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Evpatoria (other spellings Eupatoria, Yevpatoria, Yevpatoriya) is a resort city located in the western part of Crimea Republic of Ukraine on the shore of the Black Sea. The city extends for about 14 km along the shallow Kalamitskiy gulf. Evpatoria beaches are known for their clean and soft golden sand, clear sea water and gently sloping bottom of the gulf.

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Evpatoria (Crimea), one of the oldest cities of Ukraine. Its history of life runs to more than two tens of centuries. This is a place saw settlements of Cimmerians and Scythians, Greek colonies and Turkish city-fortresses. Here you can enjoy primordial ancient monuments: the Juma-Jami mosque, Turkish baths, temple complex of Crimean Karaites (Karaite kenasa) and cloister of mendicant Muslim monks "Tekke dervishes".

Moreover, there you will see golden sand, gentle sea-bed, warm and clear water (beaches of Evpatoria are recognized as one of the best in Europe) and the lake-estuaries with curative mud. Evpatoria is recognized as the most ecological city of the Crimea (there are no industries polluting the atmosphere), and drinking water comes from underground artesian wells.

Evpatoria will offer you a big variety of water attractions: slides, bananas, plates, inflatable, jet skis, water skis, catamarans, paragliders, sky-surfing, hang gliders, windsurfing, pleasure boats, yachts and diving in one of the most beautiful places in the Crimea – Tarkhankut Cape. Only here you are to meet ancient rocks and caves, stone arches and islands, unexplored caves, amazing flora and fauna of the deep sea. Moreover, you are invited to "Kazantip" called as "the republic of happiness"

You can also visit a place of the first man-tended mission control (in the late 50ies Mission Control Space Center was built not far from Evpatoria).


Nightlife in Evpatoria

The fun in Yevpatoria doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Some even argue that that’s when it starts. Bars, clubs, lounges and live music venues—it’s all reason for us to put our dancing shoes on and raise to toast to Yevpatoria.




Situated in Yevpatoria downtown, the nightclub Versal is famous for exquisite interior, original disco parties and rousing atmosphere. Popular commercial music, edited by club’s residents, sounds at the dance floor. It often houses concerts by Ukrainian and international performers.



Situated in Yevpatoria downtown, the nightclub Belyi is one of the largest dancing clubs in Ukraine. In addition to its size, the club is notable for unusual modern design, spectacular theme parties and first-class service. Club’s music policy is formed by House, Electro House, Progressive House, Tech House styles.



The nightclub Amsterdam is situated in the Frunze Park, not far from the city quay. The facility boasts about up-to-date sound and lighting equipment, large dance floor and attentive service. Club’s building is reminiscent of a medieval castle and houses large dance floor, cozy VIP room and three bars.



The nightclub Malibu is situated in one of Yevpatoria’s most popular and frequently visited places – the Frunze Park, within a few steps from the seashore. The facility is famous for rousing parties and powerful sound. Modern club music sounds there: Techno, Progressive, Electro, Trance, House, Tech House.



Situated on the premises of the hotel complex Ukraine Palace, the restaurant Ukraina is famous for appetizing dishes, exquisite interior and perfect service. Facility’s menu includes European, Japanese and Ukrainian cuisines’ hits.



The ethnic restaurant Dzheval, whose name means ‘traveler’ in Crimean Tatar, is situated in Yevpatoria’s historical center, not far from the well-known Juma-Jami Mosque. Its guests are offered to taste authentic Crimean Tatar dishes: shish kebabs, chebureks, samsa and original sweets.


Kezlev Kavesi

The authentic coffee house Kezlev Kavesi is situated on the second level of the fortress gates Odun-bazar Kapusy. It serves 15 kinds of coffee, including the most expensive coffee in the world – Luwak. In addition, it offers a wide selection of tea and various sweets: Tatar baklava, sweet cobet, wedding yantyk.


Beauty of Ukrainian Girls

One of the most striking qualities of women from Ukraine is their physical beauty. Perhaps one of the main reasons why many men argue that Ukrainian girls are the prettiest in the world is that they take much care with their appearance. Not only the way that they dress (which is very feminine) but also the meticulous attention to their hair, nails and makeup.

For Ukrainian women, it is very important for them to look their best, not only for their own personal satisfaction, but also so that they can be the best wife for their husband.

Dress sense is extremely important in Ukrainian society, particularly for women, and you should also pay attention to dressing well when you are out in public in Ukraine.

Physical fitness is also important for women in Ukraine, and you will notice many girls mention their keen interest in gymnastics, aerobics, swimming and many other sports and outdoor activities.


Perhaps there is also something mysterious about this charming nation nestled on the northern rim of the Black Sea that makes their women so beautiful and enchanting...!