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Guangzhou is one of the most prominent cities of the Republic of China. If you are in China right now, or are planning to go anytime soon, then make sure you put Guangzhou on your list of places to visit in China. It is one of the most happening cities. It is truly amongst the modern cities of the world that attract thousands of visitors annually from all over the globe. It is the ideal place for food lovers, as they will literally find a restaurant that attracts them on every street that they walk through. The local cuisine is delicious and the people are friendly which makes the entire experience a very pleasant one. This is also the place to be if you love to shop. The city itself can be taken to be one big shopping mall due to the numerous shopping districts spread across the city. Even if you are looking for something very specific and unique, chances are that you will be able to find it here without any difficulty. The nightlife, clubs, cruises, museums and multiple theme parks make Guangzhou the perfect vacation spot for those looking for fun things to do. These places are easy to reach and the tickets are usually quite affordable. Overall, Guangzhou is a must see and will not disappoint no matter what age group you belong to or what your interests are. It has something for everyone! So start planning now and have a great trip that you will remember forever.

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More Photos of Guangzhou

Guangzhou ranks as number 3 on the list of the largest cities in China. It is usually visited by the majority of tourists who travel to China due to the variety of things that it has to offer. The city was developed during a time period when the rules and regulations were beginning to change and thus it is a relatively more modern and westernized city, as compared to Beijing and shanghai. It is one of the most crucial regions in China regarding trade and economy because of the presence of a port and a large local market.

The city’s climate is usually hot during summers with plenty of rain and humidity whereas the winters are mild and moderate in length. The late summer season is the busiest time of the year in terms of tourism, but the city is always host to a large number of visitors all around the year. Visas are easy to obtain as well as direct and connecting flights from almost anywhere in the world. Once in Guangzhou, getting around is no difficult task due to an extensive and highly well-developed local transport system which includes buses, taxis and the subway.

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For all the foodies out there

If you ever get the chance to go to China then you must also spare some time and make sure that you visit Guangzhou. This is because Guangzhou is considered the food capital of the country due to the amazing variety that is available in the city. No matter what your taste in food is like, in Guangzhou you will be sure to find something that will get you hooked! Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the many diverse dishes that are to be found here.

Guangzhou is the place where the concept of Chinese food as known in the West first originated. The cuisine here is also referred to as Cantonese cuisine, which reflects a rich Asian culture of the balanced use of spices and herbs.

Guangzhou has the highest number of per capita restaurants in all of China, which means that you will literally find a restaurant or café at every single corner. Food can be considered to be more a part of the culture than diet in Guangzhou and anyone who goes here must take full advantage of that and try as many new items and dishes as they possibly can. Some of the most famous areas for food lovers would be the Dongshan District, Yuexiu District, East Huifu Road and Liwan District where they can find a vast selection of appetizers, snacks, meals and desserts. Some of the things that are definitely worth trying are the seafood delicacies as well as the wide variety of authentic Chinese soups.

A shopper’s paradise and a bargain seekers heaven

It is a well-established fact that China is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods and hence no matter where you go, it is likely that you will find quality shopping here. Since Guangzhou is a major trading hub of the region, the city automatically becomes one of the greatest places for shopping in China.

Whether you are looking to buy normal everyday things such as clothes, shoes and household items or something more unusual such as LED lights, cars or even industrial equipment, this is definitely the place for you. There are entire plazas and roads dedicated to providing visitors with absolutely anything one can think of. The best part is that most of the goods are quite reasonably priced, especially if one were to go to the wholesale retailers. These wholesale markets are easy to find as they are all listed on the internet and most locals will also be able to guide you to them.

If you just want to shop for some souvenirs and cheap daily use items then head off to Wende Road or Baima clothes market, but keep in mind that bargaining really does come in handy and be prepared to battle it out with the shopkeepers. 

Of you want to indulge in some luxury and buy the latest designer offerings then we recommend one of the more upscale modern shopping malls in areas such as Shangxiajiu Road, Beijing Road and Shifu Road commercial zones. Here you can expect to find each and every single brand that is known to humanity. The shopping experience itself is a treat since the malls are spacious and beautifully decorated. However, be prepared to fork out the cash because this kind of shopping does not come cheap.

Things to do

Guangzhou is a wonderland for all of you theme park enthusiasts out there. These theme parks have some of the most fun water rides, roller coasters and food that attract adults and children alike. This is the ideal place to go to if you are travelling with friends or children, as they make up for an entire day of exciting activities.

There are also several quaint villages in the areas surrounding Guangzhou which are perfect if you want to go bicycling or just take a relaxing walk. These picturesque villages are wonderful for getting to know the local culture better and make for a lovely backdrop to some very touristy pictures. Guangzhou is also home to some interesting museums that house valuable historical items. The timings and ticketing information are usually available at the front desk of most hotels.

Nightlife in Guangzhou

The nightlife of Guangzhou is just as amazing as the city itself. It seems as if the entire city comes to life just after sun down. The buildings here are fantastically lit and the nighttime view is just absolutely breathtaking. It is a common site here in Guangzhou to see tourists on a picture-taking spree at night because of how stunning the city looks, with its bright and colorful signs and tall buildings that change shade every now and then.

Guangzhou has many clubs and bars that are open all night and full of people out to have a good time. The atmosphere in these clubs is friendly and energetic, as they have some of the best Djs, who are known to play excellent music. At some of these places, you can also listen and dance to live music.

All of these local hotspots make for a great place where one can run into people of different backgrounds and interact with them. You may find many people whom you share several interests with and form lasting friendships with.

One other thing that you must do at while in Guangzhou is too take the nighttime cruise of the Pearl River. You will be able to witness outstanding views of the stunning skyline amidst wonderful people, food and music. This is one cruise that should not be missed!