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Czech Republic is a country that offers many wonderful pleasing attractions for the tourists like no other place in Europe. Getting to and staying in Czech Republic is relatively cheaper as well. There are lot places of tourists to visit. From historical buildings, to religious ones and from beer breweries to places where you can have a good meal with your friends, everything comes in Czech Republic. Prague and Brno Czech Republic are the two most visited cities, offering a lot to the tourists. You will notice how the country has revolutionized itself within years. The tourism of Czech Republic has increased as people from all around the world are aware of the heritage offered. One will find UNESCO listed buildings and attractions in different parts of the country as well. For those who love to socialize, cafes and beer spots are their place. Even parks and forest can be used to make friends in a new state. As you visit different places, you will notice they have their history embedded on them. All the castles, churches and even towns have historical backgrounds. Czech Republic does not solely deal with history – you will the new attractions and places they have.

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Brno, Bohemia and Prague is one the most visited destinations present in Europe because of the perfect combination of a colorful vibrant life and rich history. Touring different parts of the countryside is extremely cheap when comparing to different western European countries. When it comes to socializing, Brno Czech Republic wins all bets as there are a lot of clubs and events where people can interact with each other.

While you plan your trip to Czech Republic, here are the places you need to add in your “must-visit” list. Remember that for the fact, each of the places have their own pleasure and meanings. The places included in the list are venues, attractions and cities:


Prague is a must to visit City in Czech Republic. Located on the east of Germany, the Vltava is responsible for dividing Prague in the area of center. The former home of the Austro-Hungarian elite, Strana and Mala are present on the left of Prague. You will also find Hradcany, Nove Mesto, Josefov, Satre Mesto housing the castle. Nearby, the St Vitus’ Cathedral is located, tumbling into the Mala Strana, also known as the Little Quarter.

Over the river of the Old Town Stare Mesto, you will find a delicate and beautiful web of different alleys and passages that are following their path to the old market square, the Staromestke Namesti. Within the Satre Mesto you will find a Jewsih Quarter which is known as the Josefov. The New Town Nove Mesto is the center part of the modern and civilized city. It covers the largest area found on the historic Prague.


As mentioned before, Brno is one of the most popular and interest destination that are perfect to start off a traveling experience in Czech Republic. Brno Czech Republic has a lot of attractions that amuse its travelers. UNESCO heritage sites, limestone caves, folk architecture and Gothic castles are just a few examples that in within quick visit reach in Brno, all that the visitors from different countries deserve to see.

Women in Brno are confident but they prefer if the man takes the first step in a relationship. It is not customary for a woman in Brno to come and initiate a conversation with you. Women in Brno, however, are very beautiful and intelligent. You can easily meet singles in Brno as there are a lot of friendly people in the area. They love to socialize with foreigners and they love to have meaningful conversations with new people. So you should always take the first step while meeting the beautiful women of Brno.

As the second city covering around half million population, Brno Czech Republic gives has a lot to offer. As a university town of friendly size, it is full of great places to eat and bars, giving a lot of room to visitors to make new friends.

Apart from these two cities, there are a lot of attractions present in different parts of the country. Following is the list of them:

1. Teplice Rocks
Situated on the Polish border as on the north of the country, the Teplice Rocks is a fascinating landscape creation which has pinnacles and gorges. The place is famous amongst the rock jumpers and rock climbers as there are a lot of hiking routes inside the landscape area. If you love to rock climb, grab a friend with you and reach the heights of this place as you don’t want to miss it.

2. Karlovy Vary
Speaking of must places to see, this one wins all the hearts, hands down. The Karlovy Vary is famous amongst the tourists present worldwide. It is found just outside Prague. The Karlovy Vary hosts the Annual Film Festival and is quite famous for it. Moreover, it is also home to the Becherovka, the famous Czech Republic strong herbal liqueur.

3. Karlstejn Castle
For those in love with history, the Karstejn Castle is what you need to visit. It located in the central Bohemia – a short swing on the south-west side of Prague. Statistically, the Karlstejn Castle is one of the most visited places in the country. It was founded in the 14th century. The fairy-tale looking castle is a Gothic Castle and people love it.

4. Moravian Karst
Most of the people starting their trip in the Czech Republic start off by visiting some caves of the Moravian Karst Caves. There are about 400 caves in the destination. You may only visit two to three ones as that would be enough for your eyes to feast on. The Katerinska Cave and the Punkva Cave are the best amongst the 400 caves.

5. Kutna Hora
If you wish to see something you have not seen throughout your life, here is something in store for you. A little ahead of Prague, the Kutna Hora is one of the places you must visit if you need to see something new. The church is known as “Kostince Sedlice”, known as the ossuary or bone church. This means that basically, there are a lot of bones buried in the place. Do not be scared, the buried bones are used for the purpose of decoration.

6. Pilsen/Plzen
Beer is one of the most loved things by the people of Czech Republic. Even the tourists fancy the beer bars as it is one of the best socializing hubs of the country. For all the lovers of beer and socializing in particular, you must visit Pilsen or Plzen as it will fascinate you to the fullest. The Pilsner is the famous hub offering Czech beer. You can also enjoy watching how beer is made live in a brewery tour. A part from that, the Plzen town is an attractive place itself. You fill find a lot of places there to create memories.

7. Cesky Krumlov
Located on the south of Prague, one of the places you will definitely love in Czech Republic is the scenic beautiful town of Cesky Krumlov. As a member of the UNESCO heritage list, you will be lost in the picturesque ambiance and setting of the place. With the finely renovated buildings, attractions and the Vltava River showering side by side, one has to visit this place while staying in Czech Republic. The place is arty and cultural scenes that will show you a lot about the past and the present of the country. Plan on going to Cesky Krumlov with a loved one and fall in love with each other in the beautiful romantic place.

8. Sumava
Also known as the Bohemian Forest, the Sumava is a place located on the Austrian border. It is founded and known as the national park of Czech Republic which also has the Boubin Virgin Forest. For all the nature and outdoor lovers, this is your place to hit. Plan a picnic with your family or a special one in the park. In case you are alone, you will always find company there. Just make sure you do it the right way.

9. Terezin
We all have a great desire and passion to know about the war history of different regions. For those visiting Czech Republic, the Terezin town is the ideal place for them. There are fortresses built in the town by the Habsburgs – the political emerging prison of the World War I. A Nazi concentration camp was also conducted here during the Second World War.

Conclusively, you have a lot to catch up during your trip in Czech Republic. Pack up your bag and get a camera because it time to create memories in of the finest and the most historical places in Europe. If you have time, also visit Germany which is found nearby.   

Brno, Czech Republic in short

Czech Republic is a country known for the best dumplings, unusual ingredients tasty dishes, cheap beer and hundred years old architecture. Cities such as Prague and Brno Czech Republic are one of the fastest growing regions in Czech Republic – opening new historical art galleries, launching bars, continental food offering restaurants and developed areas is the conclusive summary of the development. While one is Czech Republic, there are plenty of places to visit that will keep you hummed up for the entire weekend. While in Czech Republic, there is always something for every type of traveler which will keep them busy on their tour.