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Sevastopol (Sebastopol) is one of two cities with special status in Ukraine, located on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean peninsula. It has a population of 342,451 (2001). Sevastopol is the second largest port in Ukraine, after the Port of Odessa . The unique geographic location and navigation conditions of the city's harbors make Sevastopol a strategically important naval point. It is also a popular seaside resort and tourist destination, mainly for visitors from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. The city, formerly the home of the Russian then Soviet Black Sea Fleet, is now home to a Ukrainian naval base and a Russian naval base in facilities leased by the Russian Navy.

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Sevastopol (Crimea), with is southern charm ad rich heritage, is an original destination that still remains a mystery for many Westerners. The city of Sevastopol was closed to foreigners until 1996… The south coast of Crimea has a Mediterranean climate, rather warm and soft. It Is very pleasant to stroll downtown at the quay and along the shaded avenues, where cadets and Navy officers in uniform compete with stylish Russian and Ukrainian girls’ charm. It is difficult not to “fall in love” with Sevastopol. Your rest in Crimea, formerly the resort of the Russian aristocracy, enables you to discover an attractive country, with unique cultural heritage and variety of stunning landscapes. The city, animated in summer, is very pleasant and won’t leave one different. It hosts the naval base of the Russian fleet of the Black Sea. Sevastopol has the long heroic history, and is famous for its resistance during the Crimean War and the Second World War. These events are commemorated throughout the city with many monuments.


Sevastopol places of interest

Chersonese. National Historical and Archaeological Museum “Chersonese” is created in the excavation site of ancient and medieval town of Chersonese. In the 3rd-2nd centuries BC, the first fortifications with 24 towers (10-15 meters height), more than 30 streets and a large number of houses were constructed. The central part of the town was occupied by acropolis, agora, theater, and temples.

The remains of the basilica with mosaics, and columns of the 5th-10th centuries survived. Today theater festivals are held at the scene of the ancient theater (the 3rd century). Address: Sevastopol, Drevnaya (Ancient) Str., 1. Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 (winter – 9:00-17:00), day off - Monday.


St. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese. One of the main Orthodox shrines of Ukraine, the largest cathedral in the Crimea. The cathedral is located on the territory of “Chersonese” archaeological museum. In 1924, the cathedral was closed, and during the Second World War it was destroyed. In 2001, the church was reopened after restoration. Address: Sevastopol, Drevnaya (Ancient) Str., 1.

St. Vladimir (Admiralty) Cathedral. The church-tomb of Russian admirals M. Lazarev, V. Kornilov, V. Istomin, P. Nakhimov.The monumental building of the cathedral in the Byzantine style was constructed on the City Hill. In 1932, the church was closed. The service was resumed in 1991. Address: Sevastopol, Suvorov Str., 3.


Museum of the History of Black Sea Fleet. The museum was founded in 1869 on the initiative of veterans of Sevastopol defense (1854-1855). It is located in the house of General E. Totleben - one of the heads of the defense. On the main facade of the building there is a famous “Sevastopol sign”: a cross and the number 349, signifying the number of days of defense.

Seven halls of the exposition are devoted to the history of the Black Sea Fleet from the 18th to the 20th century. More than 30 thousand exhibits are presented (models of warships, personal belongings of commanders, etc. Naval guns, anchors and other elements of the ship’s equipment are installed in the yard of the museum. Address: Sevastopol, Lenin Str., 11. Opening hours: 10:00-17:30, day off - Monday, Tuesday.


Panorama of Sevastopol Defense. The construction of museum complex on a hill overlooking the South Bay began in the late 19th century in place of the bastion #4, where, during the Crimean War, the main line of southern fortifications of Sevastopol was located. Inside you can find the grand painting (1,600 square meters) showing the storm of Sevastopol in June 6, 1855. The author of the painting is F. Roubaud. Address: Sevastopol, Historical Blvd., 10. Opening hours: 9:30-16:00, day off - Monday.


Monument to the Sunk Ships. The most famous monument of Sevastopol, depicted on the coat of arms of the city. Graceful column with Corinthian head, topped by a bronze eagle is installed on an artificial rock in the sea in 1905 on the fiftieth anniversary of the first defense of Sevastopol.

