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Scheveningen is one of the eight districts of The Hague, as well as a subdistrict of that city. Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort with a long sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse. The beach is popular for water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding. A nudist section is 1 km to the north. The harbor is used for both fishing and tourism.

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Scheveningen is without any doubt the most popular bathing place of the Netherlands. Scheveningen offers a magnificent long sand beach. The sand is loves by a lot of people during summer and winter. it is a place where sun lovers, water sportsmen, nature lovers and for people who like partying and relaxing come together. The bathing place has a wide boulevard straight along the beach and founded pier with diverse facilities. There are lots of beach pavilions and terraces.


Would you like a spectacular view of the sea? Just take a walk on the pier. On your way you walk along a lot of stores. When you're looking for some rest it's a good idea to walk north to the Black path. Planks are places on the beach here to make it easy for wheelchairs and perambulators to go on the beach. would you like to go surfing, horse riding or kite flying? Scheveningen is the right place for you!



To see

*Sea life: In Sea Life you can discover the under water world without getting wet. Turtles, seahorses or barracuda’s are just a view examples of all the sea animals that can be spotted here. There are more then 5 different aquariums with all types of sea life. 


*Kurhaus hotel: Together with the Pier the Kurhaus hotel is one of the best known attractions in Scheveningen. The former beach house was such a success back in 1885 that it was refurbished to a hotel. Sinds 1997 the Kurhaus hotel has joined the European hotel chain Steigenberger. The Kurzaal is the centre point of the hotel where many well known artists already have performed. The Rolling Stones, Pavarotti and the Golden Earrings are just a view examples. Lots of famous people also have stayed in the hotel. To name a few: Hillary Clinton, The king of Jordan and the princess of Morocco.


*The pier: The Pier is one of the best known attractions in Scheveningen. The view is amazing, especially on a clear day. For everyone visiting Scheveningen, the Pier is a must see! On the Pier you will find many different shops that sell all different kinds of tourist gifts. At restaurant Van der Valk you can enjoy the terrace on warm day and look out over the boulevard or ocean. On the top floor there is a casino with roulette, bingo and slot machines (access only permitted for 18 or older)


*Harbor: Besides the beach the harbour is one of the most visited attractions of Scheveningen. With more then 3.5 million visitors a year the harbour is a popular area amongst the locals and tourists. Until the 1960’s the harbours main purpose was the fishery. Over the last years it grew into a lively attraction. Scheveningen harbour is known for her excelent (fish)restaurants and cosy cafee’s.


*Madurodam: The Netherlands rebuilt in miniature. At Madurodam you will find all the famous building and attraction in small; Schiphol, The Dam in Amsterdam, Binnenhof in The Hague or The Pier of Scheveningen. Everything can be found here in small. The fun thing about Madurodam is that everyone who walks around recognises something. Take a map along to navigate your way around The Netherlands.


*Boulevard: The boulevard is the centre point of Scheveningen. With its many restaurants, bars and shops there is always something to see or do. Sit on one of the benches and enjoy the beautiful view over the North Sea. In summer you can also enjoy a ride over the boulevard with the train. From March until September there are many beach clubs for you to enjoy a bite to eat and/or a drink.


*Muzee: In 2006 the museum of Scheveningen and the Zeemuseum merged together to become Muzee Scheveningen. The museum is now able to offer the guests historical and marine biological information. The museum has a large collection of paintings and drawings. All with a common theme: the Scheveningen fishery. When you are at the museum do not forget to also have a look at the tropical aquarium and the unique collection of sea shelves.  



*Museum sculptures at sea: This museum exhibits several modern type of sculptures. Artists from all over the world are present. Three times a year the exhibition changes. The museum has more than 1000 small and large statues in their possession. It is a very unique and interesting collection with a big variety used materials. Enjoy this display of art from the known and  less known artists.


*Westbroek park: The center piece of the Westbroek park is the rose garden. Every year (from June until October) more then 20.000 different roses are blossoming here. Many different roses can be found in this garden. The best rose growers in the world send their special rose type to this park. Each year an expert jury judges all the different types. Only the most beautiful kinds end up in the garden. From these roses the jury rewards the best with the ‘Golden Rose’ awards, the most prestigious price a rose grower can win.


*Panorama mesdag: In 1881 Hendrik Willem Mesdag painted the round mesdag painting. This is the largest painting of The Netherlands with 120 meters long and 14 meters high. Besides the size of the painting it is also one of the few panoramic paintings in the world that is still located at its original place. The painting shows the panoramic view of Scheveningen in 1881. Because it is painted on a round painting it feels like you are standing in the painting rather then in front of it.




Traditionally, Dutch cuisine is simple and straightforward, with many vegetables and little meat; breakfast and lunch are typically bread with toppings while dinner is meat and potatoes, supplemented with seasonal vegetables. The Dutch diet was relatively high in carbohydrates and fat, reflecting the dietary need of the laborers whose culture molded the country, and contains many dairy products. Without many refinements, it is best described as rustic, though many holidays are still celebrated with special foods. In the course of the twentieth century this diet changed and became much more cosmopolitan, with most international cuisines being represented in the major cities.



Events and attractions 

1. Flags Day in spring when the first new herring of the year is auctioned

2. Fireworks in summer: once a week and several days during a festival week

3. A visit to Scheveningen can include:

4. The Muzee Museum (official museum of Scheveningen)

5. The pier (nl); it has two floors, the upper one open air, the lower one closed

6. The miniature city Madurodam

7 The sculptures at sea museum Beelden aan Zee

8. The Panorama Mesdag

9. Visit the 4 different beaches of Scheveningen

10. Our Lady of Lourdes (RC) Silent Center, in a designated national landmark complex, housing a replica of the Lourdes Grotto in Massabielle (France). The chapel, located at Berkenbosch Blokstraat 9a, is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

11. Night life centers on Pathé Scheveningen movie theater, and the sea-front boulevard with its bars, restaurants, gambling halls and other entertainment.


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Nearly everybody must have heard from the Netherlands and the most known city Amsterdam. Holland has the mark of being the most liberal city of the entire planet. In the centre you have Soft drugs bars and pubs and a lot of  bars with a wide scale of different music and bands. There are even some other cities like den Hague and Rotterdam which are Worldwide known because of all the events, entertaiment and huge organised parties these cities attract millions of yearly public. Freedom of speech is one of the most important things how the dutch want to live their life. Obviously it's not strange that all hot women from the netherlands think the same about these subjects. Being a nice dutch women menas they are very liberated and love to express theirselfs in a very modern and straight forward way. In the Netherlands you will find women with way different way of clothing, ways to dress their hair and other specific dutch things you will not find around. 


Typical about dutch women

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