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Bora Bora Island is arguably the most beautiful, romantic and peaceful island on the planet. The legends, mysteries, and romance associated with the words "Bora Bora" bring an almost mystical presence to the island.

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Pora Pora - the ancient name, meaning "first born," came from legends describing this as the first island to rise when Taaroa, the supreme god, fished it out of the waters after the mythical creation of Havai'i, now known as Raiatea. Although the first letter "B" does not exist in the Tahitian language, when Captain Cook first heard the name he mistook the softened sound of the Tahitian "P" for "B" and called the island Bola Bola.

Under a one hour flight from the island of Tahiti or Moorea, the island of Bora Bora, with a lagoon resembling an artist's palette of blues and greens, is love at first sight. Romantics from around the world have laid claim to this island where the castle-like Mount Otemanu pierces the sky. Lavish tropical slopes and valleys blossom with hibiscus, while palm-covered motu circle the neon-lit turquoise lagoon like a delicate necklace. Perfect white-sand beaches give way to emerald waters where colored fish animate the coral gardens as they greet the giant manta rays. This could be easily be described as the center of the romantic universe, where luxury resorts and spas dot the island with overwater bungalows, thatched roof villas, and fabled ambience.


Things to do& to see in Bora Bora:


Stay in overwater bungalows:

Even if you're not staying for too long, you would miss terribly a lot if you don't stay in one of those outstanding overwater accommodations. The view, the sound of the sea and the fresh breeze are simply spectacular.


See a traditional Polynesian dance show:

Your holiday in Bora Bora would not be complete without watching a traditional Polynesian dance show with fire dancing and songs. Make sure to participate that will be fun!


Relax with a traditional Polynesian spa treatment:

After a long, hard day of playing around on the Island, there is nothing better than treat yourself a nice massage. Start with a relaxing massage on a table set in the quiet lagoons and sink into a silky soft bath of soothing oils and scented flowers.


Enjoy watersports:

Like all Islands in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a water lovers paradise. Imagine Bora Bora's lagoon as a giant, warm, crystal clear water pool and recreational playground available to all types of water lovers 24 hours a day.

World class scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, swimming, and jet skiing are among the more popular activities, but there's also the aqua safari, waterskiing, and more. It's no wonder that many of Bora Bora's travelers come to this magical island just for the water sports alone!


Go on a Shark and Ray Feeding cruise:

Experience the thrill of watching the reef sharks and rays being fed by hand. Board a motorized outrigger canoe, slip into the water with your snorkel and mask and watch Tahitian divers hand-feed back-tip reef sharks right before your eyes. During the feeding, you have to hold on to a rope in order to keep some distance from the sharks. It's a very memorable experience!


Shop till you drop!

There are a number of quality art galleries and working artists on Bora Bora, exhibiting a fine collection of arts and crafts from Bora Bora, as well as other Polynesian islands and around the world... 

The art can be seen (and purchased) in the galleries featured below or at various other small exhibitions, gift shops and boutiques scattered about the island. Go on a tour in the pearl farm where you can see the steps of pearl making and buy pearls and jewels. 


Eat out in Bora Bora

Due to the fact that Bora Bora is a tourist's delight, it has a number of eating and dining establishments. Dining locations can basically be divided between the restaurants at the various hotels and pensions, and private, non-hotel related restaurants. 

Cuisine ranges from basic island staples like fruits and fish dishes to world class French and international cuisine, prepared by a variety of chefs, some imported directly from Paris.

As with all islands in Tahiti Polynesia, the food is usually delicious, but you may have to sample different restaurants before you find one that suits your taste and budget. 


Here are top 3 restaurants in Bora Bora 

Bloody Mary's: 

White sand floor, friendly staff, spectacular scenery; a true paradise experience!

Before you are lead to the table, go to this section where meats and sea food are displayed. Make sure you try Marinated Tuna, Wahoo in Soy and Mahi Mahi in Mesquite Sauce.


The Bamboo House: 

With its mouthwatering gourmet food, tropical decorations and great music is considered one of the best in Polynesia.

The staff will pick you up and drop you back off at your hotel.  

The lagoon fish (catch of the day) is extraordinary!


La Bounty:

Open air, casual atmosphere, good location and friendly service for reasonable prices. Enjoy a variety of Pizzas and Pasta. Raw tuna marinated in lime juice and Fondue are delicious.