It perpetuates the memory of more than fifteen ships sunk in 1854-1855 to prevent the entrance of the English-French fleet into the North Bay. The fire of coastal batteries and sunken ships made the North Bay inaccessible for the enemy fleet. Address: Sevastopol, Primorsky Blvd.


Malakhov Kurgan. The museum complex on Malakhov hill was opened on the site of the fiercest fightings that took place in Sevastopol during the Crimean War and the Second World War. Defense tower (the fortification built in the 19th century) was preserved. At the beginning of the main alley you can see the mass grave of Russian and French soldiers and the monument to Kornilov. Address: Sevastopol, Istomin Str. Opening hours: 9:00-16:00, day off - Monday.


Aquarium. The building of the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas named after A. Kovalevsky is located in the center of Sevastopol, on the shore of Artillery Bay. In 1897, the first in the Russian Empire aquarium with marine animals was opened here. Today it is the largest aquarium in Ukraine. More than 180 species of animals are presented in four halls. Address: Sevastopol, Nakhimov Ave., 2. Opening hours: 9:00-19:00 (winter - 10:00-17:00), day off - Monday.


Michael’s Battery. Historic military complex “Michael’s battery” is a branch of the National Military History Museum of Ukraine. It is located on the northern coast of Sevastopol bay. The museum was opened in 2010, based on one surviving from the 19th century fortification of Sevastopol fortress. The fort was restored and the exhibition “Heroic Sevastopol” was opened here.

Various weapons (from knives to machine guns), more than 60 uniforms, ship’s guns, personal belongins, unique letters, books, and documents are presented. Address: Sevastopol, Gromov Str. Opening hours: 10:00-18:00.


Intercession Cathedral. The cathedral was built in 1905. The outer side of the building is richly decorated with mosaics. In Soviet times, the building was used as a gym, an archive. The service was resumed in 1992. Address: Sevastopol, Bolshaya Morskaya Str., 36.


Sapun Hill. The memorial complex on the hill, which was the scene of fierce fighting during the defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942 and its liberation in 1944. You can see the diorama “The Storm of Sapun Hill May 7, 1944” on the first floor of semicircular building of the museum. The collection of Soviet military equipment of the Second World War times is also located here. Address: Sevastopol, General Melnik Str. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00, day off - Monday.


Sevastopol Fortress. The construction of fortifications defending Sevastopol from the sea began on the orders of A. Suvorov before the foundation of Sevastopol city itself in 1778. It was finished only in the beginning of the war in 1854. Historic military complex “Michael’s battery” is open in Michael’s fort (North side, Goromov Street). It is a branch of the National Military History Museum of Ukraine.


The Count’s Quay. Main sea gates of Sevastopol. The white colonnade and the stairs are the main elements. Excursion boats can be found here. The main square of the city (Nakhimov Square) with the monument to Admiral Nakhimov is located nearby. Address: Sevastopol, Nakhimov Square.


Dolphinarium in Artillery bay. The main dolphinarium of Sevastopol is located in the center of the city. Visitors can swim with dolphins in a special pool under the guidance of an experienced instructor. On the territory of the dolphinarium you can also visit an exhibition of parrots. Address: Sevastopol, Kornilov Seafront, 2. Opening hours: 11:00-17:00 (winter: 11:00-14:00), day off - Monday.


35th Battery. 35th guards coastal battery at Sevastopol (fort “Maxim Gorky”) was founded in 1913, and completed and put into operation as a separate military unit in 1929. At that time, it was the heaviest fortification in the USSR; its construction took about as much concrete as the construction of Zaporozhye hydro power plant. 35th battery main purpose was to defend Sevastopol from the sea.

Almost all constructions of the complex were placed under the ground. In June and July 1942, it was the place where 80 thousand defenders of Sevastopol took their last fight. The excursion takes place at a depth of 5 to 20 meters. Address: Sevastopol, Kazachye village, Defenders of the 35th Battery Str. Opening hours: 14:00-17:00 (Saturday, Sunday - 10:00-17:00), days off - Monday, Tuesday.


Primorsky Boulevard. The shady park of Primorsky Boulevard is a favorite place of residents and guests of Sevastopol. The boulevard founded in 1885 was built on the site of Nicholas battery destroyed during the Crimean War. In 1905, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the defense of Sevastopol the monument to Sunken Ships was erected. Address: Sevastopol, Primorsky Blvd.


