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A bevy of universities give Austria's second largest city its lively pace. Baroque palaces are a pleasant contrast with 16th-century courtyards and provocative modern buildings. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, teems with fine architecture, including the Burg castle complex, with its Gothic double staircase, and the graceful Uhrturm clock tower. A funicular takes visitors up the dramatic bluff. The River Mur dashes through the city, and thermal springs dot the surrounding countryside.

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Graz, the bustling capital city of Austria, was proudly titled the European Capital of Culture in 2003, and is well-known for its magnanimous mix of 16th century Baroque buildings and contemporary architecture. Graz is dotted with attractive landscapes and sights that cannot be overlooked. These include the famous Clock Tower, Schlossberg castle, and the River Mur, which flows through the plains of Graz.


There are several meeting points in Graz, Austria, which serve as social hubs of activity. They are perfect for budding new relationships and revitalizing quieter friendships, all with the attractive single women of Austria. These attractions include several iconic buildings and the countless scenic landscapes.



Graz: Tourist Attractions and Meeting Points


The Clock Tower is one of the oldest landmarks of the city, and the highest point in Graz. Armed with its signature wooden structure, the Clock Tower is an imposing tower. A staggering number of 260 war steps built in World War I, locally called Russensteig, or Russian steps, lead up to the Clock Tower. From here, the city of Graz can be viewed in its supreme grandeur. The tower is an impressive 28 meter high loom, functioning since 1972.


The Mur Island, a modern genre of architecture, comprises of a fascinating metal and glass building built around the concept of a café. The best and the most amazing sight in Graz is the floating coffeehouse in the middle of the River Mur along with a large open square courtyard, along with an amphitheatre.


Other fascinating attractions in Graz include the Glockenspiel; at fixed intervals of time, at 11 in the morning, three in the afternoon and six in the evening, two windows crack open and a duo of carved wooden figures emerge to dance to the tunes of the local amusement. The Graz Opera is the second largest opera house after the State Opera of Vienna. The gold, baroque building is in direct contrast to the modern, minimalistic buildings like the Kunsthaus and the Murinsel.


Other attractions of Graz include the Cathedral; the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II; the Double Winding Staircase, which depicts the pinnacle of the Gothic architecture period; Armory, the most extensive collection of weapons and amours in the world, consisting of over 30,000 articles of exhibit.



City of Youth


Graz, owing to the large number of universities, is characterised as a young city, students, and day and night scholars. The variety of cultural mix in Graz leaves no room for stale monotony, there are a myriad of places waiting to be visited, and there is a multitude of social events and festivals, which lead to a blend of fascinating individuals meeting one another. Graz is distinct with its unique cultural heritage, combined with an interweaving of modern flamboyance.



Nightlife in Graz, Austria


The town bordering the River Mur is especially renowned for its dynamic nightlife, speckled with a wide array of enthralling cafes, bars, and restaurants. Specific places, like the Park House, is especially accredited as being the hot zone of socializing, meeting new people, and having a great time in the evening after the tedious hours of work and college are over. The aura of the city and the overall ambience is especially pleasant, with the addition of soothing music playing in the background, ready to put everyone in a good mood for socializing and mingling. The nighttime of Graz is known for its adventurous streak.



Attractive Countryside of Graz, Austria


Aside from this, like all stunning countries of Europe, Graz is adorned with a beautiful countryside that boasts breath-taking vineyards, spas and villages. Graz’s exotic renaissance panache is reflected in the refined culinary delights, which even alone speak for the elegant city life.



Graz Music Festivals and Art Festivals


The social life in Graz is especially dynamic, because a hefty number of the people are young students, always ready to interact and socialize. Living in a city like Graz is made especially fun by the occasional festivals, musical concerts, jazz carnivals and dance shows. The summer season is the most eventful time of the year for Graz. It includes the Spring Festival of Graz, which takes place at the end of May, and is a huge music festival that attracts tourists from all over the world and usually acts as a vital meeting point for several individuals who share their love for music and dance.


The Styriarte, the music festival of Graz, reanimates the music through the middle ages while pure Romanticism takes place in the last few days of June. All the concert halls and opera houses of Graz light up and classical music reverberates through the streets. The Styriarte goes on for three weeks; true connoisseurs of music and vintage music enthusiasts gather around Graz to reminisce about the innovators and the legends of the classical music. This festival also leads to people meeting each other and making new connections. Bonds are made over music and often lead to several compatible individuals finding each other through the centuries old tradition of music; in retrospect, it seems fitting, as it is so poetic like Graz itself.


Other festivals, integral meeting points and exciting events include the art festivals that occasionally take place at the end of the summer season, usually after the music festivals have ended. The art festivals include works of contemporary artists and odes to the legends of the art world. These art exhibitions, again, are renowned for attracting huge masses of audiences and art aficionados. The art festival, especially Steirischer Herbst, includes a startling 300 different features of exhibition. The audience amassed by the festival usually crosses over 50,000 visitors from all over the world.



Social Etiquettes and Meeting the Women of Graz, Austria


In order to meet girls and women of Graz, it is important to remember a few vital tips. The women of Graz are especially approachable and social with keen interests in music and art. The Austrian women have a refined taste in all things fine, be it culinary or musical. The Austrian women are characterised by their suave sense of taste and delicacy. Austrian women are lighter in coloring, compared to other European women. Every region boasts different features in their inhabitants and Austrian women are quite typically much taller with long, narrow faces. Women with Austrian ethnicity often have deep-set eyes, usually light in color, ranging from blue to grey. They have chiselled faces, pronounced further by defined bone structures.


People in Austria are fun, warm and social individuals. When in Austria, it is vital to remember to always greet and thank others. This is especially important when entering or exiting a shop, leaving a bus or generally interacting with people. Austrian people take the roles of hosting very seriously; hence, it is ideal to wait for the host to introduce you and, in case that does not happen in a timely fashion, you must introduce yourself politely. The introduction should, ideally, follow a handshake and healthy eye contact with a touch of appealing confidence.



Socializing with Austrian Women


The general norm is that chivalry is widely appreciated by Austrian women. They want to be treated kindly and all situations should be handled with respect. Be a gentleman without behaving in a patronising manner, which will only put off the women.


The pretty women of Graz like to be swayed by impressive, intellectual conversation. It is uncommon to kiss the hand of single Austrian women, people often get thrown off by the customs in Vienna, where kissing the hand of an attractive, single woman is shown-off as a sign of courtliness. However, in Austria, a man must wait until a woman presents him her hand herself, and it is entirely up to the woman how far she extends her hand, thereby, forcing a man to bow too much or too less. Traditionally, the man’s lips must not, under any circumstances, touch the hand of the woman. For this reason, it is highly advisable to keep the salutation limited to a crisp handshake and a pleasant smile, as opposed to an awkward peck on the hand, which may end up being misinterpreted.



Travel and Transport in Graz, Austria


The city of Graz is convenient if you travel by foot, and it is a great way to have a nice walk with beautiful sights around you. However, the main railway station is just a 20-minute walk away from the city center and small day trips can be easily made through the train to visit different places in the city. Trams and buses also interconnect various parts of the city and the most excellent feature is the interchangeability of the tram and bus tickets. These tickets are easily and widely available at local tobacco shops of Graz.