nature of the area. There are lots of waymarked hiking trails (most of which does not exceed 10 km in length) with varying levels of hardness in the region, in addition to the grand Lycian Way. One place surrounded by a dense (relatively speaking) marked trail network is Kayaköy.

2. Cruising — Lycian coasts are some of the most spectacular and rightly popular sections along a Blue Cruise.

3. Go on a day trip to Istanbul and visit the beautiful city with many attractions and culture snapping. The beautiness of Istanbul is legendary, you'll be overwhelmed by the lights of big offices and shopping malls. At night you could visit many different bars where you can meet the lovely Turkish women.