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In this article, we will discuss a lot about Argentina. The characteristics of the country, along with the positive points that may make you want to visit it as soon as possible. Famous meeting spots of Argentina will also be covered so that you have an idea of the places that are going to be worth a visit. We will also discuss a bit about the women there, their personalities, where to find them and how you should go about meeting them. If you’re looking to find the woman of your dreams in Argentina, this article will provide you with what you need to know to get started.

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Argentina: The Country

Living in Argentina is similar to living in a European city. Whether you see it in the European-Style architecture or in the culture, you’ll have a taste of Europe all around you. Argentina is an economical country to live in, as compared to other cities like Paris or London. There are also countless places of entertainment in the country that provide its citizens with plenty to do. Argentina has a mild climate which is why the country always enjoys pleasant weather conditions. It is never too hot or too cold to visit Argentina. The local currency of the country is “Peso.” The people of Argentina love meat, particularly beef. Argentina is also famous for its supply of cheap wine and the “tango dance.”

What you Can Find in Argentina

Plenty of quality wine which is cheap
Hosts a multitude of festivals
Easy to get around
People are very helpful towards foreigners
Beautiful location and wildlife
Offers a pleasant climate
There’s so much to do
Easy to get around (especially by bus)
The birthplace of the Tango
Beautiful monuments, parks and gardens
Has friendly, hospitable and affectionate people
Offers the best steaks in the world
Lots of people with a love for education and politics
Great nightlife
Low crime rate
Very rich in natural resources such as oil and natural gases


Best Meet-up Places in Argentina

If you are new to Argentina, knowing some of the famous meeting spots will help a great deal. Don’t have trip advisor? Not to worry! Here we have compiled some of the best meeting spots in Argentina that will be worth a visit. You will also be able to get around Argentina pretty easily, even if you don’t have Google Maps accompanying you. There are plenty of taxis to go around and their rates are affordable.



Cafés in Argentina are great meeting places. The people of Argentina make frequent visits to cafes since they get the chance to meet and hangout with like-minded people there. The cafes are almost always busy and there’s great coffee to go around. If you’re planning to have a nice little meet-up, you can visit the local cafes or travel to Buenos Aires to experience some of the best cafes that Argentina has to offer. Some great cafes include Full City Coffee, The Coffee Store, La Bolsa De Café, Croque Madame, Café PROA and Decata amongst many others.


If you’re going to the land of meat-lovers, you deserve nothing less than a fine dining experience. What better way to meet someone than for a great dinner? Argentina has great restaurants that offer good food and exceptional service. The traditional food of Argentina is called Criolla and it consists of vast barbecues and grills. Argentine food is very beef-oriented and will be loved by meat lovers. Some of the best restaurants in Argentina include La Cabrera, Astrid and Gaston, Godoy, To, Casa Coupage, Kalma Resto, Las Pizarras and Mi Ranchito amongst many others.

Parks and Gardens

Argentina is definitely a natural beauty which makes its parks and gardens the perfect meeting spots. Not only can you enjoy a peaceful stroll with that someone special, but the serene atmosphere and beautiful surroundings will also have you feeling good and relaxed in no time! Besides reflecting the beauty of Argentina, the parks and gardens are clean and perfectly maintained which makes them the ideal treat for your eyes. Some of the best parks and gardens in Argentina include: Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens, Parque Lezama, and Japanese gardens, Parque Centenario, Bosues de Palermo and many more.


When in Argentina, you will love the nightlife because the people there are very lively and fun-loving. They have a nocturnal lifestyle and staying out late at night is the norm there.  This is why there are many nightclubs and bars in the country which are always packed with eager crowds. Although meeting up during the night can be playful and fun, it may not be your best bet for meeting the perfect Argentinean woman. Why? Nightclubs and bars will be fully packed and there will be too much noise to enjoy or start a conversation. However, if you are looking to have some fun, you can visit Godoy, Sky Bar, Milion, Soria, Jah Bar, Carnal, Acabar and many more.   

The Beautiful Women of Argentina

Women from Argentina are gorgeous and get their looks from their ethnic heritage. There are somewhat tan skinned and have dark hair and deep dark eyes. They have amazing skin which adds to their beauty. What makes Argentinean women stand out is their confidence. They are very confident in their own skin and do not feel the need to use tons of makeup or opt for done-up hair. Instead, they focus on keeping their figures well-maintained and like to look neat and tidy.  Argentinean girls can be very hospitable and are family-loving individuals. When it comes to love and finding the right guy, women from Argentina are passionate lovers. Some have been criticised of being illusive and they definitely play hard to get but provided that you are aware of some great tactics, getting that beautiful Argentinean woman to notice you can become a whole lot easier!

How to meet girls in Argentina

Known as a country that is home to gorgeous girls, you may be mistaken that you’ll be able to meet one very easily. However, that is not the case! Meeting single girls from Argentina is a challenge that requires patience and determination. Why? Some women from Argentina can be self-absorbed and come across as illusive individuals. Whilst others may be friendly and pretty, they may not be the average hot girls from Argentina that you are after. Argentinean women play hard to get and would want you trying hard for them. Here are some tips that can help you meet gorgeous Argentinean girls. Provided that you follow these tips, you will easily be able to get a conversation going with the woman you like.

Music and Dance

Women from Argentina are music and dance lovers and therefore, asking them out for a dance or for a music class can be a safe bet. The tango dance originated from Argentina, so taking tango classes will be a good option. You’ll be able to find many pretty Argentinean girls in clubs enjoying their dance but you must be careful when approaching them. Never attempt to talk to a girl who gives you clear signs that she’s not interested. Monitor her body language and gestures and if you feel that you are welcome, make the first move. Remember, when talking to them; don’t make the mistake of giving an inappropriate compliment on her body straight away. You want to come across as being genuinely interested and not just flirting around.

If you’re a foreigner, you must also keep the language barrier in mind. Women from Argentina may not open up so well to foreigners and can be very hesitant. If they don’t understand you, it’ll be all the more difficult to get your message across. Therefore, make sure that a woman can understand you to avoid wasting time and getting yourself into an awkward situation. When you do find a woman you like and she seems to show an interest in you, don’t make the mistake of delaying things. Nothing will annoy a woman more than a guy who she waits for but who doesn’t provide a timely response. Therefore, take her consent and plan a meet-up.

Meeting Women in Routine Places

Look for Argentinean women in your usual day-to-day places. Gyms, parks, gardens, music classes, educational institutes and cafes are great places for finding pretty women from Argentina. Be the man and initiate the conversation with a polite gesture. It can even be as simple as asking for directions. Come across as warm and welcoming, give the woman the respect she deserves and you won’t be disappointed.

There are plenty of stunning Argentinean women but hooking up with them is definitely not easy. Whether it be their personalities, lifestyles, protectiveness or language barriers, starting a conversation is harder than it seems. Provided that you are kind and can respect the woman who seems to interest you, she will notice you without you even having to try. The idea is to keep away from showing desperation and coming across as a flirt. If an Argentinean girl is beautiful, she will be used to hearing the compliment and will not be surprised or excited to hear it from you. Look for Argentinean women in the right places and approach them in a suitable manner and you may find the woman of your dreams.