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Europe » Ukraine » Chernivtsi (Czernowitz)

Chernivtsi is a glorious hotchpotch, a bittersweet ruin that might be smartening itself up in the coming years. Leafy but disheveled – especially its pavements – it displays the signs of a more elegant past. Its phantasmagorical university is not only the best preserved of its many historic buildings – combined with the huge Kalynivsky Market on the city’s outskirts, that temple of higher learning is also responsible for this shabby city’s lively atmosphere.

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The destiny of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz), as a city and the capital of the duchy of Bukovina is inseparably linked with the history of the Austrian empire.

That Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) whose wonderful buildings we can still admire nowadays, was built during the Austrian period, a splendid epoch for the city.

 Travel to architectural masterpieces of Chernivtsi, during which you can visit the famous architectural gems of Chernivtsi, travel to central part of the old city of Chernivtsi, because route goes through four squares of the city (Philharmonic, Central, Cathedral, Theater) and Kobylyanska Street.

 Interesting to travel in Chernivtsi by pedestrian route, which includes a visit  to five squares in Chernivtsi - Cathedral, Central, Theatre, Philharmonic and to the Turkish well, allows to travel to Chernovtsy historical urban center XIX - beg. XX century. During the visit, tourists will see the city planning units, which were formed under the influence of European historicism, will walk on streets O. Kobylyanska, I. Franko, M. Eminesku and others, which had preserved building ensemble. Travel to Chernovtsy creates understanding of the development of the capital of region, the architectural styles and urban environment of a bygone era, a visit to Chernivtsi introduces the fine architectural monuments: City Hall, German, Polish, Romanian, Jewish and Ukrainian community houses, regional Drama Theatre, administration buildings,. medical academy etc.

Extremely interesting is the opportunity to travel the route Chernovtsy- Jewish. This visit to Chernivtsi acquaints visitors with the architectural and historical heritage of a large Jewish community, which existed in the city during the XIX - XX centuries. Places which should visited in Chernivtsi are - the former Jewish house at Theater Square, Shtetl building, a large synagogue and the old hospital on Barbusse Street, family and home synagogues, prayer houses, houses of Jewish communities and Toynbihalle educational center on Turets’ka Street, a modern Jewish school # 41 and  “Hesed Shushan” charity fund, the Jewish cemetery on. Zelena Street and others. Guests will be able to visit working synagogue on  L.Kobylycia Street, which has kosher dining and ritual mykva.


Nightlife in Chernivtsi

The fun in Chernivtsi doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Some even argue that that’s when it starts. Bars, clubs, lounges and live music venues—it’s all reason for us to put our dancing shoes on and raise to toast to Chernivtsi.


ASTARTA, nightclub


Russkaya, 244a

Phone: +38 (0372) 58-43-04

Since the opening and till today, an entertaining complex Astarta occupies one of top places for funs of the night rest. Giving the true club atmosphere for visitors is the main aim for the administration of the club. The internal space of the club is a three-level complex, it is made in original Egyptian style where each of floors has own concept of design, light, sound that forms original character of night club Astarta.

On the ground floor of the night club is the greatest dancing in Chernovtsy where pleasant atmosphere of music from the residents always take place.

On the second floor there is a cozy corner of a restaurant, with fine kitchen and bewitching design, bowling and billiard.

On the third floor there is a second dancing - "Fashion House". The mix Ancient Greek and Egyptian styles, cozy atmosphere, music in styles R'n'B, Pop, a wide range of cocktails, excellent kitchen - all it will give unforgettable impressions to the visitors of the club.



GRAN PRI CLUB, night club


Komunal'nikov str., 1d

Phone: +38 (0372) 545-145

Entertaining complex “Gran pri club” is a three-storied modern building. On the second floor the restaurant pre-party – “Granat” is located. The restaurant conception is “the time before a party”.

This place where it is possible to eat tasty, drink, take pleasure of an oriental hookah made by a professional hookah-man - an African, to listen not only modern club music, but also music in execution of live musicians, in a circle of friends to celebrate holidays. For a romantic solitude the special VIP zone is.

Here you will plunge into the magic world of music and dance. Soft sofas are on all perimeter of the hall, democratic atmosphere, and all it at light of the sun set. There is also absolutely round contact bar where professional-barmen will offer a member of world famous cocktails, drinks and will make for you the barman-show.



SPHERE, nightclub


Golovna str, 130a

Phone: +38 (0372) 573570

Club Sphere is a small cozy club. Club Sphere is exactly that is necessary for having a good rest. Here you will be pleased with the loyal prices, good qualitative service. For the real gourmets, the cooks will make refined dishes. Music in the club is picked up in way to satisfy requirements of the majority of clients.

The club Sphere at present moment is the most visited club of Chernovtsy. On everyone holiday the club administration always does pleasant surprises for the visitors.



PLATINUM, nightclub


Yuzhno-Okruzhnaya str., 4-B

Phone: +38 (050) 262 44 11

Modern entertaining complex Platinum is one of the best and the most favorite among youth of Chernovtsy.

Platinum is more than just a club. It is and an orientation on realization of versatile, interesting and non-standard projects, attraction of leaders of DJs and creating of qualitative live performances.

Platinum is fine mixture of musical styles, from the best dancing hits of different ages - a disco, funk and pop-dance - and to the hottest modern music, from R&B to electro. One or two times a month in club well-known Ukrainian and European DJs act. In such cases the interior of a platform, scenery of a premise and even the list of dishes and drinks in the menu varies.

Barmen are winners of competitions; the club restaurant works in the best traditions of an European cuisine.

In separate lounge it is possible to have an ideal holiday with the limited quantity of invited, with separate buffet table, and also with performance of DJs. Besides, on the second floor it is possible to play on billiards.



HARD ROCK, night club


Teatral'naya square, 6

Phone: +38 (0372) 519432

Convenient location, stylish interior, modern sound and illumination, professional service and more than two hundred landing places, made the club-restaurant “Hard Rock” one of the best entertaining clubs of the city. The chief will offer you the wide menu (standard, banquet, children's) which consists of dishes of the European and Ukrainian cuisine.

The pride of the club is the bar and its cocktail card which includes 100 names of cocktails for all tastes, for different events. Besides, the cocktail card is constantly widened with new inventions of barman’s arts. Admirers of dancing rhythms can qualitatively have a rest on all possible parties that are in the club. DJs residents, and also well-known, popular and rating DJs, since evening and till the morning, will add fun to your life.




SEDMOE NEBO, nightclub


Teatral'naya square, 6

Phone: +38 (0372) 525163

“Sed'moe Nebo” (the Seventh Sky) is a night club, it is located in the centre of Chernovtsy. There are impressionable parties, birthdays, and also corporate holidays. For 5 years of existence, since day of opening, a night club “Sed'moe Nebo” is one of the most visited clubs in Chernovtsy. The low prices for a bar and dishes, warm atmosphere and a qualitative sound from the best DJs are always for its visitors.


Women from Chernivtsi are as beautiful as women from any other city of Ukraine like Odessa women or girls from Yalta. Ukrainian women are well known in the world as attractive women. They stand out because of their femininity. They want to be feminine, it is important for them and they want to make efforts for it. For example, they like to wear beautiful and neat feminine clothes. They wear high heels a lot, both in private and business sphere. Their hair is often long and they look cared off. They usually have a good figure; this is because they pay attention to their figure by eating healthily food and in moderation. They feel good in their feminine role and they see it as a privilege. It is also locked in their culture and society for women to be feminine and to look beautiful.