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Europe » Ukraine » Kharkiv

When you travel to places where arts and culture is prevalent, you come home with photos, but travel to a place like Kharkov, Ukraine, you come home with experience and a deeper understanding of how the walls of the Kremlin survived there. Most tourists would include this place in their travel itinerary.

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What should you expect to see at Kharkov? Well, this place is more of a scientific journey or anything that talks about the past and existing culture in Ukraine. A city that is led by machines, you will most likely meet a lot of locals who are engineers. This is their means to live and has already garnered a good following for investments.


If you are wondering since Kharkov is a rather industrial place, then what could be the tourist attractions in the place? A spiritual journey would not be complete if you would not visit the Chapel of St. Tatiana. This is such a solemn place of worship in Ukraine’s second to the largest city. So better include this in your travel guide.


Aside from cathedrals and places of worship, there are a lot of museums for you to go to as well as boat trips to the Lopan and Kharkov Rivers. Not only this, you can also visit the Kharkiv Circus where a lot of performers are housed. The experience is so wonderful since you get to be in a big dome to watch animals perform.


As you walk the streets in Kharkov you’ll be able to stumble upon yet another grandiose museum that shows military trucks that were used during World War II. They are on permanent display already so you would not miss them should you arrive at an off-season time.


When you think of what clothes to wear, bear in mind that this place is very cold. You need to bring extra thick clothes that would protect you from the chilly breeze. The temperature ranges from -1.8 degrees Celsius during the months of November and even dips lower to around -0.8 degrees Celsius during December. When summer comes and you schedule your trip then, the heat would still be bearable since there still is a cool breeze as compared with really humid places far from Ukraine.



Niightlife in Kharkov

Nights in Kharkov are very alive. Most clubs are remote from the center except for some rare clubs such as "Dom", "FASHION", pre and post party restaurants, and "Turbiyon".

Clubs in Kharkov are where you will find those beautiful russian ladies you see on magazines or on television, the very hot looking Russian brides like they are called in the west.

Cover charges in Kharkov clubs are almost the same everywhere, around $15.00 except for some way more expensive clubs for the "gold youth" of Kharkov.


If you want to experience some other nightlife traditions you should go to another Ukraine place like Kiev, the nightlife in Kiev is really amazing and you must once experience something like that.


Getting there:

The best way to go to clubs is to take a taxi.



"Always agree about the price BEFORE getting into the cab. It is even better to have some numbers to order a cab from a taxi company. "Locals" will double or triple charge you If they hear you speaking a foreign language."

Of course you can argue, walk away, try another taxi, it can even be entertaining, kind of a sport... But still, what a drag to have to do that.

Bartenders almost never give you the change back on your money so make sure to also ask for prices before ordering your cocktails.


There is no secret that Slavic women have bright natural beauty and charming femininity. Girls from Ukraine have become the standard of youth, charming, attractiveness and sexuality. You will be amazed from the amount of true beauties in Kharkiv. 


More tips and advice to contact, date and meet ukrainian women:

Ukrainian women are romantic, tenderand very gentle. They love to be treated as princesses and then in return they can become the best wives ever. Ukrainian women highly appreciate compliments. Don't be ashamed to tell her how much she means to you. Invite your girl for a dinner in a nice restaurant and suggest buying her an evening gown for this special occasion. This will completely blow your Ukrainian woman off her feet as it is a very nice and romantic deed.

Dont be silent, keep conversation alivem avoid awkward moments. Show how much you are interested in her. Stay open and sincere and luck will smile to you.