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Make your way to the White Party at the Dokk Club. You will encounter unlimited Budapest girls, all dressed in white. The cost to get in is only $5 USD. This party is held once a month during summers.

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Budapest: The City For A Lifetime




The images of Hungary for the tourist are of the lights of Budapest and the traditional hill-side villages.  It is a country filled with small cities and towns that display their age-old architectural and historical wonders and ruins. The countryside, with its mountains and lakes is mesmerizing and offers unlimited opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.




A city of striking architecture, thermal baths, and mainly a city of the Danube – “whose gentle waves embrace past, present, and future” is how Attila József, the great Hungarian poet described Budapest, the Hungarian capital, which offers one of the best metropolitan panoramas in Europe.




Your love affair with this battered jewel of a city where all visible matter is sculpture; will begin the moment you lay eyes on it.  If the breathtaking view of the House of Parliament from Margaret Bridge will leave you gasping for more, the magisterial Fisherman’s Bastion and Castle District in Buda are sure to make you speechless.  Walking, swimming, jogging and simply meditating – Budapest will soon be your venue for all things beautiful; including the stunning Budapest women you see everywhere. This is a place for romance.




Hidden behind the iron curtain for too long, the analogy of Paris of the East fits Budapest because the magnificent architecture. It is now gaining a reputation as the most vibrant of capitals in central Europe.




Explore Budapest




The best time to visit Budapest is autumn because the crisp and cool winds of the Danube make the place so much more lively. Perhaps the most significant trait of Budapest is its cultural and historical brilliance. For a visitor, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the possibilities.




Compared to cities like Prague for being a cultural delight, one of the first things to do in Budapest is bathe in the medicinal thermal waters that have been popular since the Middle Ages. 




The clean air of the Buda Hills offers a great respite from the congested hub.  You can get the best view of the city from Gellert Hill. A combination of wine while taking in the view is the ultimate experience.  Fisherman’s Bastion is yet another landmark from where some of the most memorable views can be had.




With a tumultuous history that reflects the ups and downs of Hungary’s fortunes, Buda Castle, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, rises majestically 48 meters above Danube, overlooking the city from its elevated position on top of the Varhegy Hill (Castle Hill). This gigantic and Baroque style architecture is intricate and awe-inspiring.   You might find it interesting to note that the Castle Hill also has a huge catacomb underneath it. The Budapest History Museum and the Hungarian National Gallery are housed within this castle.  Within the National Gallery, your eyes are sure to feast on outstanding fine arts from the past as well as recent times.




Dohány utca Synagogue is a neo-Moorish extravaganza which has a fantastically rich basilica-like interior with carved pulpits, glittering chandeliers, and a massive organ. Everything has been restored to its original grandeur. A ticket to this will also give you access to the Holocaust Memorial courtyard and the Jewish Museum next door.




St. Stephen’s Basilica is the largest church in Budapest. The uniqueness of this church is in the treasure it holds – Szent Jobb (Holy Right Hand), the mummified hand of Hungary’s first kind, St. Stephen.




The Caves of Aggtelek and Slovak Karst is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 712 caves are part of a Tran boundary karst cave system known for the concentration of caves and the variety in cave types. They are famous for various attributes, such as being the world’s highest stalagmite and for an ice-filled abyss.  These caves will make your visit naturally magical.




A mention of caves leads us to a lifetime experience of spelunking in a mountainside, of which not many know about.  You are led into absolutely pitch black caves with no light and where you can’t really see anything.  They are also the tightest spaces you could get stuck in.  Great adrenalin pumping fun if you have the adventure gene, but don’t do it if you can’t imagine being in such places.  The caving agency will provide the jumpsuits and the headlights.




Lake Balaton also known as the Hungarian Sea is a fresh water lake that is also the biggest lake in Central Europe. The beauty of the lake, with mountains on one side, a vineyard on the other, and a shore for enjoyment, draws in thousands of people. You can indulge in all sorts of activities here.