Church of St. Nicholas. Memorial Church of St. Nicholas is located on the cemetery of Sevastopol defense of 1854-1855 participants. It was built on people’s donations. The church stands out for its unusual architecture - the pyramid topped by a cross. On the outer edges of the church you can see the marble plaques with the lists of the regiments defended Sevastopol in the Crimean War. Address: Sevastopol, Bogdanov Str., 43.


Eco-park Lukomorye. The playground “Lukomorye” offers to plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of fairy tales. You can have a walk in the park with sculptures of folk heroes, visit a small zoo, Ukraine’s first “Museum of Soviet childhood”, puppet show “Lukomorye”, museum of marmalade and museum of Indian culture. Address: Sevastopol, Pobeda Ave., 1-a. Opening hours: 8:00 - 23:00.


Water Park Zurbagan. One of the largest water parks in Ukraine: 15 slides (height up to 14 meters) and 7 swimming pools, waterfalls. There are also cafes and bars. Address: Sevastopol, “Pobeda” park. Opening hours: 10:00-18:00.


Tower of the Winds. The construction is a copy of ancient Greek building located in Athens. The tower was built in 1849 on the initiative of Admiral M. Lazarev. Its main purpose was to ventilate the Maritime Library book depositaries burnt during the siege of Sevastopol in 1855. Address: Sevastopol, Frunze Str., 5.


Dolphinarium in Cossack Bay. The dolphinarium was opened in the midst of the “cold war” as the Aquarium of the Soviet Navy - secret base for scientific research on marine animals and training of combat dolphins. The animals were trained to find torpedoes, mines and other sunken military equipment, as well as defend the waters of the naval base of Sevastopol. Today it is the Research Center “State Oceanarium of Ukraine”. The dolphinarium is open to public from early June to mid September. Address: Sevastopol, Epronovskaya Str., 7.Opening hours: shows: 11:00, 14:00.


Drama Theater. Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A. Lunacharsky was opened in 1956. The present building was constructed to replace destroyed during the Second World War building of “Renaissance” theater. Address: Sevastopol, Nakhimov Str., 6.


Memorial of Sevastopol Defense. The memorial of the heroic defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942 was erected in the main square of the city in front of the monument to P. Nakhimov in 1967. Address: Sevastopol, Nakhimov Square.


Peter and Paul Church. The church is located on a hill in the center of the city. An interesting example of using antique architecture in the construction of an Orthodox church - it looks like the Athenian Parthenon. The initiator of construction was Admiral M. Lazarev, great admirer of antique architecture. Address: Sevastopol, Lunacharsky Str., 37.


Museum of Art. Sevastopol Art Museum named after M. Kroshitsky was based on nationalized in 1920 private collections of the southern coast of Crimea and collection of imperial summer residence located in the Livadia Palace. During the Second World War, most of the art treasures were saved thanks to the efforts of the Director of the Gallery M. Kroshitsky. Currently, the museum has more than 8 thousand paintings, drawings, sculpture and decorative arts. Address: Sevastopol, Nakhimov Ave., 9. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 (in summer - 11:00-18:00), day off - Tuesday.


All Saints Church. The church is the oldest building in Sevastopol, located in the old cemetery in Zagorodnaya balka. In 1859, the church was rebuilt after destruction during the Crimean War. For a long time it was the only functioning church in Sevastopol. Address: Sevastopol, Pozharov Str., 9-a.


Sevastopol Nightlife


The fun in Sevastopol doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Some even argue that that’s when it starts. Bars, clubs, lounges and live music venues—it’s all reason for us to put our dancing shoes on and raise to toast to Sevastopol. Will you join in?





Omega beach

Night club “Urugvayskiy letchik” (Uruguayan pilot) has one big hall with usual little tables and little tables with partitions and soft sofas along walls.

Walls are decorated with bamboo, cane, pasted on walls newspaper of the communistic epoch. On walls of the citation from interesting books are. Everything is great and make the most pleasant impressions. The interior is worthy to see it.

Light of the club is of one the best in the city.


