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Taiwan is home to some of the biggest outdoor concert venues and Buddhist Temples in the region. It is also peppered with mountains that offer beautiful views and hiking trails. Travelers often come to Taiwan in the spring to take part in the annual cherry blossom festival and to relax in the hot springs. If you come to shop, Taiwanese markets offer some of the region's best fabrics, jewelry, and produce at very affordable prices.

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Taiwan is an island nation of about 36,000 km² located off the coast of southeastern mainland China, southwest of Okinawa and north of the Philippines. The island is offically known as and governed by the Republic of China. Shaped roughly like a sweet potato, the nation is home to more than 23 million people and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Besides its crowded cities, Taiwan is also known for steep mountains and lush forests. In addition to the island of Taiwan, the Republic of China also governs the tiny Pescadores (Penghu), Quemoy (Kinmen/Jinmen), and Matsu.



Lowland Taiwan has a marine tropical climate during the summer, with sweltering, humid weather (above 30°C, 86°F) from Jun-Sep. In the winter the weather is influenced by the nearby continent, and in the northern areas the temperature can go as low as 8°C at night. The best time of year to visit is from Oct-Dec, although the occasional typhoons can spoil the fun. Spring is also nice, although it rains more than during autumn. During the typhoon season, the east coast bears the brunt of the damage as it is facing the Pacific Ocean.


On the other hand, when you head into the mountainous regions you will encounter more moderate temperate conditions. Rapid weather change can endanger unprepared visitors, so advice on proper preparation should be obtained before visiting those areas. In fact, it snows every year on Taiwan's highest mountains and occasionally even on mountains like Alishan.



I. Taipei: the seat of government of Taiwan ROC and its center of commerce and culture. Taipei is home to the world's second tallest skyscraper, Taipei 101.
II. New Taipei: the most populous city of Taiwan. The area includes a substantial stretch of Taiwan's northern coastline and surrounds the Taipei Basin.

III. Hsinchu: a center of hi-tech industry, and one of the world's leading manufacturers of hi-tech components. Hsinchu Science Park is the home to many hi-tech companies.

IV. Hualien: located near Taroko Gorge, and is considered one of the most pleasant of Taiwan's cities.

V. Jiufen: this former gold mining town located on the northeast coast is now a popular tourist destination.

VI. Kaohsiung: is the second-largest city on the island. It has one of the busiest sea ports (the Port of Kaohsiung) in the world and it has the island's second-largest airport, Kaohsiung International Airport.

VII. Keelung: is the a center of transshipment in the north, and is located about a thirty minute drive or a twenty minute bicycle ride from downtown Taipei.

VIII. Puli: is located at the geographical center of the island, and it serves as a good base for exploring the central mountains and Sun Moon Lake.

IX. Taichung: is the third largest city in Taiwan, and has an abundance of interesting cultural amenities and activities.

X. Tainan: is the oldest city in Taiwan and was the capital during imperial times. It is famous for its historic buildings.


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• Asian girls are renowned for their beauty. Asians stand out among Asian women in terms of charm and femininity.

• Taiwanese women are naturally romantic, loving and caring. They are not only beautiful women but a delight to be around because of the famous Asian disposition and personality. Many Asians have instilled in them since birth a sense of honor called Delikadesa. It is this sense of Delikadesa that gives them such fine admirable qualities you just won't find in ladies of the western world. You will never find a proper Asian lie, cheat, or steal – it will bring shame upon her and her family.


• Taiwanese women put family first before money. To the Asian, family will always remain a great priority. The Asian, whom many would consider as having come from a relatively poor country, will view the close loving bonds of the Asian Family as her wealth. The Asian women are more willing to sacrifice career than a family.

• Asians are religious. Philippines is the only Christian nation in the far east.

• Taiwanese women are excellent home keepers. Taiwanese ladies equate domestic responsibility with being a good wife (or potentially a good wife). The Asian Lady's home is a great source of pride for her. For the Asian girl to yell in her home is to de-face her home so you will never find her screaming or breaking dishes.

• Asian girls are well educated. The Taiwan culture places a huge emphasis on a college education. An environment of importance towards education and pride in accomplishment at school is instilled in the Asian’s family.

• Offers very high respect to partners or provider in the family. Some, actually many who marry these Asian beauties, swear they make the best wives in the world, not only beautiful, but loyal, loving and faithful past death.

• Asian-American marriages are more successful than American-American marriages. It is interesting to note that Asian girls - American men marriages arranged through dating services, such as , would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole. The divorce rate of these marriages is 20% while the standard American- American marriage of today has about a 40% chance of divorce, though the statistics vary wildly according to which source you use.

• Asian women believe in a one-man one-woman relationship. An interesting fact is that there is no "absolute divorce" in Taiwan. There is only "relative divorce" in a form of "legal separation” (husband and wife are only separated from bed and board but marriage remains in full force). Marriage in such a country where they simply do not have divorce laws is always considered a lifelong commitment.

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• Asians are optimistic and have flexible personality. They have a great sense of humor.