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The Palace of Livadiya was the summer residence of Russian tsars in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Great Palace is the centerpiece of a complex, and the style of construction is Italian Renaissance. It was bought by the crown for Alexander II for his wife’s climatic treatment and was under her administration. The Empress was known to be educated and highly intelligent Russian woman.

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Crimea: A Diamond In The Black Sea






A diamond-shaped peninsula, Crimea juts out into the Black Sea and is Ukraine’s pride. It is an exemplar of the importance of geography to history. The strategic importance of its harbors cannot be stressed enough. Having been conquered several times, it is an autonomous republic within the Republic of Ukraine.




Crimea is one of the best tourist spots not only in Ukraine but all over Europe. Millions of tourists from around the world throng the place. It is valued not just for its strategic location but also for its climate and natural beauty. The co-existence of old Soviet style sanatoriums with western entertainment creates a beautiful mix that sometimes borders on bizarre.  Ranging from the KaZantip Festival, which is a 4-week-long non-stop disco party to beaches, popular foam discos, wines, spas and therapeutic health resorts with their mud baths and mineral waters – anything goes.




Many films and television series have been shot along the Crimean coastlines and countryside. Trekkers can revel in the peaceful and natural environment. Ancient caves woo people with the remains of prehistoric bison and mammoth. The thrilling cable car rides atop the mountains is as unforgettable as the Crimean cuisine. You would be thrilled to know that young Crimean girls are some of the most beautiful in the world. In fact, as of 2012, a study rated Ukranian and Swedish women as the world’s most beautiful. That in itself is a highly enticing factor.




Explore Crimea




Palaces and castles adorn Crimea like diamonds in an Emperor’s crown. Swallow’s Nest is a must-see when you are in Crimea. It is a medieval castle sitting firmly on Aurora Cliff near Black Sea at Yalta City.  This “Castle of Love” as the locals call it, was built between 1911 and 1912 and is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide.  Don’t forget to look down the Black Sea from the castle, as this beautiful building clings to a cliff over the sea.




“Polyana Kazok” or Meadow of Fairy Tales as it is called, is a unique open-air museum that houses more than 200 fabulous sculptures representing fairy tales.  All sculptures have been naturally incorporated in the landscape giving it an ethereal feel. The uniqueness of this museum is the incredibly beautiful location: in the woods on the northeast slope of Mount Mogabi.  The positive energy and aesthetic background of this place makes it an extraordinary place for a visit.  Since this muserum is primarily intended for children, apart from the regular excursions, there is a summer open-air theater where children can interact and play with clowns and pirates, and enjoy a puppet show. 




You will find the ruins of an ancient Greek city, Chersonesus Taurica in the suburbs of Sevastopol, which is also an archeological park and a popular tourist attraction.




The Genoese Fortress of Sudak and Noviy Svet is a gem on the seaside. With an alluring coastline and mountain vistas, it is a grape-growing area.  This fortress was built between 1371 and 1409 and is most famous around the world for its marvelous medieval architecture.  Try to fit in a trip to Noviy Svet, a nearby village that has been a center of champagne production from the 18th century.  It is as picturesque as it can get with two lovely grottos, three lagoons and the beautiful green, blue and dark blue waters. If you have managed to find a beautiful Crimean woman or if you are visiting with your girl, it adds to the magic of this place.




Located close to Yalta, the Nikitskiy Botanical Garden is an outdoor museum and the most well-known masterpiece of landscape art in the world.  The name “green treasure” of the peninsula is a befitting tribute to this unique garden, with more than 28,000 species and hybrids of tropical plants. The individual groups and clusters of trees and herbs all come together to form an artistic design. Needless to say, you just cannot miss out on this.




The Palace of Livadiya was the summer residence of Russian tsars in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Great Palace is the centerpiece of a complex, and the style of construction is Italian Renaissance. It was bought by the crown for Alexander II for his wife’s climatic treatment and was under her administration. The Empress was known to be educated and highly intelligent Russian woman.




Let your imagination run wild and picture in your mind, greats like Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin sitting on these palace grounds and working on their plans for Germany’s defeat.




Mount Mithridat towers above the town of Kirch for almost one hundred meters. An imperishable symbol of various historical and cultural epochs, this wonderful place is famous for the large Mithridat’s staircase of more than 400 steps, which take you to the top of the mountain.  Paired sculptures of gryphons – mythical creatures with a bird’s head and wings, and a lion’s body decorate this staircase.




Interested in some adventurous diving? Crimea is not just known for its coral reefs, but is a diver’s haven. Wreck diving involves diving around the many ship wrecks around the peninsula and you may come close to some extremely friendly dolphins when you’re down there.  Earlier the Soviet military used to train them there.