PREMIER, night club


Kapitanskaya str., 2

Tel.: +38 (0692) 93 27 94

Club Premier is one of the most respectable night clubs of Sevastopol. The club represents territory of art innovations. The original interior of club combining various directions and styles of design art, qualitative music - all this creates a pleasant atmosphere for rest. Soft, leather sofas and armchairs, on walls are hanged out the plasma monitors, two Split-systems of air-conditioners. Also it is possible to use Wi-Fi Internet given free-of-charge.

The unique feature of design of club is one of the longest in Crimea the bar rack. Near to club there is a convenient car parking place.

The personnel of the club are joyful, stylish people. The professional face - control works.


911, night club


Omega Bay

Night club “911” is a two-storied building, a facade with the big light windows and a trade mark “911”. On an entrance you will be met by guardians and face-control. The red ceiling with a bright yellow frame is located above your head in a hall where the wardrobe with small sofas along walls. To the left of you a hall with a dancing and a bar, the ladder on the second floor lead in Chill-out, to the right corner a door in a toilet room is. Dancing very light, filled with bright shades of the qualitative light equipment of the club. The hall is small and cozy; a platform for dancing is bordered with golden-yellow illumination. On perimeter of a hall bar racks and yellow-red high chairs settle down. Chill-out on the second floor - the cozy hall, sensation of open space give the big windows closed by easy organza curtains through which you can see fires of night city. The staff of the club is benevolent, the service is duly.



ZVEZDNIY IL"YAS, night club


Nahimova str., 2

Tel.: +38(0692)544766

Bottom two floors of the building of the entertaining complex “Zvezdniy Il’yas” are occupied with the disco-bar “Zvezdniy” , on the third floor under the restaurant “Il’yas” is.

In the disco-bar “Zvezdniy” lines of tables are located along a hall (convenient soft chairs) and before a dancing (usual little tables). A dancing is big enough. Before it a stage is.

Interior decoration of the disco-bar is great. Along a hall columns with mirrors are. Chrome, glass, a tree are organically wreathed in a wonderful composition.


TURBINA, bowling-center


Vakulenchuka str., 29, trading-centre “Monsoon”

Tel.: +38 (0692) 46-64-24

Bowling-center Turbina is the biggest bowling in Crimea (18 paths). Except high-quality bowling it offers to its visitors “Turbo – restaurant” with author's dishes, business lunches, hookah card, cigars and elite drinks; Turbo–sport-bar where you can watch translation of all significant sports events; Billiard tables for American and Russian pools.


V OBLAKAH, night club


Artbuhta, ploshad Trehsotletiya Rossiyskogo Flota, 1

Tel.: +38 (0692) 55-61-42, (050)325-00-10

Cocktail - hall “V oblakah” (In clouds) is on the third floor of a building including: a network of restaurants Potato House on a ground floor, sushi-restaurant Japi - on the second floor, and a cocktail-hall “V oblakah” - on the third floor.

The interior is completely executed in gentle pastel shades. This softness of walls relieves of problems and allows to relax and to enjoy music. In decoration there are Hawaiian motives. Special value of the club is represented with windows for all walls that show a wonderful view on the sea. An atmosphere of carelessness and fun is the merit of successful design’s decision.

On a party in a bar two professional barmen works they who will present you a wide range of cocktails. Security guards at the entrance and in the hall provide safety of visitors. On the entrance face-control and dress-code are.


ZEPPELIN, night club


ploshad Vostavshih 6

Tel.: +38 (0692) 934654

The atmosphere of the club Zeppelin - forms the corresponding public set the good rest. After an entrance in the building of the club - before you there will be a wardrobe, on the right a toilet. At the left there will be an entrance in an entrance corridor at the end of which will be a door with very interesting painting. Getting through these doors you will meet face-control and the cashier of the club. Having given a quantity of money you can enter.

Inside - at the left a hall with various furniture on which people sit. There is also a big bar rack. Further on a hall - a dancing, a stage, a projector, the small bar rack in the end of a hall opposite from the entrance. Except for that in the distant end of a hall along a wall there is a number of semicircular sofas opposite to which are established poles for nice girls dancing topless.

Interior of the club is one of the best in the city.


