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Bolivia is situated in South America; with Brazil in the Northeast, Peru in the Northwest, Chile in the Southwest and Argentina in the south. Bolivia is the only country, after Paraguay, to be landlocked in the American region. Being one of the most remote locations in the Western Hemisphere, it is home to native Americans who have deep roots in the country’s ancestry. Traveling to Bolivia means entering a region that is ripe with historical and cultural significance. The country has plenty of stories to tell from the periods of economic and political turbulence and decades of war. What Bolivia lacks in social and economic presence, it makes up in the natural beauty and rich ethnic diversity found all over the country. Still considered as an ‘untouched’ gem in South America, Bolivia attracts many a curious traveler who loves to discover the beauty of the countryside and the many thrilling adventures in store.

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The route to Bolivia


Most tourists coming to Bolivia do so for its indigenous culture and heritage. The best way to come to the country is by plane at either of the two airports located in La Paz or Santa Cruz. The maximum number of flights landing in Bolivia are from Europe, Latin America and the USA.


Since the country is landlocked, getting to Bolivia via roads is not a very suitable option. The hilly areas and countryside hardly have properly paved roads, with the exception of the roads leading from Chile.


While road travel does have its perks in terms of beautiful scenery and a peaceful environment, it isn’t worth the hassle with police controls at every few steps. Apart from these two options, arriving by Sea is another alternative many tourists choose to pick. Bolivia is connected to other countries like Peru by the Lake Titicaca. Boat services leave Peru often, loaded with tourists wishing to explore Bolivia.


Other places really to check out ioutside Bolivia:
Brazil, they have fine food and a lot of festivals.

Other Destinations are within Bolivia:
La Paz, Salar de Uyuni, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Tupiza, Potosi


Places to Stay in Bolivia


Accommodation rates are very reasonable all across the country. Since tourist influx is steady all year round, new and luxurious accommodation options have sprung up to provide travelers with all sorts of amenities. If you prefer to stay within city limits and spend on a nice and comfortable hotel, the Ritz Apart Hotel, Stannum Boutique Hotel and Casa Grande Suites will make your stay pleasurable.


On the other hand, if you prefer to spend more time outdoors, exploring the many wonders of nature in Bolivia, booking a small room in a 3-star motel or a hostel will also be a good option. The Posada Del Inca Lodge is one example of an accommodation situated amidst the Bolivian wildness; giving the tourist a true taste of what the country has to offer.



Places to Shop in Bolivia


Street shopping is very common is Bolivia. Local markets are frequented by tourists and foreigners who wish to take back memorabilia of their Bolivian holiday. These markets have been set up in every small village to provide easy access to travelers and added income for the locals who make handicrafts and other attractive souvenirs all by themselves.


Which markets and Feria Del Alto are the most famous ones in La Paz. Mercado Negro in the same city is a hotspot for fake designer accessories at a very reasonable price. Other than that, the Tarabuco Sunday Market is also very famous for its fresh produce, herbs and hand woven textiles.


Inca Pallay and Centro Artesanal are good places to buy arts and crafts made locally.



The Awe-Inspiring Sights!


Bolivia has tales to tell a tourist through the many historical monuments and buildings that have been preserved for centuries. The periods of colonization and decades of war are represented proudly in the country that boasts its culture and history to foreigners. The biggest attraction in Bolivia is the acres of undiscovered forests that have natural trails and many hidden treasures that hikers love to explore.


The Madidi National Park stretches 7000 miles from the Andes to the Amazon. Exquisite species of birds, animals and plants are found here, making Bolivia one of the few places on the planet that has such exotic habitats.


Running from La Paz to Bolivia’s Amazon Rainforest region is the Yungas Road, also known as the world’s most dangerous road. This road, that quietly nestles between acres of forests and bushlands, has become a favorite spot for bikers from all over the world.


Apart from the many natural attractions, some historical places to visit in Bolivia are:


  • Silver Mines: Silver Mines are located in the Cero Ricco mountain. Since 1545, silver has been extracted from these mines to support the economy of the country.


  • Jesuit Missions: These churches are a remnant of Bolivia’s catholic history. They were built between 1691 and 1767. The religious site is one of the most beautiful attractions in Bolivia. The inner decorations and carvings are a must-see.


  • Tiwanaku: A World Heritage Site, Tiwanaku is situated near the southeastern shore of the Lake Titicaca. It is a Pre-Columbia archeology site that once used to be a thriving city, the ruins of which are today displayed in the museum on the same site.


  • Sucre: An indigenous city in Bolivia, the Sucre has very prominent remnants of Spanish colonialism. The city has many sites to be visited like the Bolivian National Library.


  • Salar De Uyuni: This is the most spectacular place to visit in all of Bolivia. The entire 4000 square miles of land used to be a lake that has turned into a salt bed. ‘Salt Flats’, as they are called, stretch far and wide and make for an amazing experience when tourists walk on them.



The Beautiful Women


There are many places to meet singles in Bolivia, provided you know some words of Spanish. Apart from the historical tourist attractions, the entire city is dotted with small parks that serve as relaxing retreats for group of friends in the summer months. Take a stroll in one of these parks to interact and engage with smart and intelligent women of the city.


The Toro Toro Park is another destination which is frequented by the younger lot in Bolivia. The park has many attractions such as caves and dinosaur tracks. A visit to the suburban towns and regions means meeting indigenous tribes and women who work on farmlands and other small establishments. These women have simple lives, yet they are very hospitable and caring especially for tourists.


In urban towns like La Paz, women are much more career-oriented and well educated. As described below, the best way to interact with a Bolivian woman is to be courteous, respectful and old-school charming. Bolivian nightlife is quite famous in South America. There are a number of pubs and clubs you can visit to have fun nights with pretty girls in Bolivia.



What to eat, where to go and what to do!


Restaurants and cafes set up in small, homely settings are very common all over Bolivia. Since the country itself imparts a feeling of humble hospitality, eateries have a very comfortable environment where tourists can lounge and relax while enjoying their meals.


The choice of where you eat largely depends on the kind of cuisine you want to taste. The Taj Mahal is an excellent restaurant for Indian flavors, while the Melting Pot and Rock is perfect for French and Swiss cuisine.


Restaurant Cafes have become very common in the country and are mostly visited by those who wish to have coffee and proper meals all in one place. La Casona Restaurant Café, Roaster Boutique, Kalakitas Food n’ Drink and Etno Café Culture are some places recommended for those visiting Bolivia for a short vacation.


Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz are the places to be if you wish to enjoy nightlife in the city and meet single women in Bolivia. Clubs, bars and pubs are located all over the country, even in the most remote locations. ID and age requirements are often neglected, which is why single girls are often seen enjoying into the wee hours of the night with travelers and tourists who are looking for dating partners.


Some popular bars and dance clubs to look out for are: Calypso, Pa’ Goza, Extremo, FLowM, La Santa Diabla, Leval, Secret, Studio, Boca y Sapo and Summer Club. 



Characteristics of women in Bolivia


If you are a city guy, accustomed to the hectic city lifestyle, Bolivia and the women of this country will please you. Girls in Bolivia stand in stark contrast to those belonging to high rated cities because they are warm, welcoming and have a high regard for visitors. In general, people from this part of the world still retain a huge chunk of traditional values and norms that one hardly sees in a city.


Respect is the number one attribute to keep in mind. Bolivian women will demand respect for themselves and their norms and a sense of responsibility from men who wish to have a relationship with them. Single girls in the urban parts of Bolivia, like Santa Cruz, are educated and smart, yet strongly believe in the upkeep of filial ties. With these characteristics, women here will make excellent dating partners if you are looking for a long term relationship.