You can travel by the 100-year-old Parliament Building just to see how exquisite it is architecturally.  A guided 45-minute tour is possible only when the National Assembly is not in session.




You cannot afford to leave Budapest without enjoying a thermal bath, and there are several.  The best part is that you don’t have to be staying at a hotel to have access to springs!  Simply drop by the Gellert for a swim.




Is shopping a part of your visit? Make your way to Andrassy Avenue, as it is the most famous in Hungary. This is the heart of the city and some of the finest boutiques are located here.  It is always bustling with people enjoying the wide range of restaurants, theatres and all sorts of entertainment.  Spend some time here and you will get a chance to see hundreds of great looking Budapest girls and perhaps the best place for meeting women in Budapest.




You can take the 4/6 tram that runs all night for some night prowling around the city, if fancy and sophisticated suits you.




Food & Drink




Apart from the women, one of the most exciting things in Budapest is feeding time.  Hungarian food has some serious carnivorous tendencies! 




The signature dishes that represent Budapest the best are goulash (stew) and frocks, which is a Hungarian white wine spritzer.  You will find Pork goulash (beef stew), mutton, chicken, veal and other meat in most restaurants.




Food becomes that much more enjoyable with friendly and attractive waitresses, and Ruben Restaurant is a cozy little place where you’ll find just that.




Wander around after dinner to find street vendors selling the famous Hungarian Chimney Cakes, which is a traditional, cultural experience. They are inexpensive, sweet and fun to eat and there can be no better follow-up to dinner. For late night eats, find any place that sells “langos.”  Fisherman’s soup (Halaszle) from Horasztanya is heaven.  




If good wine makes a difference to you, the wine festival in the Castle during September is a good time to visit Budapest. Classy Budapest women with great taste in wine are more likely to come by.




Nightlife & Budapest Women




Let us begin with a new phenomenon that popped up in Budapest, and which is already popular in Krakow and Spain.  Have you heard of couch surfing or a house party? A group of strangers gather at someone’s place to unwind by listening to some live music, enjoy snacks and generally socialize. Joining and planning is free and is highly recommended if you want to find Budapest girls dating opportunities, as plenty of Budapest singles that turn up at these parties. Some of them may be looking for male company for an affair or dating.




Another interesting aspect are the ruin pubs (romkocsma) of Budapest.  Most of them are found along the streets behind the rear Synagogue. Three of the best are Szimpla kert, Fogas haz and Koleves Vendeglo.  All are close to each other and can be taken in on a single night.  You get everything from beer, wine and cocktails. Some places offer light food and other others have an eclectic menu with Hungarian specialties like catfish stew served with noodles.  If you are planning a visit on the weekend, reservations are a must.




Akvarium is the best place for live music in Budapest, but if you want to dance, Trafiq is where you should be.  Fono is great for a night of folk dancing.




To find out what’s happening at night or on the weekends, read Funzine or Time Out.




How could one fail to notice the extravagant beauty and sensuality of Hungarian women?  If you love long leggy girls, you will find plenty in Budapest.  Most of them share the Eastern European look and are pretty friendly to foreigners.  While some of the younger women speak some English, it helps to learn a little Hungarian yourself, as this opens up more opportunities with the girls.




While there is a lot of plastic surgery and silicon around that reveals itself in the number of 9s and 10s you will find; Budapest women are naturally endowed with beautiful faces, great skin and bodies.




Make your way to the White Party at the Dokk Club. You will encounter unlimited Budapest girls, all dressed in white. The cost to get in is only $5 USD. This party is held once a month during summers.




For all the hot top-class women in Budapest, there are also a lot of very rich and good-looking Hungarian men after them. Just being a foreigner cannot land you a Budapest woman – dress up smartly and converse engagingly.   




There are several other places in Hungary worth a visit, such as Szentendre about 20 km from Budapest, a small village with a Mediterranean feel. The wine-producing region of Etyek, which has won awards for some of its vintage wines, is yet another must-visit place.