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The next time you're driving to Toronto or Niagara Falls, stop in Hamilton, where tourist traffic isn't quite so rampant. The Niagara Escarpment provides spectacular scenery, with beautiful trails and waterfalls. Visit nearby farms, orchards and vineyards, or plan your trip to coincide with Hamilton's lively fall fairs.

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Hamilton is the centre of New Zealand's fourth largest urban area, and Hamilton City is the country's fourth largest territorial authority. Hamilton is in the Waikato Region of the North Island, approximately 130 km south of Auckland. It sits at a major road and rail nexus in the centre of the Waikato basin, on both banks of the Waikato River.


Initially an agricultural service centre, it now has a growing and diverse economy and is the second fastest growing urban area in New Zealand. Education and research and development play an important part in Hamilton's economy, as the city is home to approximately 40,000 tertiary students and 1,000 PhD scientists.




The landscape of Hamilton was formed by the last eruption of the Lake Taupo volcano complex 1800 years ago which sent waves of volcanic debris northwards and changed the path of the Waikato River to its present path. With the exceptions of the many low hills such as those around the University of Waikato, Hamilton Lake, Beerescourt, Sylvester Road, Pukete and to the west of the city, and an extensive network of gullies, the terrain of the city is relatively flat. In some areas such as Te Rapa, one old path of an ancient river can be traced. The relatively soft and unconsolidated soil material is still being actively eroded by rain and runoff.




Hamilton has a temperate, damp climate, with about 1,184 mm of rainfall annually. Daily maximum temperatures range from about 22° to 26 ° in January and February to 10° to 15 °C (50°–59 °F) in July and August. Summer occasionally sees temperatures of more than 28 °C, while on clear winter mornings temperatures may drop to as low as −3 °C. Ground frosts are common and snow is extremely rare. The only recorded snowfall in modern times was light snow flakes in mid August 2011 during a prolonged cold period that saw 75mm of snow fall as far north as Dargaville.


Typically summers are warm and dry and winters cool and wet. On average, Hamilton sees 2000 hours of sunshine each year. Thick fog is common on winter mornings, and often lasts until late morning. Fog is most common near the river, the extensive gully system and rural areas. Frost is also a common sight during winter. The absence of large-bodied water means that Hamilton is colder during the night than places like Auckland and Tauranga, despite its low elevation.




In 2004, Hamilton City Council honored former resident Richard O'Brien with a life-size bronze statue of him as Riff Raff in his space suit, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The statue was designed by WETA Workshops, who had done the props for The Lord of the Rings films. It stands on the former site of the Embassy Cinema, where Richard watched science fiction-double features.


Several Maori Pa have been part restored at Pukete, Hikuwai and Miropiko along the banks of the Waikato River.


The city is host to a large number of small galleries and the Waikato Museum. The latter includes Te Winika, one of the best-preserved waka (M?ori war canoe) from the pre-colonisation era.


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Planning a night on the town in Hamilton? Our Hamilton nightlife guide will keep you busy from dusk to dawn. From comedy clubs to karaoke bars, there’s a great night out waiting for you in Hamilton. Whether you’re taking your sweetheart to dinner and dancing, or are looking for something a little more wild, Hamilton’s got what it takes to make you smile. Great restaurants, excellent music, all-night dancing, and even adult entertainment—our Hamilton nightlife guide will send you on an evening you won’t ever forget.



Bars and clubs

The Outback Inn: This is a fun bar that attracts a younger, university aged crowd. They play good music, although it gets very repetitive if you stay there too long. Lots of dancing going on and lots of people to meet! - Address: Victoria and Hood Street. Entrance on either side.


The Hillcrest Tavern a.k.a. "The Hilly": This is pretty much the bar of the University of Waikato. It is pretty much all uni students that go there. Plays good music and usually has good drink specials. - Address: Knighton Rd. and Hillcrest Rd. in Hamilton East.


The Bank: It has quite a classy look to it but is really a typically rowdy student bar. They have a DJ there on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm with the usual music (mixture of 80's and current offerings) to boogie to. - Address: Corner Victoria and Hood Street, Hamilton.


SkyCity Casino: SkyCity opened their first casino in Auckland and is most noticeable for the "Sky Tower". Their casino counterpart in Hamilton is a little less noticeable but fun all the same for a tipple on the tables! - Address: 346 Victoria Street.


Cazbar: Every Wednesday thru Saturday there are live bands at the Cazbar. Great atmosphere and tons of fun! - Address: Downtown Hamilton.



Barcode Nightclub: Tags: Hamilton Nightclubs - address: 31 John Street, Hamilton, ON.


O Ultra Lounge: Tags: Hamilton Bars, Nightclubs, Lounges - address: 612 Upper James Street, Hamilton, ON.


Club Absinthe: Tags: Hamilton Nightclubs, Live Music Venue, Bars, Lounges - address: 233 KING STREET EAST, Hamilton, ON.


Hush: Tags: Hamilton Bars, Nightclubs, Lounges - address: 33 Hess St. S., Hamilton, ON.