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Socializing with the ladies of Leuven is easy for male tourists who follow the right guidelines and are mindful of any cultural or habitual intricacies which make people different. Leuven is a beautiful city with beautiful people; mostly students. The young population is open and outgoing yet adherent to the Belgian values, therefore, approaching women with courtesy and practiced affability will make your company desirable for them.

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Meeting girls in Leuven


With a total population of around 101,000, Leuven is a majestic city in Belgium. It is the capital of the Flemish Brabant province and contains a majority of the Flemish community. Leuven has a strong historical background which dates back to the year 891. It is well known for its strong academic background since the oldest university of the Low Countries is located here. The young and blooming population of Leuven mostly consists of students so tourists who want to strike a friendship with beautiful women of Leuven have a good chance. The Katholieke University in Leuven is the largest university in Belgium which means that mostly young and adventurous people are concentrated in this region. Women from different parts of Belgium also come and reside here for the purpose of gaining an education; therefore, one stands a greater chance of meeting a wide variety of attractive and eligible women.


As an open and lively city, Leuven has its share of entertainment and fun. It offers many places which one can explore in order to meet new women. Meeting Belgian women here is relatively easy because the area gets a lot of tourists who come and stay for varying amounts of time and the people there are friendly and welcoming. Residents of Belgium in general find Leuven a great place to visit as well since it is the provincial capital and has a wide range of attractive sights.


Leuven is also home to the world’s largest beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev and it attracts young people from neighboring cities and villages as well, therefore if a person is hoping to meet a beautiful Belgian girl, then Leuven is the right place as it is bustling with life and activity. In cities like Leuven the residents are used to seeing a great influx of tourists and they have an amiable nature which puts men at ease when approaching the women there. Women in this region are also athletic since the football club Oud-Heverlee Leuven for women is located there. The girls you meet would be usually reserved and gentle and they will notice fine details about your appearance, style of conversation and manners thus it is crucial to be at your best behavior in order to impress the woman you meet.



Reasons to go to Leuven


For people who are looking to enjoy music, art and culture visiting the Lemmens Institute is compulsory as it is the finest conservatory in Belgium. Museum M is also located here which offers you an opportunity to delve into the history and the culture of the city. The summer festival known as Marktrock is another event that gathers people from everywhere. It is an urban music festival where one can meet young and charming women.


The beer culture of this region is a great plus for men who wish to meet women since the bars usually attract women of different varieties and ages. Some of the best attractions in Leuven include GrootBegijnhof which is an amazing historical site with its medieval architecture and buildings. It is known as a hidden gem due to its tranquility, peace and beauty. Town Hall is another great place to visit along with the University Library and Bell Tower, both of which represent the city’s history. With its cobblestone paths Old Market Square is a nice place to walk in and the nature-loving couples should definitely visit the Botanical Garden Kruidtuin. The best of religion and history is preserved in the UNESCO site Saint Peter's Church. ProvinciaalDomeinKessel-Lo is a great amusement park for those who would like to spend more time outdoors. For people who want to explore more modern options, Cinema ZED is a great place to see movies of different genres; a good way to spend time with your partner would be to plan a movie night. Fun Oase in addition is a great center for games and entertainment.



Leuven: The Best Place to be


Leuven is a modern city with its mix of cultural and historic relics which attract tourists from all around the world. It is a brilliant academic center where headquarters of major Belgian organizations are located. It is a hub of cultural and commercial development in Western Europe. Leuven is a developed city which is safe from crime and clean in terms of the environment. One can easily use a number of ways to get around in Leuven e.g. by taxi, foot, car, a bicycle or bus. The students usually know French, German and English apart from Dutch and they are friendly towards tourists.



What are the Women Like?


Women of Leuven are outgoing yet they hold fast to the traditional values. Leuven is a region which has a combination of modern and traditional buildings which are well preserved and help the residents of this region retain their cultural values. Girls of Leuven are well-educated since this area is home to the biggest university in Belgium. Leuven women face the least amount of gender discrimination at work or in terms of income gap. Girls there are empowered and very independent which means that men have to approach them intelligently in a very suave and sophisticated manner.


This region is easier to understand culturally because it has a larger population of Flemish people. The Flemish segment of the population mostly speaks Dutch. Women in this region usually date after they are 18 and they even receive their license after their 18th birthday. They are polite and charming and strongly represent the Belgian national principles. Another characteristic is that the women there prefer a neat and orderly way of life and would appreciate that quality in the men they meet as well. Your dressing and mannerisms should be impeccable in order to attract the most decent and well educated ladies. In your conversation make sure you display intelligence and courtesy because nothing attracts Belgian women more than intelligence.


Women here are economically independent and more or less open in their preferences; therefore, it isn’t strange for a woman to approach a man she likes. Women might not find it strange to pay for the meal which is why knowing and respecting these cultural differences is essential. The self-assurance of females of this region means that one has to be careful to avoid misogynist outlooks at all costs otherwise you will end up offending many women!


Dinning etiquette is another feature which Belgian women have perfected in their daily interactions. Eating properly without making a mess or in a hurry is essential; also you might want to take them on a date to a romantic and picturesque or elegant location where they could enjoy their food in luxury. Observe the dinner table etiquette by keeping your hands on the table not in your lap and by eating everything that is on your plate in order to avoid wastage of food. If your partner prepares a meal be sure to compliment her cooking skills. It is true that women in Leuven might invite men to their homes but moving in before marriage isn’t common in Belgium. While talking to women try to avoid speaking about topics like income or politics; on the other hand culture, beer and scrumptious chocolates are great topics for conversation and romance!



Where do You Meet Women?


The popular areas where you can take your date include a wide variety of pubs and bars. You can go to a student drinking bar to meet young women, to a dancing club, or to a trendy cocktail lounge. The nightlife in Leuven is very hip and lively because it has more students. The Oude Markt is a great place to hang out and enjoy some beers. Other places where the combination of music and drinks is at its best include Rumba, Albatross, BlauweKater, Musicafe, BlauweKater, STUK Kunstencentrum and Het Depot. The Capital is also one of the top rated bars where you can enjoy the Leuven nightlife. Some bars are even run by student organizations! You can visit other bars which are filled with young and buoyant faces such as Café Belge’t Elixier, Giraf, The Seven Oaks, Club Montréal and the Club Room.


In addition you can have a good time at a number of events which take place in Leuven for instance Beleuvenissen (Every Friday in July), HapjeTapje (First Sunday of August) and Leuven Kermis (Leuven Carnival) (September). On the first Monday of September you can also visit the Jaarmarkt which attracts a lot of visitors since schools are also closed. Eating outside in summers is a great way to learn more about your companion; the Muntstraat offers a wide variety of cozy restaurants for precisely this purpose.



The glossaries about this location


In essence Leuven is a great place to date young and brilliant women who are not only beautiful but well educated and well-bred. The large number of student population here means that men stand a good chance to find their ladylove; coupled with this the numerous cultural and historic locations offer a romantic background to pursue this amorous journey.