STUDIO 41, night club


Prospekt Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii, 38

Tel.: +38 (0692) 46-01-35, (050)3933339

“Studio 41” is one of the most prestigious clubs of Sevastopol for today. The first that you see, getting in club is the wide ladder decorated with lovely curls in lilac -black tones, then a huge mirror, a hall, a wardrobe. “Studio 41” is open not for all. It will be glad to you only in the event that you will pass the face-control.

Getting inside, you feel yourself as in an imperial mansion. Around smart olden time breathe, the fine art taste, an interesting design idea. All is decorated with gold … the Spiral staircase, smithery, curtains, mirrors, pictures … But at the same time, there is a spirit of nowadays. Stylish large-format screens on walls, the qualitative light equipment and a pure sound.

The accent in club is made not only on a smart interior, but also on qualitative, modern music. Residents of club precisely keep up tendencies in the world of music. The club every week stably invites visitors: leading Ukrainian and foreign DJs.

In club three halls, three bar racks, three toilets are. A ground floor has a dancing, convenient tables with small chairs; the second has soft sofas with low little tables, little tables in the form of heart of a light leather and cozy places. In the menu there are nonalcoholic, alcoholic drinks, extensive cocktail card, hookahs and cigars, wide assortment of hot dishes and snack.


PAPILLON, night club


Geroev Stalingrada str., 22a

Tel.: +38 (0692) 93-32-22

In the night club Papillon 150 seats are. Style, luxury and comfort triumph everywhere in this club. Primary colors of an interior are red, dark blue and black, everywhere symbols of butterflies. The pride of club is the laser and professional musical equipment, unique on the Crimean peninsula.

Everyone passes a dress-code and the face – control on the entrance to the club. In the menu cocktails, alcoholic and soft drinks, snack, desserts and a hookah with various staffing are. Separate attention deserves Crazy Menu.

In the night club Papillon 150 seats are. Style, luxury and comfort triumph everywhere in this club. Primary colors of an interior are red, dark blue and black, everywhere symbols of butterflies. The pride of club is the laser and professional musical equipment, unique on the Crimean peninsula.

The format of club supports an easy electro-house, but it not restriction just one of rules. In club frequently invite visitors, plan and realize show-programs, arrange thematic parties. Professional show-ballet "Darts" is the part of this club, its shows are unforgettable and various.


ASIA, night club


Geroev Bresta str., 29

Tel.: +38 (0692) 43-07-89

Having come into the night club “Asia” you will see a compact lobby with mirrors and ashtrays. At the left in this room the cash department, on the right - a wardrobe is located. Passing guard and the face - control, we get in the spacious space divided on some parts. Several little steps to the left and you appear on a dancing. In a hall along walls stand cozy sofas. On all territory little tables "are scattered", so you will always find a place where to sit down. To the right of a dancing there is a bar, it is possible to spend time at the bar rack. In a corner, that near a bar, - the billiard table will please fans of billiard.

Color of the sky prevails in style of the club -shades of dark blue on walls of the main hall and a lobby. Bright orange and pink lines immerse in something space. Walls are decorated with a variety of the pictures written manually about space subjects, highlighted with neon. Corresponding illumination creates an atmosphere of extraterrestrial celebrations.

The magnificent choice in the menu, both drinks, and dishes, will not leave visitors indifferent. The kitchen of the club is really good. Protection of club is benevolent and sympathetic.


Women in Sevastopol

Sevastopol women are on the whole very feminine, strong in their femininity and proud. They never tried to compete with men on a masculine level, they missed the whole feminine movement in the. For the large part these women studied diligently through school and university and took their education very seriously, so many are highly qualified in a variety of professional fields. Equally they have inherited deep cultural routes (one of the successes of the soviet system). So here you have a cocktail of very attractive attributes. Ukrainian Woman.



-Don’t be surprised seeing lots of female companies without even one man with them, it is normal here because of demographic situation there are many single ladies.

-Don’t take too much money, you won’t spend it all. You’ll be glad with low prices and good quality of service.

-Don’t forget to take your camera with you otherwise you won’t forgive it to yourself.

-You don’t need to worry about your safety. Sevastopol is a safe city with local police control everywhere, anyway you need to be attentive and don’t leave your laptop outside.

-Try to talk loudly in English or any foreign language and immediately you’ll have lots of ladies around.