Food & Drink


A delicious cuisine and find homemade wines are the mainstay of Crimea.  With excellent climatic conditions, the meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and dairy products are some of the best. The wide range of dishes is attributed to the different cultures of Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Caucasus and other countries whose connections with Crimea reflects in the food.




A specific mention of unique Crimean dishes made with fish is worth a mention. You will be amazed at the amount of street food available. Try some of the local Tatar specialties, which include Chebureki or cheburechnaya, which are half-moon shaped meat pies filled with different kinds of meat. Samsa is yet another delicacy filled with mince meat and onions.




Try the Manti, which are lamb-filled dumplings, served with adjika, which is a very spicy red chili pepper paste.  Yet another Tatar specialty is Lagan, an incredibly rich and thick lamb soup that is absolutely to die for. It is made with homemade noodles and vegetables. 




You will find some of the best Tatar food at “Aisha,” a restaurant that offers traditional Tatar food and ambience.




Pork shashlik is something you should try and you will find this in a good Russian restaurant, as pork is not served in Tatar restaurants.




When walking the beaches of Crimea, look out for the ice cream called molochnoye “made of milk.” It is white in color and with no vanilla flavoring, tastes like sweet milk.




If you see women selling something out of their buckets on the beach, make your way to them. Paklava (baklava) is amazing and like nothing you would ever have tasted before.  Layers of homemade dough created to look like big flowers, deep-fried and covered with honey and nuts. This is nothing less than heaven on a platter.




If you think your Crimean food marvels end here, you cannot be more wrong. Trubochki “little trumpets,” a short pastry with a filling of meringue and sometimes with nuts, makes a deadly combination with tea.




Crimea is not only known for the amazingly seductive Crimean girls, but also for the best beers and wines, both white and red. A life-changing combination!




There are plenty of restaurants all along the front where you can find all sorts of exotic food you have just read about. Some of the up market ones offer both Russian and Ukranian live music with tinges of the West, making the evenings more romantic.  One of the must visit restaurants is the Zolotoye Runo (Golden Fleece). You will enjoy the dining experience inside a Viking ship replica. This ship is raised above the sea on stilts.




Try the Vremena Goda (the Seasons) restaurant for some good jazz music. The collection of modern art originals are enhanced with the reflection of light from the curious mirror-work structure right in the center of the room.




Nightlife & Women




As day turns into night, you will come face to face with thriving nightlife and the prospect of meeting girls in Crimea.  Nightlife is synonymous with drinking in Crimea, Ukraine and Russia. You will find people downing bottles of beer and consuming the notorious vodka in plastic cups. The streets turn into giant bars during summers and you will see the seductive Crimean girls everywhere you look.




You will notice that Crimeans are lively and they don’t really worry about losing sleep or waking up with a hangover before work. They party and party hard.




While people prefer finding a spot on a bench enjoying themselves under the open sky, there are many night clubs and bars. You will find old men gathering in places where they offer incredibly cheap vodka and beer, and the food sold in ridiculous portions of 1 olive or 1 piece of chocolate.




During tourist season, the seafront in Yalta fills up with entertainers – mime artists, jugglers and musicians.  You can enjoy floorshows like the Mirage in Yalta and dance in the open air by the sea at the Filibuster. If you’re young enough, you can even go to the open air discos in the park, and perhaps a visit to the casinos is your thing. Third Rome on the seafront is said to belong to the Ukraine President’s wife. A casino is the perfect place to find Crimean girls dating foreigners. You are very likely to find a very beautiful Ukranian girl for yourself.




Crimean women dating possibilities are many, if that’s what you are looking for, at the numerous ultra-modern nightclubs. They are overpriced but this is where you find impossibly dressed Crimean girls and women of all ages. For one thing, Crimean women are generally civilized and classy.  Ukrainian women are known to be the most beautiful in the world, and Crimean women are no less. Why not buy the lonely lady at the club, Crimea’s finest champagnes; Novy Svet?  Clubs are open until the early hours and some have professional DJs and techno music.




Theater plays an important role in the nightlife of Crimeans, and there are many theaters.  Some of the plays are masterpieces.




A most pleasant way to end the day is to take a romantic walk along the beach with a beautiful Crimean girl you have been dancing with at the club.  You can also take her on a cable-car, swaying in the night air, and you have all privacy you could ask for under the sparkling stars.




The best time to visit Crimea is from May through to mid September, as the temperatures are perfect.  While you are in Crimea, you can plan a visit to the other places in southern Ukraine.