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Panama is a vacation spot that not only has an exotic feel, but also has a modern sophisticated lifestyle. The country is filled with Caribbean-style beaches, tropical rain forests and historic sites that feature Spanish colonial architecture. Tourists to Panama often transit through the country on the Panama Canal or stay to explore the country's varied terrain of beaches, mountains, islands and coves.

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There are a number of different things to do on your visit to Panama City. These tourist sites in Panama City all have their own unique history, culture and traditions. So if you’re looking for a better understanding of Panamanian culture, history or site seeing these are the best places to visit.


Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a must see wonder of the world in Central America. The Panama Canal was built in nineteen fourteen by the United States to create a one of a kind water way between the Atlantic and pacific oceans. It was decided that this small isthmus was the perfect place for it since its route would be the shortest approximately forty eight miles long. It works by using a locks mechanism through the can where one ship arrives and it lifts the ship to the current level of the lake and as it passes through each lock it is raised or lowered as needed until reaching the Pacific Ocean. This Modern wonder of the world is great feet in human ingenuity and resourcefulness and a must on any visit to Panama.


Bridge of the America

Along with the Panama Canal there is another great site along this route it currently part of the Pan American highway. Since the construction of the Canal the two parts of the county needed to be put back together because the only small bridge to cross the canal could not hold the heavy traffic any longer. So the United States in the late fifties created the Bridge of the Americas. As recent as two thousand and four the new Centennial Bridge has been constructed and the Pan American highway redirected. But this bridge still stands as a temperance of the times of great ingenuity and connecting the world.


Casco Viejo

There is an old historic section of Panama City, original built in the late 1600’s after Panama Viejo was originally destroyed. The old hamlet is now a historical location within Panama City. It contains the original Spanish architecture and reminiscent of a simpler time. When you walk down the low cobble stone streets still in their original condition you can still smell the bread baking from the bakery. When The Panamanian people use to make it back in the days when El Casco Viejo was at its peak. Around the outskirts of the tare is a large wall originally used to keep invaders out. Along the main route is the National cathedral and the Presidential Palace. Each of these historic locations is a testament to the times when Panama City was only growing its roots. This is a great location to really delve into the past of panama cities history and see what the culture was like during this time another must for any historical stops along your route.


Balboa Ave

This Ave stretches all the way from the main Casco Viejo all the way past the Marina, the Balboa monuments and the Punta Paitulla district. It runs along the Bay of panama and offers a very unique view of the city if you are site seeing. It provides many picturesque opportunities for all of panama with views of the city skyscrapers to the cities bay and it is an amazing local highway that is highly recommended if you are in Panama City.


Mi Puebilto

If you don’t plan on venturing out of Panama City there is a unique attraction that you can go to that you will think you actually left It is called Mi Puebilto. This section of the city is actually a replication of some towns that are found throughout Panama. Some of the cities it replicates are Kuna, Embera and a variety of other coastal towns without the beach of course. It has many of the normal tourist amenities but is a great place to stop if you’re on a cruise or short on time but still would like to delve into Panama’s culture heritage found outside of Panama City.


Night life in Panama

Voted one of the most popular evening destinations of the Caribbean, Panama offers entertainment and nightlife unlike any other place in the world. Panama’s popular nightlife districts awake after the sun sets and the revelries continue all the way till dawn. And what makes Panama so inviting is the never ending list of activities to indulge in after dark. Partying in Panama is a truly experience because it has some of the world’s largest casinos, best dance floors, lively pubs, serene beach side shacks, and astounding bars. Many of the country’s popular nightclubs are regularly considered amongst the world’s best and are a massive draw for international tourists. On the other side of the spectrum, Panama also offers a classical and artistic nightlife. For highly cultured entertainment, the city has an array of historic theatres that host both national and international plays. Furthermore, the country’s jazz scene is respected internationally for its authenticity and ingenuity.


Panama Night Life Destinations

Panama’s night life is centered in three major Panamanian districts – Casco Viejo, Calzada Amador, and the Calle Uruguay. While they all host an assortment of night clubs, pubs, dance floors, bars, lounges and restaurants, each destination has a unique, one-of-a-kind vibe associated that makes it worth exploring.


Casco Viejo

Located on the outskirts of Panama City, this destination is the trendiest and most happening place to party in Panama. The location’s after-dark offerings include popular night clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, high end bars, and much more. The neighborhood is also home to the National Theatre – the country’s historical theatre that hosts an assortment of plays and concerts fused with old world charm. The destination is also a major draw for jazz enthusiasts, with a number of jazz theme pubs and restaurants that feature performances by local and international artists.


Calzada Amador

The Calzada Amador offers something for everyone, from exquisite street side cafes to theme based bars. It is also the ideal location to have a quiet drink while enjoying the picturesque ocean view. There are also plenty of seaside restaurants there that offer an exquisite spread of local delicacies that are great tasting and affordable.


Calle Uruguay

A popular hangout for the younger crowd, Calle Uruguay features an array of bars and dance clubs. The neighborhood displays a colorful, vibrant scene on the weekends with jam packed streets of travelers and partygoers. Calle Uruguay is also prominent on the live music circuit, with a number of regional and local bands performing there regularly.

In addition, what sets the Panama night life experience above others is the friendly and warm population of Panama. The local Panamanians are extremely sociable, making the country ideal for a fun filled and exciting vacation.

There is no group of women that is more surprising than those you’d find in the Central American country of Panama. These gorgeous vixens are almost a mix of every culture with a little flare of their own. Sophisticated, attractive, and fun loving. Panama women are exactly the type of crowd you want to roll around with when you’re exploring this new, very foreign,, and very exciting country.



Panamanian women

If you’re somewhat curious about Panamanian women, here are some not-so-known facts that gringos need to pay attention to. Some of them are good, and some of them aren’t. But still, a Panamanian women is a worthy companion during your trip in the country. They’re beautiful and passionate and full of life! That’s why I love them!


- Panama women are usually quite striking and beautiful. They have varying degrees of skin tone and are usually short.

- Most of the women here are old-fashioned. They expect their dates to open doors for them. Not just car doors. They expect you to open any door that they will pass by when you’re on them.

- The reason Panamanian women are aggressive because they are emotionally strong and resilient compared to other women. Nothing can beat them down.

- Most of the women — well, the good ones anyway — can be sexual without getting obscene or offensive. They challenge you, but in a positive way. Mostly raised as Catholic, they prefer a hint of suggestiveness than being overtly sexual. And if you see otherwise, they’re probably from other countries or must be turning tricks (which I think, you should avoid).