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Catering for more than 96,000 tourists annually and comprising environmentally disastrous resorts, there’s little to commend Hurghada. Even its once-glorious coral reefs have been degraded. The only compensation for travelers is that it offers an alternative route to Sinai from the Nile Valley.

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If you are on a tour to Egypt for your vacations then Hurghada certainly will be on tour “to visit” list.

Hurghada is one of the most visited places in Egypt and every year thousands of tourists from different parts of the world travel to this part of the world.

To make your trip even better you should prepare a list for sights near and in Hurghada so that you don’t feel and difficulty in visiting the place you must visit primarily.

The first sight you don’t want to miss during your visit to Hurghada is the astonishing Red Sea. The exotic view of Red Sea gives a mesmerizing experience to the tourists and gives them an unforgettable experience of Red Sea. Apart from the exotic view of Red Sea there are lots of water activities like diving and snorkeling which you can do during your visit to Red Sea at Hurghada.

If you have the license to dive then you can watch hundreds of varieties of tropical fish and incredible coral reefs below the water, and even if you don’t have the license you can snorkel under water and can enjoy them just 10m below the water. This is the second must watch Sights near and in Hurghada.

Being a desert Egypt has a lot of Desert expeditions to offer to their visitors and the visitors finds it extremely exciting. You can arrange the desert expedition for you on camel or on Jeep depending your choice and the availability at your hotel. This again is a must watch and must have experience when you travel to Hurghada.

Another beautiful place to visit near and in Hurghada is the Mahmya Island, which has one of the most exotic beaches in Egypt. This is one of the best places in Hurghada to enjoy the full buffet lunch near the exotic view of sea. Mahmya Island is one of the most visited places in Hurghada and if you are on a visit to here then you too must visit this place.

Another best way to experience the desert is the Badawaya Desert here you can take part in lots of desert activities. You can experience this desert on jeep, quad bike, off road sand buggy, camel and sand sail. Visiting the desert is incomplete without BBQ dinner and watching a fantastic show under the stars and you can enjoy this also here at Hurghada.


Nightlife in Hurghada:

Hurghada is a coastal amusement hangout, innumerable travelers around the world is attracted to this place. This area locates various vivacious nightclubs and bars. A person with rocking personality may find oneself shaking, swing and getting swayed by the throbbing music while tuning into endless music of the discotheques, local pubs, and disco bars that are located in Hurghada. The nightlife in Hurghada is sparkling and lively with several teenagers, who sing, dance and in this manner have fun at these nightclubs. Hurghada is occupied with many nightclubs primarily from the south to the north. It brags of many hotels that have their own discos and clubs, which are stimulating in its own fashion.

The town turns into a fun-loving young recreation ground every night. Here is a smart guide of some famous night locations from southern end to the northern side.

Black Out Disco at Ali Baba Palace in South Corniche .

This is the lone disco of the town which offers fun foam parties. Here one can don swimsuits for celebrating the party. One can enjoy rocking resident DJ's, animation team and commercial music.

Jungle Disco at Grand Hotel Mall, it is worth watching. Voodoo parties of Saturday night are very famous at the Jungle Disco, it welcomes with King Kong on its doorway. One can experience the delight of nightlife in Hurghada by enjoy jamming session of DJs and funky bohemian atmosphere.

The Chill Beach Café at El Tabia Beach in Sekala is par excellence visiting. It is one of the favorite locations of surfers and divers in their 30s, and all those who love funky bohemian atmosphere, fire and dance performers and Full Moon Parties. Here one can find well selected music, regular DJs and often some creative surprises. This is the best place to enjoy and recharge oneself till late 11 pm.


Pay a visit to Sharm el Sheikh, this wonderful place has a croudy night life full of fun, girls and comforty bars. The women from Sharm el Sheikh are very beautiful but a bit difficult to approach, but on the other hand you should definitely try because they are interested!



Calypso Disco situated at Hadaba Road

It is a multifunctional locale with the pub, the disco and a roof terrace which functions as a beer garden with a choice of hot and cold mezzas, it puts up regular international dance performers and dance shows.

Papa's Beach Club at El Sakia Beach attracts locals as well as tourists alike. The chain of Papa's Bar can keep one busy every week with voguish live bands from UK and Holland , popular DJs of Amsterdam and London , musical theme parties and many more. At the restaurant one can relish tasty foods and enjoy beer at the bar. If one is at the northern part of the Hurghada, don't miss to get enslaved to ˜Kalaboush'. Arabic meaning of ˜Kalaboush' is ˜prision'. It is popular among the ˜Divers', especially on Tuesday.


Palladium Discothèque

It is a stylish open air discotheque with large-capacity, fitted with latest gadgets in light, sound and laser technology. This venue is extremely popular among Cairo youths during weekends and festive seasons.